off season

i’m so forever out-of-towner
i remember rae and dayton
riannon and the grass catcher
and the little man made of sand

i’m so far out-of-towner
so far foreigner in my homeland
i was dressed so nice in the office/warehouse
i’m still that little boy wanting for all the more carnival rides
waiting my turn in line
so this is my life in time
everyday is so holidaylujah on campus
so long as the attractions are convenient

carefully deciding on my lucky numbers
i can see there’s more to you than standing and being brunette
so cut to the chase and tell me more about what you’d buy
go deeper into detail, if you would
you should take it as a personal challenge to weird me out
or make me feel welcome
no one’s on campus this fall
i still love you, halloween decorations
we can cuddle and watch movies and stay up for breakfast
we can play in the rain, hold hands, and recite poetry
a talk over a slice of space
with the memory of a goldfish

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