Two fractals featured, and two calendar sales - wow!

This is a very good week for me on RB and so I just had to share it with you, my long-suffering watchlist!

As some of you know, I haven’t been indulging in fractals for very long, but this week two of them have been featured!

Firstly, Light Trails was featured in THE ULTIMATE UF5 AND BEYOND group. Sincere thanks to Debs (Plunder), Carlotta and Autumngirl for inviting me to join this lovely group and for the honour of a feature.

Imagine my great joy when, the very next day, Spring Thaw was also featured. A huge thank you to blamo, CJ Lewis and katecreations for the great privilege of a feature.

But there’s more! I’ve also sold two more calendars:

Scott Bricker has bought my Astonishing Orchids calendar, about which I’m both astonished and delighted! Pam M. has bought my Venice calendar – thank you Pam.
I hope you both enjoy your calendars.

And as always thanks to everyone who provides support and encouragement by viewing, commenting and favouriting my work. And even buying some!
In particular I should thank Zooreka and SaenART for publishing very valuable UF5 tutorials!

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