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Hey kids! I’m Beth, and I like to draw, paint, and eat cheese. This is just some of my more resent work. Sorry if I don’t...

2 years married, 12 years together!

Well today is my 2/12 year anniversary with my awesomely boss hubby Andrew. We got married on our 10 anniversary today two years ago. Lost yet? Think of it like this, we got married on our 10th year on Dec 1st 2010. 10, 10 or 0, 0. Then in 2011 it was 1,1, then today is 2012 soooooooooooo 2, 2… Well I get a kick out of it.

SO, if anyone reads this (which i doubt) if you wanted to see how our wedding went, here’s a link to a 10 video I put together….

PS. I now have a new way to sign my work, you’ll see it with the next painting I put up.


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