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The 'In The Heart of the Sea' premiere - Hemsworth! Howard!

It’s been several weeks since my last premieres (“The Hunger Games Mockingjay part2 world premiere in Berlin”, and the “Ronaldo” documentary), but its only been two weeks since my twin nemeses of Theatre and Fashion made twin fools of me at “The Evening Standard Theatre Awards” and “The British Fashion Awards”…

Anyway…. before the year comes to a close there is a pleasing flurry of premieres scheduled : one this week, and THREE next week.

“Near as I can tell, it’s a movie about a giant fish”
“Whales are mammals, Fred”
“But what to whales eat, Joe?”
“Mainly plankton and krill, Frank…”

Many premieres in Leicester Square have a Rapping Emcee to get proceedings warmed up (?) but for this one they had the Rap, and after that a group of singers performing sea shanties. One of which (and if you’re r

The Hateful Eight Premiere - Tarantino! Moriccone! Russell!

Note : as usual, the Full-sized journal for this event is here

And so, for the last time this year (and the third time in three days after ‘The Danish Girl’ on Tuesday and ’Daddy’s Home’ yesterday) I’m in Leicester Square for a premiere, and to me this was the BIG one : Tarantino’s Hateful Eight. The fact that this is my last premiere for the year, and not the unveiling of Disney’s shiny new merchandise licensing fundraiser makes me very very happy.

Here’s how, for the last time in 2015, is how (a sample of) it went down:

Ever since I saw my first Tarantino film (Pulp Fiction), I’ve watched every subsequent one in cinemas (excepting Deathproof – that was released only as a double-bill in Australia), and I’ve been to both his previous London premieres (‘Inglourious Basterds’ in 2009 and ‘D

The 2015 British Fashion Awards

It seems almost inconceivable that merely 24 hours earlier, I was having to profess my complete lack of knowledge about British Theatre at The Evening Standard Theatre Awards …. and now here I am, on the other side of London, one day later, having to profess my additional complete lack of knowledge about Fashion at the British Fashion Awards!…

It’s a weird life.. here’s a summary (more photos in the full journal on my website in this link )

We take up the action outside a theatre, where common people are united in one fact : we’re not allowed across the road where the red carpet is, presumably because we’re not special, or famous, or (especially in my case) well-dressed enough.

News from the front : so far, I can report that feathers and/or lace and/or blue shredded ribbons are/were IN th

The 2015 Evening Standard Theatre Awards

As previously established by my dubious attendance at this year’s esteemed Olivier Awards , I am fairly uncultured (though I do watch foreign movies occasionally). However, I have a camera and I like photography, and an events-journal based website which sometimes gets entire dozens of views… So when I learned that London had a SECOND theatre-based awards evening, and it was only low single-digit celsius degrees above zero rather than below on Sunday…. I decided to head in.…

Here’s how it went down (and as usual the longer and more detailed journal, with more celeb attendees is on my website ) :

Leicester Square is currently overrun with teenage girls for the ‘Joe and Caspar Hit The Road’ premiere, however I’ve decided to trade their high-pitched squeals for the most vicious autograph deal

The Hunger Games : Mockingjay part2 world premiere

Well… the ‘unusual’ rather than ‘impossible’ has happened – I managed to get to a premiere (a WORLD PRMIERE!) that wasn’t in London, and wasn’t in Sydney… but rather BERLIN. What a coincidence? Well… not really.…

But Berlin is a pretty cool city at the best of times, so why not go when there’s an extra reason to be there?

Here’s how it went down ( with more photos and commentaries on my website, accessible via this link )

Germany hosts world premieres…. who knew?

And Germans have a sense of humour… again, who knew??

“I’m not precious… I’ll even direct the reboot, if they’re doing one. And I assume they’re doing one” – Director Francis Lawrence

“London? That’s tomorrow. But there be autograph dealers there..” Julianne Moore.

Possibly owes me five dollars… possibly has no intention of repayi

The 'Burnt' premiere - Bradley Cooper! Sienna Miller!

Hello, and just two (2) days after the epic vastness of the World Premiere for James Bond Spectre it was back to Leicester Square for a more regular-sized premiere, for a Bradley Cooper movie about, of all things…. cooking?…

Here’s how it went down, in summary (the full journal is here on my website ) :

Leave on low heat. Braise for three or four hours. Nighttime premieres are back in London, courtesy of Daylight Savings having ended last weekend.

“The moustache is new, yes. But it was always there, hiding in the background, waiting to strike”. Daniel Brühl was in Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds, but I last photographed him in 2013 at the premiere of Ron Howard’s ‘Rush’

Steven Knight wrote the screenplay to this movie, and additionally he wrote AND directed (and was at the premiere of) t

James Bond Spectre World premiere - Craig! Waltz! Bellucci! Seydoux!

Well… I figure if I’m going to post ONE premiere on this site every now and then, it should by rights be one of the bigger ones – in this case probably what will end up being the biggest London will have this year.…

The movie : the latest James Bond film ; SPECTRE.

The full journal is on my website and it runs for long enough that you could probably justify an intermission for a snackbreak , but I’ll put a subset of the better ones here, and if you’re feeling particularly intrigued feel free to head on over to

the premiere was on Monday evening, but the adventure to get a wristband to try to equal my ‘lucky spot’ from the prior ‘Skyfall’ premiere started on the Sunday morning before…

T-minus 33 hours. It’s about 9:30am on Sunday, and preparations for the premiere on

BFI London Film Fest 2015!

Hello, and if I’ve been more silent than usual on redbubble (or anywhere, really) it’s because from the 6th October to the 20th October (inclusive) I was busily going about my photographic business for 15 consecutive events covering the BFI London Film Festival.…

The number of photographs taken was somewhat excessive, but somehow I managed to make it out okay.

On the off-chance you’re interested, the highlights are as follows…. and each title and each image contains a link to the full-length journal for that premiere with more photos and full commentary , on my website of

Here’s how a fortnight-plus of insanity went down:

Day 1 : The BFI Luminous Gala – a cavalcade of stars including Tom Hiddleston, Joan Collins (!), Geena Davis, John Hurt, Jenna Coleman among others

The 'The Martian' Premiere - Damon! Chastain! Daniels! Mara!

it’s not so much that I haven’t done a premiere for a while, it’s that I’ve mostly been posting the journals on my own website which is here in a dark, seedy part of the internet whereas Redbubble is the brighter, more cheerful, sunny part of the web.…

The point being : after a long(ish) hiatus, Premieres are back in London.

The premiere? Was for Ridley Scott’s latest, The Martian

“Hello, world! Tonight we’re coming to you live from… well… the same planet we’re all on.”

“It’s definitely autumn, and yet I’m the only person here wearing a scarf. Have I peaked early?” Our first arrival is Sir Ridley Scott, director of this film

“And that’s how easy it is to get pornography on a phone. It’s very convenient”
“Wow. And you’re sure they have the internet on phones, now?”

“That ‘Speed’ prequel is g

The 'Legend' World Premiere

After a lengthy break from premieres spend living the wealthy playboy lifestyle nobody knows me well enough to openly and publicly cast doubts upon, premieres are back (briefly) before all photographic hell (?) breaks loose in late September and London Film Festival in October.…

This premiere was for a movie about real-life English Criminal Twins starring Tom Hardy. I don’t question it… I just make sure my camera’s batteries are charged..

NOTE : the full-length journal is here

“If Tom Hardy plays two characters, does that mean everyone has to interview him twice?”

“The screenplay to Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 was magnificent. That said, I didn’t write it.” Director Brian Helgeland went on to win an Oscar for best Screenplay for LA Confidential back in 1997

Our first arrival from the cas

The Mission Impossible 5 Premiere

I’ve really liked three of the four Mission Impossible movies released to date (sorry, John Woo) and for the purpose of discussion, I’d actually suggest that the prior (fourth) installment was actually the best of all of them. And now there’s a fifth one!…

London didn’t get a premiere, but it did get a ‘gala screening event’ and Tom Cruise as well as Simon Pegg plus the director and composer and Hot Girl From The Poster (Rebecca Ferguson) and Hot Girl With Small Part in the movie (Hermione Corfield) all showed up.

In other words, it was a premiere. here’s a summary (with the full premiere being on my website here )

Due to ineptness on my part, I couldn’t get access to a decent spot with in the premiere, which was below street-level at BFI Imax. However, fortunately, there were gaps in the

The Ant-Man premiere

So London didn’t have premieres for Jurassic World, Mad Mad Fury Road and Furious 7… some of the biggest and best reviewed films of the year.…

Thankfully, you can always rely on Disney, who own 95% of everything Apple and Taylor Swift aren’t presently fighting or suing people over. And the latest movie in their ever-expanding, ever more phase-ening portfolio of Marvel’s Avengers Universe is Ant-Man.

Here’s how that premiere went down:

In contrast to the Blue Carpet, Cobblestone Carpet, Yellow Carpet, and White Carpet for the premieres of Entourage, Mr Holmes, Minions and Magic Mike XXL, for this premiere the carpet was regulation ‘classy’ red. Albeit with Ants crawling on it.

Marvel/Disney’s copyright and trademark infringement lawyers take a look at this… and put their pencils back down.

The Magic Mike XXL premiere

As usual, this is a smaller version of the full-sized premiere journal which I keep at My Own Website at

It’s been over two and a half weeks since my last premiere – a bloc of three in three days featuring The Cast of the TV-series-now-Movie ‘Entourage’, Magneto hugging Picard at ‘Mr Holmes’ and Sandra Bullock at the premiere of the animated movie ‘Minions’. What have I been doing in the meantime? Well… as long as you don’t ask any follow-up questions, I’ve been fighting crime.

But of course the forces of evil can wait a few hours when there’s a premiere on. Here’s a subset sample of how it went down:

The crowd at this premiere is skewed about 85% female, and I suspect this might be why. Sadly, I am not capable of presenting quite this kind of body to members of the oppo

Avengers Age of Ultron Premiere - pretty much everyone showed up

I haven’t so much been idle as absent for (checks watch) the last five months or so. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been going to premieres or taking photos. Just not posting them here.…

But for the sake of at least commemorating what might be the largest premiere I attend this year, I figured I might as well at least share some of my photos from the Avengers Age of Ultron premiere (the majority of which are located here)

In contrast to previous large premieres at Westfield Shepherds Bush, I decided not to wait for 12 hours (or join the crazy people some of whom had queued since Saturday) and only put in 6 hours of waiting.

Here’s how it went down:

So to clarify… not a small premiere.

“Please don’t pirate this movie!!”
Our first arrival is Joss Whedon, Director of the third-biggest movie o

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