photographer's rights

Seeing that I was enjoying a spot of candid photography recently, I was asked whether for example I’d had a model release form signed by the young couple in this shot for instance … I had not and I was of the impression that there was no need for concern in this instance either …
Anyhow, I realised that I need to do a bit more research! Really!!
I haven’t gotten to doing so yet, but was delighted when I got my DPS newsletter today, and it had a piece on photographer’s rights – a guest post by Elizabeth Halford
I was even more delighted when I realised that there were links included to quick guides, written up by Simon Moran
The quick Guides can be downloaded as PDF’s here
Most useful!!

Besides the UK photographers’ rights guide v2, he’s also got links to the USA photographers’ rights guide & the Australian photographers’ rights guide.

Hope it helps.

~ Tina

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