The Little Red Dragon

The Little Red Dragon

Once there was a little red dragon, his name was Red. He lived

in a beautiful crystal cave, near a waterfall at the top of Cry

mountain. Red was getting quite lonely at the top, he knew there

where other animals on cry mountain, so he decided that he would

go and have an adventure, and make some friends on the way.

There was another reason for him to go down the mountain,

he needed to know were the waterfall finished.

So the long journey began.

On his journey he came across a girl dragon, her name was

Emerald. She was called this because she was a beautiful green

colour. She also lived in a cave, not a crystal cave like Red but

a jewel cave that shone every colour of the rainbow, when the

sun rose. Emerald was just about to sit down to eat her leafy

salad, when along came Red. She had never seen another

dragon before, she was a little scared for awhile until Red spoke

in a quiet but rough voice. "Hi I’m Red, I live in the crystal

cave on top of the mountain. I have come down the mountain

to make some friends and have an adventure along the way". He

said to Emerald. “What is your name?” asked Red.

“My name is Emerald”, said Emerald. "I live alone in this jewel

cave. I was just about to have lunch, would you care to join

me"? asked Emerald. “That would be great”. Red said. As Red

hadn’t had any breakfast. As they ate Red asked Emerald if she

would like to join him, in this adventure down the mountain.

She did just that.As the two dragons set off down the mountain they talked and

talked about lots of things, what they liked to eat, games

they liked to play, and were they lived. They had so much in

common. Time went by as the two dragons got further down the

mountain. On the way down they passed rocks, flowers,

lizards, bugs and even ants, which the two dragons thought,

where quiet funny little creature’s.

Finally they got to the bottom of the mountain where there was a

beautiful waterfall in the middle of a valley. The valley was full

of colourful flowers, lush green grass and a large lake to which the

waterfall flowed into. Hiding behind a very large tree, was an

unusual creature, a unicorn. The unicorn watched as the two

dragons explored the valley. Red and Emerald decided to take a

swim after their travels, pick some flowers, and just lay in the

sun. It was now getting late and the two dragons decided they

better find a place to sleep. Just near the waterfall was a cave,

and beautiful it was. Emerald said to Red, "this was like her cave

up on the mountain", and Red said to Emerald, "it was like his


You see it was a cross between a crystal cave and a jewel cave.

They both like it so much, they decided, they would stay here


The next morning Emerald and Red decided to explore the

valley some more, encase they had missed anything. Emerald

liked smelling the flowers, the most, where Red enjoyed

jumping and splashing in the water. While Red was having fun,

Emerald caught sight of the most beautiful flower she had ever

seen. This flower just happened to be next to the tree where the

unicorn was hiding and waiting for the dragons too leave. You

see, the unicorn was a very shy creature though she always had

visitors. She saw the two dragons coming down the mountain,

and decided to hide encase they where not very friendly. All her

visitors where lizards, bugs, fairies and other unicorns, from far

and wide. As Emerald neared the tree where the unicorn was

hiding, she suddenly saw a lizard as long as her tail. Emerald

jumped back in fright and screamed, “HELP”.

Hearing Emerald, Red was out of the water quickly and by her

side. “What’s wrong Emerald?”, asked Red. "That lizard

frightened me", replied Emerald.

After hearing that the unicorn came out of hiding, where she

greeted the two strangers. The unicorn though if such a big

creature was scared of a lizard smaller than herself, they much

be friendly after all.

“Hello my name is Star, and this is my home, that lizard

name is Joe. Joe doesn’t talk much". “Hello” said Joe, in a

friendly voice, “sorry to frighten you”. “That’s ok”, replied

Emerald. “I came over to have a look at the beautiful flower

you have there", said Emerald. "That flower you are admiring is

a rare and magical flower, it protects my home from

intruders", replied Star. As the four got to know each other,

night had fallen and it was getting very late. Emerald and Red

asked Star if they could live here, with her and Joe. Star thought

that would be a great idea, and so did Joe.

That was the start of a great friendship, and Red finally found

where the waterfall ended.

They had many adventures, but that’s another story.

The Little Red Dragon

Beverley Ferguson

Bunbury, Australia

  • Artist

Artist's Description

Hoping to get it published one day, it does need illustrations but I can’t draw.

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