Behind the Door

The doorbell I did ring
Down the passageway I walked
Hearing the sounds smelling the smells

To his room I came
Laying there so frail
Looking at deaths door

A deep breath I did take
Kissing him on the lips
I Love You Dad
I say

The eyes sparkle he knows I am here
Trying so hard to talk
To say what needs to be said

Amongst the jumble I hear
I Love You
At that moment my heart flames

Holding back tears
I smile again
Thinking how to ease the pain

My childhood memory came
Night after night he read me the tail
So my turn now to repay

Leaning close touching his sunken face
Speaking in a soft loving tone
Once upon a time, in a far away land!

What it change it made
Though mumbling he understood
He knew the way
For not one word would I let him miss
As a child every night word for word

This moment will remain with me
As a treasured time
Though almost gone
We were father and daughter again

As it was all those years ago
A father who gave and gave
No matter how he felt
He had the time

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