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Anchorman2 premiere - Ferrell! Carell! Rudd! Apatow! Applegate!

And so for the last time this year I’m at Leicester Square for a premiere, and this one is rather unusual : I haven’t photographed a SINGLE person from this film before, and not because it’s some strange Uzbekhi Action Sci-Fi Romance, either! (Slight correction : I realise now I once actually photographed Will Ferrell side-on outside a radio station. He was wearing sunglasses. True story.)…

It’s a giant TV Screen! And a premiere! And I don’t even care that I didn’t really think the first one was quite as good as everybody kept raving – I saw it last year well after the hype-period had passed.

Why is it that impossibly pretty ladies who are having trouble with their DSLRs that I might be able to help them with are always based in other cities… or standing behind impenetrable low metal barri

Mandela Royal Premiere - Idris Elba! Naomie Harris! William and Kate!

Just one day after the rant-filled diatribe against my execrable privatised Rail Company coincided with a premiere for the new Colin Firth movie I was back in Leicester Square yet again! (Quick update on my Rail Company : the same swine ticket collector who has checked the same carriage on the same train at the same time for the last three days was back again for a FOURTH day. I don’t understand what on earth the intention is there, and asked to pick between rank incompetence and harrassment I’m kind of torn).…

Anyway, there was another premiere in London : this one a ROYAL premiere, for the Nelson Mandela biopic “Nelson Mandela : Long Walk to Freedom”. Here’s how it went down:

A red carpet is unrolled and one of the largest conclaves of Paparazzi I’ve ever seen begins to assemble. The fa

The Railway Man - Firth! Irvine! Teplitzky!

Some four years ago I took a photo of Nicole Kidman at the premiere of Australia which I even had published. Then, earlier this year at the premiere of Stoker I unsuccessfully attempted to get it signed. Hence, with a new movie out, I grabbed my cameras, equipment AND the photo off to Leicester Square to have another go.…

She didn’t attend.

Here’s how it went down:

The Odeon West End hosts its second premiere in four days. It’s for ‘The Railway Man’, but if my rancid train company is sponsoring this event, I am walking away. Interesting fact : First Capital Connect has a self-imposed service level that says they’ll attempt to respond to emails within 5 days. The most recent reply I got took a month. There’s another one that I’ve still a fortnight from receiving a response for. The point b

Class of 92 premiere - Beckham! Five other Man U players! 2/5ths of One Direction!

Being from Australia; and having an iPod that is probably about half-full of soundtrack scores, and much of the remainder comprised of weird stuff I picked up on my travels….. it might seem strange that I would head in to London for the premiere of a Documentary about Manchester United, set to be attended by several of the band OneDirection.…

Genuinely, I’m not sure why either. My knowledge of Manchester United’s ‘Class of 92’ was limited to verifying that David Beckham was one of them, and I can recognise him due to his magnificent hair. Meanwhile my knowledge of OneDirection is limited to the screaming of teen girls and the name Harry Styles, once again primarily due to his magnificent hair. (Needless to say, that’s more than enough reason to head down to Leicester Square on a Sunday eve

"S" Book Signing - JJ Abrams! A Bad Robot!

I’ve gone to almost 200 premieres but only two book signings in London. That’s not because I’m illiterate so much, it’s just that these events aren’t quite as well publicised, and they aren’t really so much events as a long queue through a bookshop (or outside a bookshop), leading to a table inside where an author signs…

Also, unlike premieres where it’s free to queue, generally in a book signing you (a) have to buy a book to gain access, and (b) maybe you can take photos of the author, but they will not really pose or high-five or stand on a raised stage with a microphone to be interviewed by Alex Zane, which isn’t quite what you get at Thor the Dark World or The Hunger Games Catching Fire

Still….. director JJ Abrams? The enigmatic book “S”? In London? I might already have photographed hi

Hunger Games Catching Fire premiere - Lawrence! Hemsworth! Hutcherson! Banks! Claflin!

Ah, The Hunger Games. Finally a post-Twilight franchise with a female lead I can actually support and enjoy the exploits of. I’ve read and liked the books, watched the prior movie, and even went to the rather raucous out-of-town premiere for the first film a few years back. But this time around, the premiere was a World Premiere, right in the heart of London. And it rained.…

Here’s how it went down.

I was able to limit my total queueing time to a mere 5 hours and score a view of the Odeon Leicester Square. Or, if I turned around, a view of the stage that hopefully most of the cast would be interviewed on. It’s a Monday now, but there were rumours of people camping since last Thursday for spots, and the queue was apparently at 174 twenty four hours before the premiere’s scheduled start time

THOR the Dark World premiere - Hemsworth! Hiddleston! Portman! Whedon!

London Film Festival is barely over, and mere days later a World Premiere hits Leicester Square. And the hordes of Tom Hiddleson fans whose appetites were presumed sated after the premiere of Only Lovers Left Alive just days ago, found pretext to return once again. This time to support their hero in a movie sequel still inexplicably named after his brother.…

Here’s how it went down.

The Metro announced this morning that the five best Loki Lookalike costumes would win tickets to see the film. However, given these people were waiting in line since before 6am and couldn’t have known about that competition, it stands to reason that they dressed this way anyway. (I’m going to say that this is extremely cool because I’m very sure otherwise they’d hurt me)

Well, this was inevitable. (As was the o

Saving Mr Banks World Premiere - Hanks! Farrell! Thompson! Wilson!

Exciting times : London Film Festival is over, and though I was only able to go to five of the twelve days, in that time I went to eight premieres – including two yesterday ( Only Lovers Left Alive has a journal) while the day before that it was three (Locke , 12 Years A Slave and Drinking Buddies) and I was at the first two nights, for Captain Phillips and Gravity

Today was the closing gala – the Disney-themed ‘Saving Mr Banks’ – here’s how it went down.

And so, for the last time this year and the sixth time (!!) in three days, I’m at a Leicester Square premiere. What with Thor2 being on Tuesday, I’ll be back here soon enough. The forecast is currently for all day heavy rain, and a 100% chance of Tom Hiddleston fans. I can’t wait!

Lady, you are in the SECOND ROW of a premiere while I’m i

Locke premiere - Hardy! Scott! Knight!

So, no kidding, I got off a red-eye flight from Boston and after a 3 hour ninety-minutes-longer-than-planned afternoon nap, I headed out for London Film Festival. I was there for the premiere of 12 Years A Slave but that didn’t mean I didn’t also go to Drinking Buddies with Anna Kendrick attending. And though I was tired, and hungry, and it was late, and tiny violins were playing everywhere for my suffering and plight, I decided that I’d stay just a little bit longer for one last premiere for the day. Here’s how that went down.…

True confession : this was the second premiere today that I was approached by a passerby and asked what movie this was a premiere for, and I had to admit I didn’t know, and they looked at me like I was a crazy person.

In my defense, the posterboards (and giant ban

Only Lovers Left Alive - Hiddleston! Hamdan!

In contrast to yesterday where I stepped off a plane and then went to three premieres (including Drinking Buddies and 12 Years A Slave ), today the jetlag hit and I managed to make it in for the premiere of Only Lovers Left Alive anyway. The list of attendees wasn’t too major, and of those only one person attended. Fortunately for estrogen levels in London, it was the right one. If you’re not a fan of Tom Hiddleston, look away now, but if you are (and who wouldn’t be – I’m a guy and even I think he’s pretty cool), then here’s how it went down.…

“No Tilda Swinton? And no Jim Jarmusch? Plus there’s Vampires?? What kind of premiere IS this?” The kind that they needed to remodel the Odeon West End carpet setup for the first time in three premieres for, on the strength of just one anticipated a

12 Years a Slave premiere - McQueen! Ejiofor!

The premiere for Drinking Buddies had finished not an hour before, and off to the other end of Leicester Square I went for arguably the main draw of the evening (your view may differ if you’re a fan of Tom Hardy I suppose) – the immensely highly regarded “12 Years A Slave” directed by Steve McQueen who also directed “Shame” (which I saw and felt was pretty awesomely confronting). Here’s how that went down……

Two premieres in a day is a pretty good thing to step off a plane for (I’d like to say I lead a heavily jet-setting lifestyle, but if most of the week I was gone was spent in Framingham outside of Boston, so even I might think otherwise).

“If any of you can spell Chiwetel Ejiofor’s name without checking imdb you can get into the front row. Otherwise, stay the hell back while we set up”

Drinking Buddies premiere - Kendrick! Swanberg!

So I’ve missed the last six days of London Film Festival because I was in Boston. After a redeye overnight flight during which I didn’t even sleep through more than about forty minutes of the apalling Disney flop “The Lone Ranger”, I’d been without sleep for about 26 hours, got home around noon the next day and thought I’ll just close my eyes for an hour. I woke up a bit over three hours later and thought there was no point going in to London for a premiere (specifically “12 Years A Slave”).…

But I’m glad I did. It wasn’t one premiere… it was three, and this one was the first. I was tired, but I’d remembered to charge the batteries on the Pentax before head hit pillow for ‘a quick nap’. Here’s how the first of three went down:

It’s not a standard premiere setup – for one thing the carpet i

Gravity premiere - Alfonso Cuaron! Sandra Bullock!

It’s the second of two premieres in two days as London Film Festival starts to get into gear. And for the second day in two, I’m here specifically to photograph a DIRECTOR I’ve never photographed. Yesterday at Captain Phillips it was Paul Greengrass and not Tom Hanks I was really interested in, and today it’s Alfonso Cuaron not Sandra Bullock. Also, in case you’re interested, I’m fairly sleep deprived and tender after yet another bizarre day in the office, and the evening temperature seems to have dropped eight or nine degrees per day in the last two days. (But enough of what’s weird in my life… how are you?)…

Here’s how the premiere of Gravity went down…

Movie poster, being carried. Reviews for this film have been excellent. I saw shots from the film and lead actress Sandra Bullock wasn’

Captain Phillips premiere - Tom Hanks! Paul Greengrass!

It’s BFI London Film Festival, opening night! And good(ish) news for anybody who thinks my commentary has been a bit tame of late. Generally, when things go well and easy, I’m a pretty sweet guy. That’s me in summer, when the weather is fine, the premieres are large and well-lit, and I’m getting my Vitamin D and taking photos outdoors without a flash is simple®. But now it’s October, and premieres are darker. And more crowded. And I’m more stressed…. but sadly, at this one I’m also more tired. And that means I’m too tired to be truly angry, just slightly grumpy. (Sorry about that! I’ll make sure to drink more caffeine tomorrow)…

Here’s how it went down.

London Film Festival is back!! Last year that meant more than one premiere per day for over a week, but this year I’ll be unable to go to

The Counselor premiere - Ridley Scott! Bardem! Fassbender! Cruz!

Earlier this week I’d already gone to the premiere of Filth but just one day later I learned that there was maybe going to be a second premiere in London that week. This almost never happens – premieres are scheduled weeks if not months in advance. Days? Not really. Verging on spurious and unlikely. But the cast list was interesting enough to make it back-breakingly worth taking both cameras in to town for the chance that the slightly-less-than-half of sources who said it was ON were right. Here’s how it went down.…

“Tom, I’m standing here on a box in Leicester Square hoping that the 3 out of 7 sources that predicted a premiere here tonight are right. If it had been all 7 it would have been a Panda. Back to you in the studio”

“Can’t text you right now. Feel like I’m being watched”

“Cant’ l

Filth Premiere - James McAvoy! Irvine Welsh!

Excitingly, I’m back in Leicester Square after merely a week since Blue Jasmine at which I finally got to photograph Cate Blanchett. This time it’s for a film based on the Irvine Welsh book “Filth”. (The poster has a man riding a pig, so, you know, no reason not to stay, really.)…

Here’s how it went down.

Ominously, by the time this premiere finished the sun had just about set. Guess it’s time to get the multiple thermal jumpers and jackets and beanies out of storage. Winter is indeed coming…. but good news for fans of lens flares and starbursts : my Nikon, which was damaged at the GQ Awards a few weeks back, has been repaired and is back on duty, ably assisting my Pentax.

Director Jon S Baird almost snuck by unnoticed. Glad I arbitrarily snapped him (it’s usually only particularly prett

Blue Jasmine premiere - Blanchett! Hawkins!

I’m not the hugest fan of Woody Allen movies. Indeed, here’s a list of quotes I’ve used to describe the last three I’ve watched:…

Vicky Cristina Barcelona : “All the characters in this film (including beautiful 25 year old women) talk as if they were 70 year old Male Jewish New York Pseudointellectuals, and that’s bad screenwriting. Even with George Lucas you can tell the difference between a teenage queen, an elderly Jedi Knight and a Filippino-accented transvesite frog”

Annie Hall : “Casting the wrestler Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in the lead was a stroke of genius. Oh wait. They didn’t? That’s a real pity”

Celebrity : “At £2.95, across the five minutes Charlize Theron is in it, it would be like paying £85 to watch The Avengers. And at that price, much as I love Charlize Theron, I think I

London Fashion Week II - 2013

The last time I did one of these (and not the premieres or awards I usually slum at), I had a enough of a good time that I noted there was another one scheduled six months later. And had a generally favourable intention to head down there for at least a couple of the days.…

And then, one day, the first of those days dawned. And two more.

Here’s how it went down:

I’d handwritten “yo, this is f&&king fashion” onto my black t-shirt in order to gain credible entry into this event, only to learn that gimmick glasses could have accomplished the same. That liquid paper is going to take half a dozen washes to get out

London Fashion Week. It’s so on right now.

The early draft costume for the new Superman Villain was dismissed as ‘too dark’.

News from the Front Lines of fashion week : Smoking? Is s

DIANA world premiere - Watts! Hirschbiegel!

Oh, good : it’s another London premiere – the third event I’ve photographed in three days, and the second world premiere this week, after Monday’s premiere of the new Ron Howard movie RUSH 8)…

Here’s how this one went down…

….. as usual, it started with A List of likely attendees.

“I heard Prince sings the soundtrack”
“No, you just made that up”
”You’re right”.

“Remember to take notes – in about five or six years when we need to do a Kardashian Movie, this is going to be exactly the tone of how we’re going to pitch it” Right.

A rather unexpected attendee at the premiere Ryoko Yonekura, who plays “Diana’s Japanese Voice Over” in the film. That’s not even an imdb credit. Still… they had questions written out for her in Japanese. So that the Japanese interviewers could ask her in Japanese and

GQ Awards 2013 - MDouglas! RBrand! AEve! SL Jackson! Hiddleston!

I’ve been to the GQ Man of the Year Awards twice before, in 2011 and again in 2012 , and the first one was definitely the best, as it was the only one where whining Paparazzi didn’t force the expansion of pens to force fans into the inaccessible and less visible parts of the entry. Also, at that one I photographed Charlize Theron

That aside, this year, like last year wasn’t all bad. Here’s sort of how it went down. Sorry for the brief comments – it’s pretty late where I’m sitting.

It’s The List! There’s some pretty decent names on it, assuming (a) they show and (b) they elect not to bypass the Red(ish) carpet and fans and cordons of hungry Paparazzi and go in via the side entrance. Sadly, a lot of these names seem to be from the world of British television, British sport and… well… Brita

RUSH world premiere - Hemsworth, Wilde, Howard, Zimmer, Lauda, etc

Well, it’s been a long, quiet road between premieres, and I’ve spent it doing a Monopoly tour of London, working, planning a holiday, and being somewhat miserable for reasons unrelated to photography. Or maybe slightly related to photography. Excitingly, though, amidst the desolation – a premiere. And not just a premiere, but a World Premiere, and it’s for Ron Howard’s racing movie ‘Rush’.…

Here’s how it went down, and how quickly my mood can lift.

My spot at this mammoth setup was adjacent to the stage and across from the media. The high and wide barriers looked like they might strategically dissuade autograph dealers from flooding the area : the gap to the red carpet would hopefully prove too wide for stars to choose to reach across.

The List of attendees for this premiere was particular

We're The Millers premiere - Aniston! Sudeikis! Poulter! Alcohol!!

Due to various factors both within and outside of my control, I have missed the last 4 consecutive London premieres (at least two of which I regret). However, today was the premiere for “We’re The Millers” and my instinct was : let’s make it five in a row. For one thing, I only had one spare battery which already 1000 images taken on it. For another, I’ve already got a good shot of Jennifer Aniston, I got it last year at Horrible Bosses . For a third : I’d left my spare camera and MAIN LENS at home anyway. For a fourth – the queue in Leicester Square at the time I arrived all but guaranteed I’d be third or fourth row… or worse. And for a fifth…. meh.…

That’s when I realised : That’s Precisely Why I Had To Go.

So I left the queue, went back to the office, dumped my backpack, and went for a

The Lone Ranger premiere - Depp! Bruckheimer! Verbinski! Hammer!

Sunday premieres are not my favourite thing, more so when I still have to edit the tail end of 4000 photos from last weekend’s awesome epic Zombie Weekend (did I mention I went on a Zombie Wekend last weekend? It was awesomely epic). But I wasn’t going to miss this one… even though I got there too late to get one of the 600 orange wristbands they started handing out from about 8am. So I got to Leicester Square at about 3pm and I assumed I’d be shooting from outside the event….…

… but not so. Here’s how it went down.

I found a spot with an indirect view to the giant corporate logo, with the interview stage to its left set to be partially blocked by a boom mike and camera, and ten billion mobile phones… and did I mention that outside the Hans Zimmer score I’m not really attracted

The Wolverine Premiere - Jackman! Mangold! Janssen! More!

The weather was hot and balmy on a London afternoon for this one, and I was in the rare and terrifying situation of having two cameras containing just two batteries between them, (1) a battery that had not been recharged since being used to take about 1000 photos on a dual-Zombie event photography weekend (!), and (2) a battery I’d purchased not one hour earlier and removed from its plastiform packaging and found that it had some kind of latent preloaded charge contained on it.…

How was that bit of madness going to go down? Weirdly, without a problem….

If somebody puts a giant metallic and spiked sculpture blocking pedestrian throughtraffic in Leicester Square and justifies it on the basis of ‘Art’, I’m pretty fine with that. But if it’s for another standalone Wolverine sequel then that co

The Worlds End premiere - Pegg, Frost, Wright, Pike

Premieres are back in Leicester Square, and this one was a relatively big deal due to the anticipated presence of an actress I’ve conspicuously failed to have my path and hers intersect at no less than five premieres over four years…. AND the unexpected presence of a comedian I’ve wanted to photograph for the past four years but most recently missed at a Musical Opening night (I don’t do musicals. Or generally opening nights)…. AND me totally missing photographing one of the cast on the rare arrogance of thinking ‘miscellaneous old guy? pass. So.. now that you know how it went down, here’s exactly how it went down.…

Intriguingly, facebook asks me to tag every face except Nick Frost’s, third from the left. I didn’t know Zuckerberg had an opinion on Nick Frost.

I… wait… what?

My understandin


So the background is I work in an Office that is also occasionally occupied by the fine people at And their love of all things undead occasionally overlaps with my desire to photograph such things. When that happens I get to head out, camera in tow, and do cool things like photograph Zombie Auditions at Pineapple Dance Studio… or most recently the Tunnels around Waterloo station in London under the heading “Zombie Blitz 1940”. What was most cool is that I was loosely encouraged to use a mixture of styles and approaches to give them as many options as possible when using the shots for promotion whether in print, online, or even placing them into online trailers.…

I went on two separate occasions, firstly to shoot them doing rehearsals and trials and ‘preproduction’ / ‘previsuali

Pacific Rim premiere - Del Toro! Idris Elba! Charlie Hunnam!

Scant days after the disarmingly befuddling premiere for the movie Bula Quo! it was time for a considerably higher budget film ($US180million, apparently). The venue : London’s BFI Imax. The cameras : Pentax + Nikon (as usual). The challenge : finish in time to get to another event – one I’d been invited to – at the British Museum, immediately after.…

Here’s how it went down:

This is one of the poster boards I’ve most regretted not grabbing one of on my way out of a premiere. (In my defence I had a pretty classy event I had to go to immediately after, and I was already breaking protocol by being in jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers)

Quirky devil horns created by chance. Now if I could only get a copy of The List for this event, because other than the Director and Idris Elba I haven’t heard of

Bula Quo premiere - Status Quo! Laura Aikman! Unknowns!

So, well-known 1970s/80s band Status Quo have a movie out. A quick look at my iPod reveals that although I was alive for some of the 1970s and all of the 1980s, their presence is a hell of a lot smaller than, say, Def Leppard, William Shatner, Starship, Hanson, and various other artists a lot more embarrassing than even those, which I won’t mention here. In fact, they don’t feature on my iPod at all.…

Nonetheless, despite two other Theatre events and Canada Day over in Trafalgar Square, here I am in Leicester Square with a camera in tow. Because I can.

Here’s how it went down.

Some premieres you get to Leicester Square by 6am just to be in the queue for wristbands to get a spot in the first few rows. Others it’s only about an hour and a half to go and the crowd is numbered under two dozen

Hummingbird premiere - Jason Statham! Rosie Huntington-Whitely! Others!

After an amazing week last week featuring three premieres, a zombie apocalypse and walking out on Man of Steel at 2hrs 10mins because I couldn’t be bothered anymore (if I’d known there were less than ten minutes before the closing credits I would have stayed, but I feared an additional 20 minutes of meaningless so-called “action” scenes)…. this week starts with a Monday that also has a premiere. It’s a Jason Statham film, and he’s the patron saint of balding white guys, so obviously I went to pay my respects.…

Here’s how it went down…

The movie “Hummingbird” also had alternative / working titles of “Redemption” and “Crazy Joe”. As long as Statham’s got a half-done-up bowtie on the movie poster, though, surely the title is mostly irrelevant?

According to the poster, Statham plays a “Vigilan

The Heat premiere - Sandra Bullock! Paul Feig! Natalie Dormer!

So it’s three premieres in three days (and it would have been a fourth had I felt up to it on Monday) (and technically my Zombie Gig on Wednesday pre Man of Steel was even bigger and longer than any premiere). So for the last of them, it was a trip to Curzon Mayfair for the “Gala Screening” of the movie “The Heat”. Here’s how it went down.…

It’s a list, and… what, no Thomas F Wilson? I had my entire Back To The Future collection with me to get signed 8( Theoretically, I mean.

Guess they’re all going to miss out on having Thomas F Wilson signing their Back to the Future box sets, too.

Actresses Jessica Chaffin and Jamie Denbo are cheerful and unimpressed, respectively. (Seriously? Pentax is a legitimate brand of camera, lady).

He’d been assured that he’d blend in as long as he wore a hat an

Man Of Steel Premiere - Cavill! Zimmer! Snyder! Nolan! Adams!

So despite my scepticism at yesterday’s Much Ado About Nothing premiere and the fact that I had what ended up being a FOUR HOUR photography gig beforehand, I did manage to make it down to Leicester Square for the Man of Steel premiere, three cameras (!) in tow but no umbrella.…

Here’s how it went down…

Blue Carpet. Large stage. Two cinemas. And they’re predicting not just rain, but heavy rain. I can’t wait… I think two of my three cameras are fairly waterproof and one of the three cameras has more than half charge remaining on the battery.

No idea who this is. The feeling is mutual, I’m sure.

“Does Superman know any Gang Signs? Fo’ shizzle he does!!” Henry Cavill arrived early and immediately began signing autographs and mingling with fans. Kudos, good Sir.

Henry Cavill looks dapper, but

Much Ado About Nothing premiere - Whedon! Hiddleston! Denisof!

Much Ado About Nothing is a Shakespearean play, adapted now into a film by Joss Whedon, the director of The Avengers. And since Mr Whedon wasn’t actually at the premiere of The Avengers film a year ago there were a reasonable number of people who would have seen this as an opportunity.…

And since there’s every chance I won’t be making the Man of Steel European Premiere tomorrow, I figured I might as well go as well.

There was a list and there was a crowd, but Red Carpet, barriers or any sense of ‘event’ was somewhat lacking.

This is a premiere?

Shakespeare? F8K yeah!

The man under the Notting Hill Gate bus indicator is actor Anthony Head. I don’t know who that is. But I can guess based on what people are getting him to sign.

Anthony Head drags himself into the event before the crowd drags

World War Z premiere fail - photos from the outside 8(

So, it’s finally happened. A premiere that I couldn’t get into. This is, broadly, not possible outside the realms of I Wasn’t Really Trying , and that’s kind of the case here. The problem with premieres on a Sunday (and they’re rare) is that at least on a weekday I’m already in town, and I can go to premieres after my workday finishes, show up and do the best that I can, and only people less employed than me can get there beforehand.…

Those rules can be thrown out on a Sunday, thrown out again if it’s a world premiere, and thrown out a third time if it’s a movie starring Brad Pitt. And if Angelina Jolie is also going attend… forget about it. And I live out of town. (And I got a text from a friend at 7:30am saying they were already heading down… and no offense, I’m still asleep at that time

Apparently if it's not for sale it doesn't even matter if it breaches DMCA

In the spirit of providing people with an education on my experience with Digital Millennium Copyright Act – DMCA – Takedown notices, and as a continuation of This Journal Post From Earlier I present The Next Chapter…

It began with a letter from Redbubble which I received about three weeks after posting the aforementioned journal, dealing with my confusion as to why I kept having items removed from Redbubble. Photos I’d taken, legally, of people, often in a public place where photographers weren’t just allowed or tolerated, but encouraged. Frustrated, I just wanted to know why, and also whether I was right in later uploading photos that were Not For Sale as a way of avoiding further problems. I’ve appended my commentary to each part of their reply, and drafted an overall response further b

OnePhotoPerDay : Dec23-Jan12

When I last posted one of these I was in Australia for Christmas We continue on that delayed theme..…

Dec 23rd. Intersection, Camden. Christmas tree not wilting in the extreme heat.

Dec 24th. The motorbike probably has less carbon output than eight or nine methane-emitting vegetarian quadruped reindeer.

Dec 25th. Samyang 8mm lens!! This is going to take some getting used to..

Dec 26th. Thirlmere, and a Bunch of Flamin’ Galahs

Dec 27th. Signs.

Dec 28th. Some kind of late night / early morning

Dec 29th. Menangle. I didn’t do my post-Christmas sale shopping here. In other news : Battleship (2012) – not by any means the worst or most disappointing movie of the year (those are separate categories where I come from).

Dec 30th. Insert vague recollection [here]

Dec 31st. Rounded out the year by w

The Hangover III premiere - Cooper! Graham! Helms! Galifianakis! Bartha!

I’ve come a long way since I was a wee lad, photographing the first Hangover premiere back in the dim murky depths of 2009… and now it’s the third, apparently final instalment.…

“No, seriously guys. Buy one of these and you’ll be as cool as Bradley Cooper” . Damn, and I’d just spent up big on Zach Galifianakis tank tops. Two hours to go, and I’m going to be looking at that benignly smiling face for both of them…

One hour to go, and Reporter Lady has just realised that her plans to successfully propose marriage to Bradley Cooper will be undone if just one journalist in a wedding dress gets to him at the hotel first.

“I say don’t draw attention to it and see if anybody mentions it”
“Agreed. It is a lovely floral design. It should stand on its own”

“I’mma pose here for two, maximum t

One Photo Per Day : 3rd to 22nd December

When I last posted one of these, it was still a cold dark late November, chilly but filled with a pleasingly disproportionate amount of movie premieres . Well… I’d have to make hay while the sun failed to shine, because I’d be heading to Australia for Christmas soon enough……

3rd December. Wouldn’t ordinarily have gone with Tom Hiddleston for Photo for the Day, but didn’t quite get a good enough shot of Ang Lee at the Life of Pi premiere . Fittingly, or perhaps enigmatically, I call this photo The Inevitability of Tom Hiddleston

4th December. <kicks mound of dirt> Not unless you can alter time, speed up the harvest or teleport me off this rock.

5th December. It’s the Les Miserables premiere and it’s either this shot or the one where he’s breathing frost clouds. Still undecided, but I’m sti

Star Trek Into Darkness World Premiere - JJ! Pine! Cumberbatch! Saldana! Eve! Quinto! Pegg!

Well, this is a BIG one. A world premiere, in London, for a Star Trek movie. JJ Abrams has already taken the shreds of a once proud franchise that had fallen on hard times, and gave us the fantastic Mission Impossible 3. Then he took the shreds of a once proud franchise and gave us Star Trek (2009). And…. he’s doing the sequel to that now. I loved the 2009 film and I was at the premiere of that and even penned my own 15 minute version of the script so there was no way I was missing this one.…

Here’s how it went down.

Giant Star Trek symbol in the heart of London. Almost not as noteworthy as the Evil Genuis Dude rubbing his hands mysteriously and gleefully underneath it. Not sure what he was planning.

Star Trek premieres now feature dresses, a majority FEMALE crowd, and can be held outdoor

If It's Not Even For Sale or Distribution, How Does It Breach DMCA?

Dear Redbubble. I get the fact that, like the guys who issue parking fines or inspect tickets on trains, you feel that you are making the world a better place and protecting me/ us all from the horrors and chaos of a world without laws.…

However, while we might all agree that parking and train ticket inspectors are the true godlike heroes of our age, because when they catch offenders they can cite precisely what section, subsection and sub-section of law that has been transgressed against…… you guys simply vaguely point at the legal equivalent of Wikipedia and say ’it’s in there somewhere’ when you take a work off your site for copyright infringement under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Parking infringement people have to dress up in weird fluoro vests and leave behind conspi

One Photo Per Day 13Nov-2Dec

I’m still slowly going through these. It’s a nice warm late April where I sit, and here I am trying to re-live last November…. (good times?)…

Nov 13th. Hugs. Former Dr Who David Tennant at the premiere of Nativity!2

Nov 14th. The final Twilight Movie gets its premiere and I get unaccountably super-lucky with my late-arriving spot that wasn’t technically in an official pen, but was actually a side-street with a neat angle facing the main stage. The photo above was taken after that, when I realised it might have appeared to be all over, but the main screens were showing an image of the Odeon balcony. Quickly shifted my position. Took more photos. High-fived His Excellency, the former Yellow Cap Guy, on the way out (metaphorically. he was having an argument with somebody about something). As

Iron Man 3 premiere - DowneyJnr! Kingsley! Cheadle! Hall!

It’s been a mere week since I did two premieres in two days ( Oblivion and Olympus Has Fallen )and it was lightly snowing at one. Now, all of a sudden it’s warm and sunny and spring and it only poured with rain twice while I was waiting for the premiere of this film : Iron Man 3. Here’s how it went down.…

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Bring kid to premiere and have them dress up so you get a preferential position. As if I haven’t thought of doing that. But I need one arm for each camera – I’m out of arms!

Dear Disney – I just figured out a way you can make a sequel to The Avengers for 1/10th the budget of the first film. (and for a small consulting fee of $2million, I’ll tell you how…)

The number plate of the Audi R8 on the platform near the giant stage reads “Stark16”, but I’m sure there’s a 1996 Nis

One Photo Per Day Oct23-Nov12

It’s been a while since I even feigned alarm at how far behind I am at posting these – it’s now April 15th the following year. But I am still doing this.…

(If you need a refresher, I last posted at the conclusion of London Film Festival )

23rd October. The giant World and Royal premiere at the Albert Hall for the James Bond film Skyfall was not a small intimate affair. That’s kind of why I like this shot of Daniel Craig in between his three walks to pose for the assembled Press Photographers. My position, based on the illogical idea of only showing up about 2 hours beforehand (when others had camped out for days), was surprisingly Superb. I call this photo (and another that’s different to it) You know his name

24th October. Well, if it’s on the side of a bus, I guess I’d better go watch it

Oblivion premiere - TCruise! OKurylenko! JKosinski!

Just one day earlier I’d been at this same location for the premiere of Olympus has Fallen This time around, it was the premiere of the new Tom Cruise film “Oblivion”.…

BFI Imax can host some pretty spectacular premieres – it’s sunken below street level and the carpet can wrap around it. However, it’s also a cold air trap and it funnels cold wind downwards quite effortlessly. (And did I mention it’s actually snowing lightly? Because it is).

“So he asks ’isn’t three DSLRs a bit much?’ and I say ’hell no, plus I got an iPhone to take instagram photos on, too”. I’m not so much cynical as I am ever-so-slightly jealous, to be honest.

If later photos of Tom Cruise in this journal have a slightly red/orange cast to them, it’s because they had two mobile bar heaters to keep next to the cast. (It i

Olympus Has Fallen premiere - Butler! Eckhart! the girl from Game of Thrones!

After a month away from premieres, I was privileged to find myself in near-freezing temperatures on back to back days at BFI Imax on London’s South Bank, doing what I like best. Ie. Complaining about the weather while voluntarily standing outside in it. Oh, how I miss Japan……

Here’s how “Olympus has Fallen” went down:

I suppose it’s slightly ironic and/or fitting, given the name of this movie, that there are no Olympus cameras in the lineup of press photographers. I shoot Pentax, by the way.

I don’t know who these people are. The list of celebrity attendees ran for three pages on a 2×7 grid, but only two (2) people on it were actually from the movie. There’s an outside chance I was on one of those three pages.

“I think he’s in that thing about the guy with the thing. Great role – should re

One Photo Per Day 2nd-22nd October

It’s been ages since I updated with shots of Dakota Fanning and cigarette lighter fires and stuff…. but rest assured I’m still taking one photo per day even when there aren’t any premieres. (Though, in the case of this journal – lost of premieres. It’s London Film Festival time!!)…

2nd October. Took a day off a-wandering. The thought of buying a GBP380 print of “Jedi Queen” by Don appealed, but nowhere near enough….

3rd October. If this is some kind of construction thing, then I think it’s cool. If it’s some kind of Art thing though, I’m IN.

4th October. Voss Norwegian Mineral water. So awesome that it’s 35x more expensive per mL than the cheapest bottled water at the local Tescos (!). That said, it’s still cheaper than bottled water at any given Australian cinema..

5th October. Uninterest

Oz The Great'n'Powerful premiere - Weisz! Kunis! Franco! More!

Well, it’s been about a week since my last premieres ( Cloud Atlas and Stoker ) and the excitement of London Fashion Week and it was time for a new one : and this one I’d been looking forward to for some time : it’s not often that there’s a film where I’ve never photographed five of the main six stars, and not the front of the face of the sixth. I wasn’t willing to miss this one if I could help it.…

So here’s how Oz The Great and Powerful went down…

Wearing black and having green skin colour means you’re evil, I take it? (hey, I watched Wicked – that’s not necessarily a given)

It’s an impressive List of attendees. But just for once I’ll settle for just the first row, because with the exception of the back three-quarters of Michelle Williams’ head at the 2012 Baftas, I haven’t photographe

Cloud Atlas Premiere - Wachowskis! Whishaw! Broadbent!

A mere one day after the semi-failure of the premiere for Stoker- with Nicole Kidman and Mia Wasikowska it was time for another premiere at a different Curzon cinema. This one for the Wachowski’s latest : Cloud Atlas. Here’s how it went down:…

It’s been out in the USA since late October last year – but it’s finally here! And they’ve got a Gala for it, no less. Unfortunately, unless you were in the first 40 people in line (aka : homeless or jobless?) you weren’t getting into the ‘special’ pen adjacent to the red carpet. Argh.

“Jane, you tell the plasterer I want it in pink or he needn’t bother. Oh, and have somebody punch the guy pulling a face behind me” Nothing gets past the mighty M&A Security at these events.

The Paparazzi have gotten their preferential pen, the first 40 people in the q

"Stoker premiere - Kidman! Wasikowska! Goode!

It might be a peculiarly Australian trait to commemorate losses and defeats as much as celebrate victories. It is for this reason that I feel obliged to present this partial failure. The problem for me at this one was having a divided focus. I had already photographed all three actors in the movie ‘Stoker’ already (Nicole Kidman at Nine and Australia Mia Wasikowska at Alice in Wonderland and Matthew Goode at Watchmen ), and for this reason, my priority was not photographic : it was autographic. Meaning, I really wanted to get something signed.…

It was this photo, taken of Nicole Kidman at the premiere of “Australia” that I wanted signed, if possible.

This desire, however, in turn resulted in a series of compromises in photography, and as a consequence, this one suffered … and sadly I did

BAFTAs 2013 : Everyone - including Clooney! Tarantino! Lawrence and Cooper!

The BAFTAs are the British equivalent of the Academy Awards, except they’re British and they’re held in the cold and dark of winter, and broadly speaking you need to be out in the single-digit temperatures for something like 8 hours if you want a spot like mine (that includes queuing and waiting). I did them last year, and two years before that. Here’s how it went down this time.…

Did I mention the forecast was for rain, sleet and snow? Spoiler – yes, all three eventuated.

So it’s the BAFTAs. I queued for about 3.5 hours for my wristband, and then got my spot and waited for another four hours or so for the event to start. Lost some weight having to maintain my own body heat in 3-4 degree temps though. Worth it on that fact alone.

The leadup involved a bit of a cleanup, sound test, rehearsa

A Good Day to Die Hard premiere - Willis! Courtney! Koch!

A mere two days ago, I was at a premiere so obscure to my Australian eyes that I basically needed the assistance of friends, bystanders, wikipedia, imdb, wireimage and a seance for every single person passing by my lens. That premiere was for Run for your Wife . Today, however, it was “A Good Day to Die Hard”. And wouldn’t you know it… there was even an Australian in attendance!…

Here’s how it went down..

Wheelclamp THAT, municipal inspectors of the City of London. It’s a premiere, and they’ve moved in military grade hardware. Or maybe balsa wood replica models – I can’t really tell the difference.

“Hey, wasn’t this guy in the second Die Hard film??”
“Actually, I think he was in all of them…”
“Oh. Right.”

About two half hours later, I have my spot, things are set up, the rocknroll music is p

Run for your Wife premiere - Dyer! Van Outen! Harding!

There’s been a bit of a lull in premieres since I Give It A Year and The Last Stand with Arnie, but they are starting up again. Accordingly, I decided to keep my skillz sharp in preparation by going to a premiere of a film that barely served as a blip on my radar of Importance. That’s not meant to be an insult or anything – any number of potentially worthy films don’t show up as a blip on my radar of importance. And many questionable movies are high enough on my list that they’d cause concern in those who know me.…

So… here’s how it went down:

No intention of watching. Barely heard of the cast. Two hours of waiting in near-zero conditions. Still not enough to dissuade me…. you can even tell me Denise Van Outen’s changed her haircolour (back?) to blonde. Won’t make a difference.

“Now rememb

One Photo Per Day 12th Sep - 1 Oct

When I last updated, London had just finished hosting the Paralympics and though I didn’t say so at the time, between the Olympics and Paralympics I probably took 20,000 photos. Which, as my harddrive can attest, is a lot. But without these events, could I even pretend to lead any kind of interesting existence?…

Here’s how the next three weeks went down:

12th September. London, sans Olympics. When are premieres starting again?

13th September. Woohoo!! Premieres have started again! Dakota Fanning attends the premiere of Now is Good

14th September. Sad days : after 8yrs 8months 9 days, the Chris Moyles show on BBC Radio1 ends. I’d been listening since I came to London and worked right across the road back in 2008, every day even when traveling around Europe and Japan, back in Australia and

I Give It A Year premiere - Byrne! Baker! Driver!

I’ll be honest, I didn’t really have any particular enthusiasm for this premiere – the film held no interest, the weather was cold, and some days the call of a warm cafe and a decent book to read is just too great.…

It’s in moments like this that I believe it’s necessary to get past the indifference and find the motivation to get out there and do what has to be done. Because if not me, then who? (actually, heaps of people – there is quite a crowd of DSLR-wielding amateurs at these things nowadays). And with that bit of faulty reasoning in place, here’s how it went down in Leicester Square for this one.

It’s the lack of explosions, people wearing sunglasses, a gigantic list of stars or a bizarre new font type that leads me to decude that it’s not a sci-fi or action or animated feature. Henc

The Last Stand premiere - Arnie! Jaimie! Johnny!

I’d last photographed Arnold Schwarzenegger last year at The Expendables2 and it had been some two years since the demise of my Pentax K5 coincided with the premiere of Thor where I’d first photographed the lovely Jamie Alexander. As for Johnny Knoxville, weirdly I’ve gone this far without having seen even a single movie in the Jackass Oeuvre.…

But tonight it was the European premiere of “The Last Stand”. I’d found a spot that lost its goodness after two hours of looking great, and it was about 1 degree celsius and I’d left my gloves at home. But enough whining… here’s how it went down!

It was a smaller premiere than is usual, and I decided not to even attempt getting into the fourth row of a public pen. Instead, I found a perch on a rise just off Leicester Square. In theory it was a fine

Flight premiere - Zemeckis! Washington! Reilly!

I’ve been back in London for 8 days, and this is already the third premiere I’ve been to, after Django Unchained and the little-known American Mary . This one was for the Robert Zemeckis-helmed “Flight”.…

My spot was poor and the premiere space itself was small, but there is a place for a Samyang 8mm held aloft. If nothing else, for establishing shots. Not shown in picture : how cold it was. Temperatures were pretty much spot on zero degrees celsius in London. I was wearing layers.

It’s Robert Zemeckis!! He won an Oscar for Forrest Gump, but I’m kind of intrigued that according to imdb he’s better known for directing Back to the Future Part2 than the original Back to the Future…. (!)

Robert Zemeckis directed Who Framed Roger Rabbit AND wrote Bordello of Blood AND produced the Paris Hilton

American Mary premiere - Soska! Soska! Isabelle! Cupo!

I’ve only just gotten back to London after a month away, and a mere day after the premiere of Django Unchained (where Quentin Tarantino signed a photo I’d taken of him at the premiere of Inglourious Basterds!!) London was hosting another premiere – a very small one barely counting as a premiere owing to a lack of (i) red carpet, (ii) security staff, (iii) barriers. Still…. I’m not so long back in the UK that I’m going to say no to a premiere just because I’ve never heard of the movie, stars or directors.…

It’s called “American Mary” and it appears to be a horror movie. That’s all I know. Also, I’m tragically single (did you know?). Here’s how it went down..

These people are blissfully unaware that a premiere is going to be going down in less than half an hour from now, just meters from whe

Django Unchained premiere - Tarantino! Jackson! Foxx! Waltz!

I was back in Australia for Christmas/New Year and as a consequence I’ve been quiet on Redbubble, and needless to say there are many fewer premieres in Sydney than there are in London. While I was away from the English capital I missed three premieres, one of which hurt (The Hobbit). However, I was fortunate (if by ‘fortunate’ you believe that this was not deliberate) that I was back in London the night before the premiere of the new Quentin Tarantino film, Django Unchained.…

And I might have been rusty and tired, but I was there, not merely with two cameras but also a certain 12×18 inch photo of Mr Tarantino “QT” that I’d taken back in 2009 at the premiere of Inglourious Basterds that I really REALLY wanted to get signed by the man, if possible and at the expense of photography if need be

One Photo Per Day Aug17-Sep11

When I last posted one of these people were hardly talking about the upcoming Mayan apocalypse and the London Olympics had just finished. Things, in other words, were quiet. Too quiet.…

August 17th. Let’s start off with some weird kind of blasphemy. I really don’t know what ANYTHING means anymore…

August 18th. I’m at V-Fest, potentially one of the few musical events that don’t throw you against the wall and cavity search you when they find you’ve brought a DSLR in with you. They were fine with that. But then the guys looking after The Proclaimers went right up to me and broadly asked me “What the f**k I thought I was doing”. Thanks guys…. So anyway, Wretch 32 was my favourite act at V-Festival on Day1, but The Friendly Fires had the best photographic output. And their music wasn’t bad.


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