Hi Tea With Nana!

Too late! she’s caught me … and smacked my fingers … ouch!!


Run for it son … get going … don’t stop to look or take a breath ….

What’s Gone Before!

See that old man sitting there with his wrinkled skin and graying hair ….

The Close of Day

Darkness is swiftly closing in ….

Pretty in Pink

Prowling and provoking desire …

Barney’s Stump!

I’ll bet ya a shillin now on this … an I’ll bet ya a schooner too

An Amazing Mum – A Tribute!

You stare back at me from the photo taken many years before ….


Hear them whispering, telling me stories of long ago …

It’s Been Great Knowing You!

… I gave it little thought just cringing at some of the language ….

When We Were Kids

I bumped into a mate today just someone I used to know but had lost touch along the way ….

The Angel With the Most Unusual Name♥

There’s a new angel in heaven with a most unusual name ….

Love Conquers All

Will you offer me forgiveness if you find that I have sinned …

Rain At Last!

I watch it as it falls … drizzling … misting … rain!

Post Cards of Newcastle – NSW Australia

The F3 now bypasses Newcastle and many miss what is here to offer. So next time you see the sign, take a slight detour and visit for awhil…

Anzac Day – Lest We Forget!

But the glory soon died along with our boys as they were thrust into war miles from our shores …

The Gold of Time

Two gold seals and a gold locket, held together with a gold ring … one seal engraved with a hill, a sunrising and the words “I …


Have you ever stopped and pondered about how things have changed …

Changing Pace

Oh how I dream of going slow …..

Lochiel House

I stood in the pottery gallery an old homestead at Kurrajong Heights …

Panorama Point Kurrajong Heights NSW

I nestled myself in amongst the pine needles that covered the ground beneath the amazing old pine trees ….

The St Albans Courthouse Ghosts

Somewhere through the night I was aware of someone … more than one … maybe three people calling my name …

A Bush Christening by A. B. “Banjo” P…

The priest as he fled, flung a flask at his head …


Fern fronds quiver gently in the silent breeze that stirs the early morning air. / The stillness of the forest is sobering …

Ted Hobbs

He came from founding convict stock ….

The New Holden Car

It was 1955 and I was 9 years old ….

Fragile Droplets & Driplets

Droplets … driplets … little beads of dew ….


Australia Day to me …..


Why did you have to leave … and why did you go away?

Bridget – A Dublin Lass

Sent here to serve my time in a harsh and brutal land …..

The Shearing is Now Over

The shearing is over, the shed is now cleared …

Magic Garden

Steadily I negotiate the various levels of stairs and walkways that lead to and through my garden, my sanction and my oasis …
Love Is ... by Bev Woodman


We found him, Meow, around the back of the garage crying in terror …..

The Song of the Seas

Hear it crashing … the roll then the thunder …

Perfect Place

This place … this perfect place …

Mirrored Thoughts

I gaze into the mirror each day and stare in disbelief at the image that stares back at me and brings me so much grief …

Please Know We Care

I really don’t know what to say or how to show I care …..
Thinking Of You by Bev Woodman
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