A couple of things!

I have had another feature. I have been steadily getting the odd feature here and there but decided not to highlight each time, as I am struggling to view and comment on so much here. So sorry if I have missed some of your work lately.

But I am so Glad this picture was featured as it is a personal favourite of mine of my middle son. It was featured in the Children-The Power of Raw Emotion group.


I also came 3rd in a challenge, sure there was only 9 images, but it still a great pleasure receiving votes, as you know that someone out there likes your work!!

Funnily enough it was of my 3rd son at a basketball match. The challenge was in the Time Lapse group and the subject was Sport. This was one of the pictures taken when I was experimenting and I thought it turned out pretty cool!


Thanks to all for your encouraging comments, and hopefully I can get some more time to see more work. I now think it is time to post a picture of my eldest son!

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