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One Photo Per Day (27Sep-16Oct)

I seem to remember that in among the celeb-of-the-day uploads and all the latest from the London premiere scene (and even the odd photo not related to these things) I used to post the results of my ongoing project of taking one photo per day. I still take them, I’m just taking an inordinate amount of time to post them here. I mean, last time I updated I photographed Angelina Jolie and daylight savings was still on However, autumn did as autumn does and time continued.…

Sept 27th. Last day at the Carnaby Street office. Which sucks. No offense to Bloomsbury… I just wish I wasn’t there.

Sept 28th. Kirsten Dunst at the Melancholia Premiere . I got no complaints, and I call the picture Dunst (cause sometimes I go real literal)

Sept 29th. For my first full day in the new office, I learned that t

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol premiere - TCruise! SPegg!

A mere one day ago I’d been at the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo premiere which was quite fun, and now I was back for another – Mission Impossible’s latest instalment. I know it might be cool to hate on the actor and/or the franchise, but while the second film was utter crap (AND long), the third was an excellent, gritty, film, so I’m actually up for seeing this film!…

But that’s not what this journal is all about – it’s about the premiere. Here’s how it went down:

Uniquely, this premiere was held at a circular location : the 360 degree walk around the BFI Imax. It’s actually set below street level and with hanging vine trellises, all Babylonian style. I had high hopes for good photos, what with the stage right in front of me and a product-placement-licious new branded car to my left. Neithe

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo premiere - DCraig! RMara! SSkarsgard!

Hello, and after a slight gap following the most recent premiere, the identity of which already eludes me because it was before the Independent film awards which I never posted a journal for because ISO6400 on the Pentax is all about Art but not enough so. I think it might have been Hugo – with Martin Scorcese!

Anyway, the final premieres for the year are back-to-back on a Monday and Tuesday, and the first of them is ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ – the Americanised version of the Swedish version of the miniseries which was also a bestselling book. Hey, I don’t judge. I just like the director…

Here’s how it went down (other than, you know, the director probably not showing up):

I’ve read the books – they’re good. I’ve watched first of the movies in Swedish – it was good if lightly harr

Hugo Premiere - Scorcese! Moretz! Charles and Camilla!

So after the disappointment and childish petulance of last week’s Puss In Boots Premiere
it was time to head out again, this time for a Royal Screening Premiere. Historically, these have been quite interesting. I didn’t do one last year, but the year before it was attended by Charles and Camilla and the year before that Queen Elizabeth II herself attended

So…. who would it be this year? Keep your expectations in check and let’s see how it all went down:

The red carpet is laid, the position is good, and as far as we know there should be some people coming. Premieres have their own particular kind of fog of war that people walking past leading ordinary lives don’t care about. Like, at all.

Sniffer dogs are unusual premieres, however this is a Royal Screening coupled with a Premiere, so prec

Puss In Boots Premiere - Antonio Banderas! Salma Hayek!

When I last posted one of these journals, I’d come off a day that had not one but TWO premieres. This premiere was a more usual stand-alone one, and it was for Dreamworks’ “Puss In Boots”. I don’t know about you, but while the first two Shrek films were both excellent, in my opinion the last two weren’t just poor, they were cynical money-printing exercises. However, based on what I’ve seen in both trailers and a 15 minute promo reel, this movie actually threatens to be good.…

But then again, we all know that whether the movie is likely to be good or whether I’ll watch the film is not relevant in terms of whether I’ll go to the premiere, for example Transformers2 Twilight Breaking Dawn Cars2 and Water for Elephants

It’s a brown carpet event, so you know that’s special. (Either that, or the

My Week With Marilyn Premiere - Hermione! Dobby! Lily Potter! Mdm Hooch!

If it seems like mere hours since I last posted one of these, that’s because it was mere hours since I’d been The Happy Feet 2 Premiere . It was just a short walk from Leicester Square to Haymarket for this premiere, and since I was lucky enough to get a spot at that much smaller premiere, I was all set for yet more battery-draining, memory-card filling mayhem.…

Michelle Williams, who plays Marilyn Monroe in the film, didn’t attend the premiere. But, of all things, fans of the Harry Potter films were in for a treat. Read on…

One of the most narrow red carpets I’ve ever seen : both the carpet AND the fans’ pen were on the FOOTPATH, which backed onto a four lane road (!), of which one lane of traffic had been closed while the other three remained open.

My position in the public pen might be

Happy Feet 2 Premiere - Elijah Wood! Robin Williams!

After the awesomeness of last Wednesday’s Twilight Breaking Dawn Premiere I was back on the horse soon enough. Sunday, 20th November 2011 was a day when there wasn’t just one, but two premieres in succession, in two different (though achingly close) locations. The last time that happened it was “Tintin” and “W.E.” and I was only able to get to the first one. This time, however, I managed to make both. And my batteries and memory cards lasted the distance.…

This one was the first.

I’ve read the plot outline of the first Happy Feet movie on Wikipedia, and if it’s true then it’s quite possibly one of the oddest animated films ever. And now it has a sequel. Can’t wait (to read the wikipedia outline of that plot, too!)

It’s not quite this cold in London yet, but it does inadvertently prove that

One Photo Per day (27 Sep - 16 Oct)

Hello, when I last updated this increasingly delayed (but realtime punctual, I assure you!) endeavour Here I could actually credibly claim to have photographed Angelina Jolie, Roger Moore, the upcoming Batman villain, Hugh Jackman and Dame Helen Mirren. No, really

So here’s the next batch in the adventure I like to call ‘epic’:

Sept 27th. Last day at the Carnaby Street office. Which sucks. No offense to Bloomsbury… I just wish I wasn’t there.

Sept 28th. Kirsten Dunst at the Melancholia Premiere . I got no complaints!

Sept 29th. For my first full day in the new office, I learned that the door isn’t open at 6:50am, even when the Green Light verifying the swipe card being held at the door comes on. F**k you, technology. In other, much better news, NEAL STEPHENSON HAS A NEW BOOK OUT!! As in"d

Twilight : Breaking Dawn1 Premiere (RPatz! TLautz! KStewz!)

Okay, so I’m a guy. As a consequence, while I may have watched and cough maybe even read some or all of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight books, I would not necessarily class myself as a fan. However, I am a photographer at heart and I do love events, and so what if I usually get up at 5am to get to work…. I can always get up at FOUR A.M. and zip by Westfields Stratford to join the queues of people wanting wristbands for entry to the premiere that evening, get one, go back to work, and then head back out there by about 3pm and I’ll be in place.…

How could that possibly be a bad plan against up to 2000 people who are single enough, lonely enough, young enough or unemployed enough to step out of the wristband queue straight into the ‘line up here for 9am fan area access’ queue.

Here’s how that deci

University Fees Protest, London (Horses! Placards!)

Good news – just for once I took the camera out to an event where there were no red carpets! On 9th November a large march through London to protest against University Tuition fees passed right by my work. The year before, when I wasn’t in London, the protest was more of a riot than a protest, so as a consequence the Police weren’t taking any chances.…

Apparently the total police presence in London was about 4,000 and the police estimated the number of protesters at 2,000. (The protesters claim about 7.5x that). So… maths is still nobody’s strong suit in England, even at a protest on University fees. Well done, Education System.

They had protective jackets, weapons and horses, and outnumbered the unarmed foot-bound protesters 2-to-1 according to their estimates. Overkill much?

As usual, F

"Arthur Christmas" premiere (Nighy! And The Crew!)

After a lot of premieres in a short period of time last month, we’ve now hit a bit of a desert wasteland in November. What thorougly infuriated me last week, though, was that there wasn’t just a good premiere, but a MAJOR star attended. However, due to what I will summarise as “Clearly Mister Johnny Depp Or His People Does Not Want Fans To Know About Premieres He Is Attending Even If They Are For Movies That Rely On Him” I wasn’t able to go there because the location, the time or his attendance wasn’t provided or confirmed. Even the DATE wasn’t fully agreed upon.…

Meh. It’s part of something that I hope doesn’t become a trend, whereby the only important thing is to get the star’s smiling grin on the front of newspapers, and it doesn’t matter if the crowd is large or small or entirely compu

One Photo Per Day (6-26 Sep)

When I last did one of these journals, I’d gone to the Cotswolds and the Isle of Wight and photographed Anne Hathaway and Charlize Theron and an effeminate Nissan; and a bananacakebread I myself had baked. Impossible sounding, sure – but it happened

Could it get any better? Well… actually kind of. Even if you rate Charlize Theron above Angelina Jolie (and I do), it’s still a nice comeback. After that, it still stays somewhat okay!

September 7th. A Flouncing Batman (!) in vague pursuit of two ladies in Leicester Square proved unable to be a more appealing photo for the day than Aussie Actress Melissa George, at the A Lonely Place To Die Premiere

September 8th. A surprising Angelina Jolie photographic opportunity outside a shop in SoHo rounds off one of the best-looking three consecutive Ph

One Photo Per Day (6-26 Sep)

When I last did one of these journals, I’d gone to the Cotswolds and the Isle of Wight and photographed Anne Hathaway and Charlize Theron and an effeminate Nissan; and a bananacakebread I myself had baked. Impossible sounding, sure – but it happened

Could it get any better? Well… actually kind of. Even if you rate Charlize Theron above Angelina Jolie (and I do), it’s still a nice comeback. After that, it still stays somewhat okay!

September 7th. A Flouncing Batman (!) in vague pursuit of two ladies in Leicester Square proved unable to be a more appealing photo for the day than Aussie Actress Melissa George, at the A Lonely Place To Die Premiere

September 8th. A surprising Angelina Jolie photographic opportunity outside a shop in SoHo rounds off one of the best-looking three consecutive Ph

One Photo Per Day (6-26 Sep)

When I last did one of these journals, I’d gone to the Cotswolds and the Isle of Wight and photographed Anne Hathaway and Charlize Theron and an effeminate Nissan; and a bananacakebread I myself had baked. Impossible sounding, sure – but it happened

Could it get any better? Well… actually kind of. Even if you rate Charlize Theron above Angelina Jolie (and I do), it’s still a nice comeback. After that, it still stays somewhat okay!

September 7th. A Flouncing Batman (!) in vague pursuit of two ladies in Leicester Square proved unable to be a more appealing photo for the day than Aussie Actress Melissa George, at the A Lonely Place To Die Premiere

September 8th. A surprising Angelina Jolie photographic opportunity outside a shop in SoHo rounds off one of the best-looking three consecutive Ph

"In Time" Premiere - JTimberlake! ASeyfried! CMurphy!

As anyone who knows what car I own (and what my collection of winter beanies looks like) will tell you, I am a man of style and class. And insofar as the movie ‘*IN TIME*” goes, it looks to be one of the more stylish, classy and possibly clever sci-fi films to come along in a little while.…

They even had a premiere for it!

Justin Timberlake is the reason for the screaming you are hearing. Either that, or Saoirse Ronan’s fanclub is a lot bigger than expected. I call this photo simply “J.T.”:

(Is wondering whether putting ”is about to proposition Justin Timberlake” on her Facebook profile might jinx it.)

Now featuring garish neon lighting, powerful speakers blasting Kasabian at top volume and security barriers ordinarily reserved for Occ

"The Deep Blue Sea Premiere - Hiddleston! HIDDLESTON!! and Terence Davies!"

And so, it’s time for the final premiere of the 2011 London Film Festival. It’s either the much-awaited re-release of a genetically engineered shark movie starring Samuel L Jackson, LL Cool J and Saffron Burrows… or some kind of Drama-Romance starring Tom Hiddleston and Rachel Weisz. I won’t speak for everyone, but I know which one I’m hoping for.…

(Woo! Sharks!!!)

Oh dear. I don’t think Tom Hiddleston is going to sign the giant inflatable mako shark I brough twith me.

The red carpet hasn’t been laid and the sky is ominously overcast. On the plus side, this winter season’s fetching high-viz jackets are making their debut…

“I know he’s a charismatic actor, but that Tom Hiddleston also plays Loki the God of Mischief, and I don’t want any 5hit to go down here tonight.”

Actor Jim Broadbent arr

"Anonymous" Premiere (Emmerich! Ifans! Thewlis!)

For the third time in three days, London has Premiere(s)! Tonight, if you weren’t at the O2 for the weirdly-named Indian Sci-Fi (!?) movie “” (and believe me I would have been had time allowed it), it was for the Roland Emmerich-helmed movie “Anonymous”. Crowds were light, spirits were high and… it was a good night.…

…. actually, you know, I don’t know how else to put it, it was a REALLY fun premiere. Overall I’m generally kind of confused when things work out well for me… unlike say yesterday’s semi-disappointment in not better capturing the lovely Keira Knightley at A Dangerous Method yesterday, or the failure of director Steven Spielberg attending the Premiere of Tintin the day before that).

But anyway, here’s how “Anonymous” went down:

Tens of thousands of Occupy Wall Street prot

"A Dangerous Method" Premiere (Knightley! Fassbender! Viggo!)

So the deal with Me and Keira Knightley is that I’ve never photographed her and she appears to be going about her life blissfully unaware of my existence. That makes her no different from any number of Beautiful People out there. However many of those I’ve managed to photograph whereas Keira Knightley, despite two premieres (and one public event) during periods where I was theoretically based in London, has never yet wandered in front of my lens wondering whether three or four popcorns might ruin her thin figure.…

So this was my big chance.

Here’s how it went down (mostly, and almost) in flames.

Beards are IN!! Time to dust off the free moustache they handed out at the Tintin Premiere a mere ‘yesterday’ ago.

It’s early days yet, but Yellow Cap(less) Guy is in the house! When I arrived he w

"Tintin" Premiere (No Spielberg... but Craig, Frost, Bell and Pegg!)

Plans don’t always work out. For example, the plan was that I’d go to the Tintin premiere, photograph director Steven Spielberg, exchange high-fives and autographs (maybe he likes movie premiere journals!?), then head across the square and take in the premeire for Madonna’s “W.E.”. However, Spielberg didn’t show, and this premiere started so late that the Madonna premiere was in lockdown by the time I got out.…

Life is hard. You adapt. Here’s how it all went down:

I’m a big fan of Herge and Tintin and Spielberg and Jackson, so this is a movie I’ll go see. (Even despite the crushing realisation that Spielberg chose to travel about 90% of the way to London by being in Paris and Brussels yesterday but finding somewhere better to be today. Montmartre or Bruges, maybe. They’re both nice.

They b

"The Descendants" Premiere (Clooney! Again!)

It seems like only yesterday I was photographing Hollywood A-Lister and the celebrity who most closely approximates the way I look when I pretend I live in the Matrix and can modify my appearance to suit my residual self-image. Oh, wait. That’s because it WAS only yesterday . Well, amazingly, one day later, it’s another premiere AGAIN featuring Mr George Clooney.…

Here’s how it went down:

I too have a shirt that I can wear without a tie. We’re basically twins, Clooney and I.

Seeing George Clooney in Hawaiian floral shorts was scarring enough – the 90 minutes of repeat Hawaiian native ballad/soundtrack was tortuous. (And I’ve been to a town that hosts the Country Music Awards)

“Yes, I know he was Batman in that movie, but I don’t think we can just rely on his ability to defend himself and u

"Ides of March" Premiere (Clooney! Seymour-Hoffman!)

Hi there! I missed several premieres over the past week because I was on holiday out of the country (I know… inconceivable!) however I’m now back and quite ready to make the best of week two and onwards of the London Film Festival.…

(By this I mean I missed yesterday’s French film because I honestly couldn’t work out which cinema it was being held at even when I had the name. But that’s not important because that was a French Film and only a hot actress and Harvey Weinstein showed up. Damnit.)

Anyway, George Clooney’s in this one, so enjoy!!

There are major refurbishment works in place for Leicester Square which meant that the construction works had to move their perimeter fencing back about a metre and a half AND fill open holes with tar and lay board just for the premiere before they cou

"Demons Never Die" Premiere (who? and who?)

Today was a day when London went from having three (3) premieres to having… well… two, but only if you’re willing to accept a carpet-less, barrier-less, security-less,Yellow-cap-guy-less indoor event as a “premiere”. I have in the past, but today I decided to go to the only one that fit the minimum requirements (any two of carpet, barriers, security, Yellow Cap Guy, and an insanely beautiful actress attending) (to be fair, the latter is the only real requirement).…

Anyway… there was no ‘Contagion’ premiere sadly, but… erm… some movie I’d never heard of instead, featuring an impressive list filled with…. people I’d never heard of. Fine, I’m in….

The movie is called “Demons Never Die” anda brief look at the cast list suggests some music industry c- and d- listers were approached to do a hall

One Photo Per Day (17Aug - 6Sep)

Previously on One Photo Per Day things had been fairly boring (if I may be honest) photographically, though I had managed to include shots of Harrison Ford, a weird sticker on a roadsign, and half a dozen police making themselves look publicly busy two or three days AFTER the London Riots.…

How would the next couple of weeks fare? Better… I think. Here’s a hint : Charlize Theron features (!!)

Aug 17th. Nobody’s making eye contact. Is that because this is the worst example of urban camouflage ever, or the best?

Aug 18th. “Betty Blue Eyes” at the Novello Theatre is getting four star reviews (which I can certainly endorse!) however is set to close at end of a six month run due to disappointing ticket sales. Life? Not fair. I mean, somehow T-Mobile continues to stay in business, and Virgin Med

"Perfect Sense" Premiere (Ewan McGregor! Eva Green!)

Today there were two premieres in London. The big one was “The Three Musketeers” World Premiere – with the cast (including Milla Jovovich from Resident Evil, Orlando Bloom from LotR and PotC, Paul W S Anderson from Resident Evil) and an impressive guest list (the band Take That).…

That was the one I oddly chose NOT to attend.

Here’s how that questionable decision went down:

Just to remind myself of what I’m missing when I say “No” to the big world premiere on the other side of town…

Meanwhile, it’s an hour and a bit before Gametime, and here are the tumbleweeds and sounds of crickets chirping at the ‘other’ premiere. (I guarantee you every time I’ve had to write the name of this movie I’ve already momentarily forgotten it… the name is instantly forgettable)

Woo! A small patch of red carpet

Johnny English Reborn premiere (Atkinson! Anderson!)

Given I’ve recently learned that I’ll be missing the first six (6) days of the premiere-every-day London Film Festival over a misunderstanding with the way calendars work, it seems I’ll be missing some prime opportunities to make photographic hay while the last ebbs of Daylight Savings Time shines upon London. However, I’ll lament that later, because as at right now, there ARE premieres in London. And the weather’s just fine, thank you!…

A rare Leicester Square premiere! (The last one was Real Steel ). Yellow Cap-less Guy WAS in attendance, but unaccountably I didn’t snap a pic (though I did say hello to the guy) – I elected to grab a more photo-happy location over the autograph-happy location many other people opted for.

Johnny English will fight dirty if he has to.

There’s still room for

Melancholia premiere (Dunst! Hurt! but not Von Trier!)

So the deal with this film is that on the one hand, Kirsten Dunst was named best actress in the Cannes Film festival for her role in this film, while the director Lars Von Trier was kicked out of the festival for professing some very unfortunate sympathies with dictatorial 20th Century German regimes.…

I don’t care about the second one of those, or technically even the first. For me, it was (a) there’s a premiere so I’m going anyway, and (b) Kirsten Dunst? Pretty… and now with acclaimed talent!!

So…. movie poster. Wedding dress. Kirsten Dunst. Moving right along…

Cheer up guys, you’re at the premiere of…. oh. Right.

My camera semi-spontaneously switched to Black’n’white for no reason during the setup for this premiere. (True, if random, story!)

Vine on a pillar. So….. the budget for visual

Didn't do the "Abduction" Premiere, but here's Mr Lautner Anyway

At last week’s premiere of The Debt I caught some kind of cold/flu/alien infestation that saw me take the next day off and remain a coughing, spluttering wall of noise at least a week later. So even though there was a premiere for the Taylor Lautner film “Abduction” later that day, the point is (a) I’m still suffering from cold/flu/alien invasion, and (b) I also carry an allergy to screaming teenage girls. (The ‘Twilight’ premiere remains the only premiere I’ve gone to but walked away from on the grounds of, broadly, “are you serious??”)…

However, I’m only about a ten minute walk from a major radio station and at one point in the morning they announced they’d be speaking to young Taylor Lautner live later in the day. Screw it, I thought, I’ll at least grab some shots.

In answer to the ques

One Photo Per Day (27Jul - 16Aug)

When I last did One Photo Per Day , the last Harry Potter movie had its premiere, the News of the World pushed out its last issue in a cloud of “how could anybody senior honestly have known??” , my new apartment had been furnished with an “I expect you do die, Mister Bond” chair and I even got eye-contact from Jenifer Aniston. What could the next three weeks possibly hold that could match that?…

Hard to say… I lean towards no, mainly because the prior period was more interesting, and the one after this is also. But hey, don’t let me sway you!

July 27th. Graffiti stencil and makeshift shrine to the late singer Amy Winehouse on the side of a Starbucks in Camden Town. Whether the beverage-serving establishment chosen was representative of the singer’s taste will never be known, but it is a sa

"The Debt" Premiere (Mirren! Firth! Wilkinson!)

Something wasn’t right with this premiere, and it wasn’t the location or the stars or the fact that I’d made the rookie error of not recharging my only set of batteries after the Real Steel Premiere last week. The problem was that it was a mild 17-18 degrees celsius in London town (ie. nothing to complain about) but despite three layers of clothing, I was shivering. That’s not a good sign – not for photography, but for my low pain threshold!…

But enough of potential excuses, here’s how a premiere for a film I’d never heard of starring people I HAD heard of went down:

It’s not a Leicester Square premiere this time – the Curzon Mayfair is closer to the classy wealth of Mayfair. (Seriously, who or what do I need to rob or mug to afford one of those Bugatti Veyrons in the display window of one

"Real Steel" Premiere (Hugh Jackman! The Robot Apocalypse!)

A mere 24 hours earlier I’d been as the BFI Southbank for the premiere of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and now it was Leicester Square’s turn. Here’s how it went down.…

Movie premieres (with carpets and barriers and security guards and EVERYTHING) are back in Leicester Square even if just this once. Good times! The movie : something about boxing robots. (“Compelling”: Me)

This is one of the robots in the film. Well, when I say ‘robot’ in this context we’re talking a statue in a perspex box. But you know… willing suspension of disbelief and everything..

OMG : It’s Yellow Cap-less Guy!! (now with added patriotism in the form of a Union Jack T-shirt)

Hugh Jackman? Likes the way you tie your jumper around your pants.

Hugh Jackman? Likes the look of your list (sadly, Evangeline Lily – the femal

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Premiere (Firth! Oldman! Hardy! Hurt!)

Last week, I got to photograph Charlize Theron , Melissa George and Angelina Jolie (needless to say she’ll be Photo For The Day, and that I’m still feeling slightly unclean over resorting to joining a large crowd and paparazzi to take that shot…).…

However, this week it’s the relatively all-star (yet sadly apparently female-free) ensemble cast for a John LeCarre novel adaptation, starring King George VI, Commissioner Gordon, Mister Ollivander, the guy playing Bane in the upcoming Batman film, and a guy with a name so incredible I’m not going to mention it as that would only spoil it.

“And you’re sure they gave us all the letters- what the hell is a tinker??”

If I squint my eyes just so, I look just like Tom Hardy

I have no idea who she is, but she walked past two or three times in an equal

"A Lonely Place To Die" Premiere (Melissa George! That is all!)

Dateline : sometime in early September.
Location : Leicester Square, London, England.
Premiere for : A Lonely Place To Die.…

….And yet, with half an hour to go, no red carpet, no security, no Yellow Cap Guy, no barricades. The question had to be asked whether there was any reason to believe there IS a premiere? (Me and at most a dozen people kind of hope there is!)

While I’m waiting, here is what I’m calling The Flouncing Bat-Man, photo for the day contender if this event turns out not to take place. (You have to remember, I photographed Charlize Theron yesterday so I’m kind of calm on whether this thing is on.)

Possible cause for optimism: somewhere inside this cinema, we spotted two (2) paparazzi looking slightly lost. At least if nobody shows up we won’t be the only ones looking sheepish.

One Photo Per Day (7-26July)

When I last posted one of these journals , I’d watched ZU2 in concert, photographed Bear Grylls, Adele, a poster for a missing pet fly and a bowl of berries in my breakfast cereal. Heady stuff, no? Here’s how the next three weeks or so turned out.…

(Wow… has it really been that long since the last Harry Potter film was released?)

July 7th. Harry Potter 7b premiere, London . About 8000 fans attended and I found a way to extract 1800 shots from a single Pentax K5 battery charge from a distance of 50meters and behind a 1.8metre high security fence. Because I can 8)

July 8th. Fight the power!!

July 9th. From the people who brought you “No Fruit For Sale” signs back in Picton, Australia – another very helpful sign.

July 10th. Final issue of the News of the World newspaper lies dying in a gutter

"One Day" Premiere (Hathaway! Sturgess!)

There was a premiere yesterday, and although the movie is based on some kind of super-heavy romance, the lead actress was (I feel) worth sitting through a couple of hours standing around listening to the trailer being played over and over and over.. (no regrets!)…

Location : Westfield Shepherds Bush. Given forecasts of rain, not the worst place for a premiere. Given the white balance issues created by a PINK carpet? Maybe a little less so. (My position next to the escalators was highly strategic.)

Tim felt he’d probably made his last short joke at Kelly’s expense.

Radio1’s Edith Bowman was the compere for the premiere. Also spotted : autocue with questions and narrative. (I probably couldn’t ask articulate questions in the presence of Anne Hathaway either…).

I first noted Anne Hathaway in

Cowboys & Aliens premiere (HFord! DCraig! OWilde! JFavreau!)

London has a premiere! This one was kind of at the outskirts, at The O2 (aka. Millienium Dome) which took a little bit of travel. But it was likely to have a good payback : an under-cover location clear of any forecast rain, an excellent cast rumoured to be in attendance, and … The Return of Yellow Cap Guy? Interesting……

Cowboys & Aliens. Not sure if I’d ordinarily watch it … (Who am I kidding? Cowboys AND Aliens AND Olivia Wilde? I’m there!)

It’s certainly not every premiere that has all the three people on the poster coming to it. (Some dude also had a Japanese sheet “E.T. the Extraterrestrial” poster because Steven Spielberg executively produced Cowboys & Aliens, but I think that was a bit TOO optimistic)

YELLOW CAP GUY IS BACK!! (Don’t know who Yellow Cap Guy is? Shame on you. Check ou

One Photo Per Day (17Jun-6July)

Why hello, there. You’ll recall that when I last posted, I’d just left Australia, and had eaten icecreams and hung out at some movie premieres to celebrate my return to London, for however long that lasts this time.…

And that was exciting. But this time? ZU2! Immigration! Bear Grylls! Adele! Missing Flies! Shakespeare! (Damn, when I put it like that, even I sometimes think my life is marginally interesting…). Here’s how it worked out:

June 17th. Almost jaw-dropping anti-immigration ad on the London Tube. Apparently there was at one stage a pro-immigration advertisement next to it, but that only lasted a few days before the debate became rather more one-sided. (Are those CANNONS pointing OUT of the white cliffs of Dover?? Farq!!)

June 18th. IT’S ZU2!!! ("Even Better Than The Real Thing). Al

"The Devil's Double" Premiere (Cooper! Sagnier! No Carpet!)

To begin with, this wasn’t a premiere that was well-promoted. In addition, unlike most premieres, when I rocked up a bit before there was no evidence that there even WAS one, except for a couple of people lounging around to make me think they were waiting for someone or something.…

Still… I’m occasionally patient and willing to see how things work out, and eventually I found a face I recognised as well as those of some autograph dealers who seem to know about these things so it did seem like something was going down. Here’s what happened:

It’s a movie with a mostly gold-coloured poster. That is all I knew at this early stage, but I was trying to find out more.

We’re all waiting for somebody. Me? Charlize Theron. This lady? Some actress. I fear I am more likely to be disappointed, mainly be

1 year to go til London 2012

We all know Sydney’s Olympics were the best ever, but I’ll try to get excited for London 2012 too. And today / yesterday / whatever days ago depending on when you’re reading this, London marked the “1 year to go” anniversary by having an event in Trafalgar Square to garner more excitement.…

I’d finished work and wandered past, verified my camera was charged and lens was adequate, and headed in.

My position was pretty close to the front of the stage. Not bad for about 25 minutes of queueing.

This is how close I was to the stage. That bald-headed security guard did have an uncanny sense for standing very much in the least convenient space, and was also uncommonly tall (of course!)

When the Queen receives an SMS, there’s a guy who’ll announce its receipt

“Welcome to Trafalgar Square everyone!

One Photo Per Day (27May-16thJune)

When I posted the last instalment of my ongoing epic saga, I was still in Australia, and the countdown to leaving that country was a lot closer to zero than the amount of packing I should have done.…

In my defense, when you take at least one photo per day you can’t pack EVERYTHING!

Anyway, here’s how the next three weeks or so went down…

May 27th. I had a ‘Farewell’ with friends at Newtown, which was preceded by failing to have my K10D repaired, failing to grab more British currency, failing to make it to the opening of the ‘Vivid’ festival lights, and failing to work out exactly where the place in Newtown was in relation to (a) Redfern station, and (b) Newtown itself. That said, dinner was brilliant. AND I now have a personal brand proposition!!

May 28th. Inflatable dinosaur mounted on te

"Horrid Henry" Premiere (three-fifths of Girls Aloud!)

Hello from Sunny London! This weekend, owing to my ongoing and tragically single lifestyle, I was able to take shots at a premiere I solemnly promise I would not otherwise have gotten up relatively early to attend. It was for a movie of a kids show I had never heard of, starring a group of actors (plus one singer) I knew pretty much nothing about.…

Not that this is generally enough to stop me, mind you. Here’s how it went down.

Sadly, I have had zero (0) Yellow Cap Guy sightings in London since my return. This is kind of sad for several reasons. Could Yellow Pikachu Beanie Girl become a regular, or is she perhaps merely lost at this particular stretch of Southbank?

Here’s a pre-premiere interview on the red carpet. Most interesting to me in this shot is that the interview is being filmed o

Horrible Bosses Premiere (Aniston! Bateman!)

It had only been a few days since The Cars2 Premiere and most of my clothing had dried since then so I was out once again for the premiere of the movie “Horrible Bosses”. There’s quite a good cast, and up to two (2) of them were set to attend!…

I was there…

In a world where (say) The Office (in all its international variations) never existed, this would be such a novel idea. A movie about horrible bosses. Still… Jennifer Aniston attending the premiere? AND it’s under the cover of a bridge in case it rains? Okay, I’m there.

This premiere took place at BFI Southbank, which as stated is under a bridge. What this meant was slightly worse lighting, MUCH better protection against the possibility of rain, and the horrible prospect of having that damn Red Hot Chili Peppers song I hate going throug

Cars2 Premiere (Caine! Isaacs! Lasseter!)

How could any premiere adquately follow up the behemoth that was the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Premiere from last week? The answer, simply, is that it couldn’t. This one was a “merely” the UK Premiere for the film ‘Cars2’ and only two of the cast (British) were showing up, along with the director.…

Still, they say that when you fall off a horse the best thing to do is get back on again. And if you’ve just gotten off the greatest horse of ALL TIME, I suppose it’s implied that you just have to look at the inferior animal in front of you, forget what happened in the past, and get out the camera and remember that it’s (probably) (mostly) weatherproof. Oh, did I mention the forecast (and actual) torrential rain? (so much so that they opted NOT to lay a red carpet!)

Here’s how it went

Harry Potter 7b World Premiere (Part Twooo!)

All of these shots and more are in the newly-merged GIANT journal which is here . That said, if you only want to look at the shots I mostly missed first time round : this is the place.…

So this is what Trafalgar Square looked like about 36 hours before the premiere (ie. Wednesday morning) – people had actually been camping out since Monday. Showers? Not so much.

With a mere 24+ hours to go, they’ve let some of the most ‘enthusiastic’ fans get into the ‘Square itself. Because that’s what medical practitioners suggest doing with obsessed people : feed their obsession? (I’m not bitter)

They walk among us… (Some might even be accountants in their everyday lives. Doing Our Taxes. Filing OUR returns)

You know, if I was allowed to bring a camera, I would totally volunteer for their jobs…


One Photo Per Day (7-26th May)

So the deal is that I take one photo per day and have been doing so for over three years, part photo, part journal, part excuse to take my camera everywhere and be unsocial and part attempt to convince myself that my life, contrary to my own opinion, isn’t always boring.…

When I last posted, I was still in Australia and Wills had married Kate, I’d photographed R-Patz and the cute supporting actress from Thor (no, not Natalie Portman). I’d also lost my Pentax K10D to a freak mirror-breakage accident, which was a surprise given that it had successfully survived ski crashes, minus 18 degree temperatures and being in full sun in a black backpack in 45 degree temperatures in Israel and Jordan and multiple impacts with concrete years earlier.

What would happen next, and would it be interesting?

Harry Potter 7b World Premiere (Woo!)

It was the biggest premiere in London EVER. Leicester Square is being eviscerated by the Olympic renovations so they put it into Trafalgar Square and STILL snaked the three-quarter-mile red carpet into Leicester Square. It was on a Thursday early evening but the fans started camping on Monday. They confiscated their tents so they slept out in the rain. The queues for red wristbands were blocks long.…

And I was working normal (if not slightly extended) working hours in my everyday job while this went on, wondering how on earth a ‘civilian’ could ever get a vantagepoint of anything without being unemployed or otherwise homeless.

But I do seem to get lucky at these things, and I did have a plan for taking some photos. The question was … would it work? (A clue would be that I took enough photo

One Photo Per Day (17Apr-6May)

When I last did one of these, I’d just lost my Pentax K10D to a freak, possibly Jamie Durie related mishap and found myself without a flagship Pentax DSLR. How would I cope? Would it be as simple as going home and grabbing another spare Pentax I had handy? Erm… yeah. Pretty much.…

Still, here’s how that went down.

Let’s remind outselves of April 17th. Jaimie Alexander at the THOR World Premiere in … Sydney!! Wow. Also : Wow. Also : Shutter mechanism on the K10D failed soon after (I was a little overcome too, if I’m honest!)

April 18th. Lakesland’s Nazca Lines as taken by a relatively unresponsive Nokia N8, and as One Photo Per Day enters its post-K10D era.

April 19th. The white Pentax Km takes up One Photo Per Day duties. Autofocus? (Also, after having shot for four years with

Shrek Musical: Media Night photos, London (Disappointing!!)

Shrek : The Musical. Rumours were this one had a stellar guest lineup for the Media Screening. Cameron Diaz was in town…. Mike Myers may also have been…. it’s a big budget production….. Dreamworks have heaps of cash to splash……

Of course, there is one way to test those rumours empirically, and that’s to look for The Autograph Collectors – they know more than anyone. (And where were they? Nowhere to be seen two hours beforehand. Ouch!)

(And they’re NEVER WRONG)
(or ARE they?)
(No. They’re not)

It’s a giant “S”. Worth photographing, I suppose, if there’s nothing else.

A specially laid green carpet says some kind of SOMETHING is going to go down tonight. But what? With a crowd this small, I’m prepared for disappointment.

That said, on the “EXCITEMENT” front, the building nearby appears to have

One Photo Per Day (27Mar-16Apr)

When I last journalised, it was getting to the end of March I’d been to skiing and Singapore and had made it back to Australia. Of course from where I’m sitting right now it’s mid-June and a lot has happened since then, but here’s another three weeks or so of April for me to reminisce about.…

Conveniently, it ends on a a cliff-hanger…

March 27th. Astrological event or garage light reflecting on black paint? Probably the latter, my life isn’t as exciting, now that I’m back from holiday…

March 28th. I’m back in NSW and the photos aren’t coming as thick and fast as they were a few days ago. Fortunately, Cloud Computing is still oh-so hot.

March 29th. Kind of a “shot from orbit” style photo. (It’s an upside-down cloudscape. That’s all I’ve got!)

March 30th. My Ode To Cloud Computing continues.

Larry Crowne Premiere (Hanks! The Hoff! A Stone! Cherie Blair!?)

So I was at the premiere for Kung Fu Panda 2 yesterday but when it rains it pours, so I was right back again the next day for another premiere, this one the World Premiere for Tom Hanks’ new film “Larry Crowne”. Sure, you call it a world premiere – but where was the lead actress? And why were there about FIFTY paparazzi in the Paparazzi Pen for this premiere?…

Here’s how it went – oddly – down.

Another Vue Westfields premiere, making this sign for Leicester Square TV kind of ironic. Meanwhile, “HEY U GUYS” is a channel?

I don’t know this guy’s name, but I’m willing to call him the Most awesome Paparazzi EVER. I don’t think I even saw him hold a camera. THAT’S how cool he is.

Meanwhile, a question : Hair — real or not? I say not.

Another one: Real or not? I say real, kind of. And congrats o

Kung Fu Panda2 Premiere, London (Jack! Black!)

Okay, so from about 2008 to the beginning of 2010 I was based in London and had a chance to go to a LOT of premieres. Then, back in Sydney, (from memory) I did three or four more.…

Incredibly, I’m back in London and single enough to attempt to do these things again until I find better things to do. First cab off the rank, less than a week after landing, was the premiere for Kung Fu Panda 2. The array of vocal talent for this suggested the possibility of a pretty cool premiere. But let’s see…

Leicester Square is being ripped apart and being rebuilt for the Olympics, and this means that premieres in London are mostly being held indoors at Vue Westfields. In winter, that’s going to be a good thing….

So this is what you can do with an indoor premiere… lots of vantagepoints, if nothing else (no

One Photo Per Day (7Mar-26Mar)

When I last posted one of these a mere nine or so days ago I’d posted photos of a cat eye and people crossing a road. Heady stuff, in other words. Here’s how the days after that ended up. Oh… cool… I went skiing in March (it’s now June…)…

March 7th. Anzac Bridge, Sydney. Four meetings in a day meant two coffees, two teas and copious mentions of Cloud Computing (inevitably!)

March 8th. Stalked this butterfly in the garden, getting numerous decent(ish) shots of it flying, leaping, sipping and fluttering. I kind of like this one as it’s jumping from one bloom to another…

March 9th. Once again my little box of Obama Mints (short story, not that interesting) are NOT my photo for the day. But this? Is a zipper. Invented by some dude called Whitcomb Judson (and it appears I actually was paying at

One Photo Per Day (17Feb-6Mar)

When I last posted one of these I did not even bother to put it on my homepage and I was still gearing up for the European ski season (woo!). That’ll be in the next journal if all goes well, but here’s how I was biding my time before that….…

February 17th. I was in the city briefly and just had time to take this shot (and buy a book) before it was time to leave again! After work : Borders, which (along with Angus & Robertson) went into voluntary administration today. Gah… I knew I should’ve spent my Christmas gift voucher earlier..)

February 18th. Friday means I can let myself party in Macarthur, albeit a little less so than usual because far from accepting gift vouchers as long as they were backed dollar-for-dollar by cash, the local Borders opted to cease accepting them. Argh. We’re all

One Photo Per Day (26Jan-16Feb)

I can’t believe I’m falling even further behind in posting these things. When last I posted, it was still JANUARY and since each of these covers about 20 days while I’m posting less frequently than once a month, it’ll be Christmas by the time I hit July if this keeps up.…

But you don’t care about that. It’s about ART not timeliness (sort of). All you need to know is that I’m still taking one photo per day regardless of how often I post.

Here’s how the distant past went down:

January 26th. Happy Australia Day Public Holiday, Camden. Time to get patriotic, and time for me to try not to feel like too much like an idiot when I’m wearing a New York cap…

January 27th. Flamingo rearview mirror ornament on a VW Beetle. If there’s anything cooler in this world (or perhaps this far south of Sydney),

Water for Elephants Premiere feat Rpatz! Witherspoon!

Sydney’s got another premiere! Just like London And I found out about it beforehand! (And they shut down ALL PITT STREET for it? Farq!). OH, and I’ve got a new camera to break in: a newly purchased Pentax K-5, with 50% more megapixels and twice+ the framerate. (I probably should have brought a bigger memory card)…

She’s cute and he’s a vampire, and the Austrian dude (who didn’t show) was the biggest thing in Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglourious Basterds”. Would I still have gone to this otherwise? Erm… probably.

The State Theatre. I once totally lost all contact with a friend for years and then randomly ran into him at a screening of Raiders of the Lost Ark there, so it’s kind of a cool place. (I’m sure Reese Witherspoon would be fascinated with that anecdote…)

One end of the red carpet. The

THOR world premiere, Sydney (!)

I used to do a lot of these premiere shoots back in London (purely as an amateur…). But this is (only) my third Premiere in Sydney over a twelve month period. And, at this world premiere, it lost me my favourite camera of all time.
That said, if it was ever going to go out the way it would have wanted – this would have been the time…..…

Welcome to Sydney’s way of doing a world premiere… kickin’ a red carpet down one of George Street’s closed-off lanes. (hey, I can’t get the grin off my face…)

Sadly, Natalie Portman will not be attending, presumably as she is either about to give birth, giving birth, or has just given birth. (Now… what’s Sir Anthony Hopkins’ excuse?)

There ain’t no way stars at a world premiere are going to refuse to sign your squeezey-hammer. Well played, ma’am.


One Photo Per Day (6Jan-25Jan)

When I last journalised I suggested I was falling seriously behind in posting these journals. I promptly forgot to do anything about that, and so I’m now further behind than ever! So… let’s go back to New York, where it was late winter and cold..…

January 6th. Lunch at the Trump Tower was sensational; the womens photography exhibit at MoMa didn’t feature any works by Annie Liebovitz; there was a book signing (and paparazzi opportunity) of Roseanne Barr at Borders; and ad of the day was one for PETA saying New York is no place for horses. You know, I support PETA on principle but deep down I know that if you followed their moral code to its logical conclusion you’d end up in a world that would be deeply dehumanising to live in.

January 7th. It snowed! In New York! Not enough to threaten my

One Photo Per Day (16Dec-5Jan)

I’m falling further behind posting these, but that doesn’t mean I’m not still taking one photo per day. And who doesn’t want to reminisce about Christmas when in the middle of February, right?…

December 16th. Rural living, Picton. It hasn’t been as hot lately over here, while it’s been snowing heavily in London. Different time and place I suppose.

December 17th. Watched Tron Legacy after work, and really liked its ubercool “style over substance at all costs” philosophy. (Incidentally, I’m watching the original ‘TRON’ while posting this and gotta say, the original wasn’t exactly style OR substance, so I’m not sure what the fans are complaining about.)

December 18th. Car with Red Nose and Antlers, Camden. (Somebody is making a mint off these things, and good on ’em!)

December 19th. I was in

2010 Movie Awards

In 2010, just as in 2008 and 2009, I watched movies. And for that year, as in the years before, I’ve tried to encapsulate my opinion of those movies into AWARDS. And for the first time in AGES, I can actually say that I watched more films this year than the year before. What does this mean? Well, it means I have more theoretical candidates!…

But rather than cover best film/actor/actress/score/special effects, my awards are designed to provide an ‘alternative’ view of movies, which gets down to the business of identifying such things as poor product placements, poor scripting, misleading trailers and dodgey use of clichés by an industry that’s been around long enough to know better… you’d think.

Here’s what they amounted to:

The Annual Award for Worst Movie of the Year goes, easily, to the

One Photo Per Day (26Nov-15Dec)

When I last posted one of these journals it was still well into 2010 (remember back then?) and I was already lamenting how far behind I was getting on the scheme. Which isn’t to say I haven’t been TAKING the photos, I’ve just been really selfish about sharing them.…

Maybe it’s because I was headed to the US at the end of December and didn’t want to risk too much of my whereabouts and opinions on wikileaks and US foreign policy out there (or maybe I’m just lazy…)

Anyway, I’m back now and struggling desperately to remember late November and early December with any degree of clarity.

Here’s what I’ve come up with :

November 26th. Friday afternoon and when it’s hot and there’s smoke you kind of feel weird going for an evening coffee. I suppose it might theoretically be better than those sub-ze

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