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1Photo per day (Nov 6 - 25th)

When I last journalised one of these rather increasingly delayed journals, I’d photographed celebrity photographer David Lachapelle, author Dr Karl Kruzelnicki, rockers The Polar Opposites, and champion Sri Lankan spin-bowler Muttiah Muralitharan with little reasonable prospect of such an exciting follow up to that.…

Or was there….?

November 6th. Truck parked near Camden. I decided to relent and finally buy myself a new mobile phone, and opted on the Nokia N8 because it has a 12megapixel camera of decent quality. It’s three days later and I still haven’t put a SIM card into it, but I have roadtested the camera. It might yet score a photo for the day honour – which would be a first for a mobile phone.

November 7th. For no reason other than ‘because I can’ I decided to head to the city to se

Photos - U2 Concert, Sydney

For some insane and also incredible reason, I managed to convince myself and my employer that it would be appropriate to go to three concerts within four days of each other in December. I’ve been counting down for anything from 1-3 months for each of them separately, but on one glorious sequence of Friday-Saturday-Monday I got to go to see three bands play. And not just any three : MUSE, Linkin Park and U2

U2 was the third of these

They call it “The Claw”. As a non-engineer my suspicion is that it’s far too heavy to ever move, so they should just leave it and let League players deal with it however they want next season…

Woo!!! It’s Jay-Z (I’d created rumours that if he’d cancelled, Justin Bieber would’ve performed, so all good on that front)

“Yo, to all you white folk out there, I just w

1Photo per day (Oct16th-Nov5)

Wow. I’m really falling behind on posting these…. so without too much ado, or reminiscence about the prior episode where I photographed an oak ad being shot in Picton a Mercedes SLS AMG and a kid pointing a fake gun, all awesome-like

How would the next 20 days or so fare? Here’s how:

October 16th. Some kind of epic iconic intersection of events failed to materialise today, but had it my camera would have captured it.

October 17th. Camden, and they’ve got cars old enough to make my Pulsar look curvy and futuristic. (It runs on UNleaded Petrol!)

October 18th. Man working while Woman and Child cross road. Rural Australia – upholding proud gender stereotypes since the early 21st Century. (That said, I think the two figures doing some mowing were, in fact, guys)

October 19th. I’m kind of mildl

1Photo per day (Sep26 - Oct15th)

Just because I’ve been slack in posting these doesn’t mean I’m not still diligently taking that magic (minimum) one photo per day. Remember : I don’t promise quality – I merely promise one photo per day.…

Here’s how that worked out for this random assortment of days:

September 26th. Rollerdoor near Glebe. No reason… why?

September 27th. Remember how I saw those weird people last time? High excitement on the High Street of Picton as ‘Revolver Film’ closes down traffic to film an Oak commercial starring actor David Field! I even had a longer coffee break to verify that there were at least seven (7) takes of him crossing a road. No dialogue for that. Just walking. Here’s the Journal

September 28th. Bee closeup. Other than that, my day’s biggest accomplishments involved coffee (twice!) and wor

Photos from the 2010 ARIA awards

Because I’m easily bored yet move quite quickly I spontaneously decided on Sunday morning that I had the motivation, funds and means to get to the Opera House that night to see the ARIA (Australian Record Industry Association) Awards.…

The fact that I still listen more or less exclusively to BBC Radio1 even though I’m been back in Australia for more than six months and thus know next to nothing about the local music scene (for instance : who is ‘Sia’? who is ‘Washington’? whatever happened to Frente and Bachelor Girl? what do you mean Guy Sebastian has shaved the afro and converted to Rock?) was also no impediment.

Finally, I’d recently bought a new Nokia N8 and wanted to roadtest it… which I then stopped doing because damnit I had a better camera with me and I wanted to use that.


Picton Music and Harvest Festival

Having never heard of this festival, and being a bit concerned that my local hamlet would suddenly become home to some bizarre pagan rituals celebrating the rhubarb crop, I decided nonetheless to check it all out.…

Besides, I’d been to music festivals before, and seen such eminent artists as Lady Gaga, The Killers, Kings of Leon, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and (erm) The Proclaimers there. So why wouldn’t the cream of the world entertainment industry descend upon Picton to help it celebrate its harvest, fill its cafes with Grammy Award winners, and overcrowd its free parking with giant golden humvees and star trailers?

Here’s how it went down…

The Picton Music and Harvest Festival featured three stages, which surely would have meant room for a Rap Stage (featuing Jay-Z, Kanye and Eminem), a R

David LaChapelle Nokia Shoot, Sydney

I was very lucky to be allowed an earlymark out of work on Wednesday to head into the big smoke to check out a corporate gig. It seems famed celeb photographer David LaChapelle had been induced by the Nokia company to showcase their new mobile phone’s credentials as a camera. Which I’m sure the addition of (a) some quirky people to photograph (b) a trip to Australia and (c ) who knows, maybe even a little hard Aussie Currency might have helped (?)…

Anyway, here’s how it went down:

Cow. Fridge. Other assorted paraphernalia. David Lachapelle is in town.

Here’s where David Lachapelle had been prevailed upon (“hired”) by Nokia to publicise their soon-to-be-released N8… to take photos of ‘normal’ people rather than the celebs he usually does.

Ah, yes. Normal people (I need not have applied…)


Sydney Motor Show 2010

Motor shows are funny things. A whole bunch of companies pulled out, complaining how expensive it is at the same time as the general public pay $20 a pop to see cars that it would otherwise be free to see in a showroom.…

But hey, if they let me bring a camera I’ll bite.

Apologies for the briefness – and apologies if you’re a fan of Ford or Holden (or Kia, Hyundai or Suzuki or any other car you might reasonably drive – there’s nothing for you here!)

Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera. The last of those three words means ‘superlight’ and it’s one of those scenarios where you have a really expensive car that the manufacturers remove a whole bunch of stuff from… then charge you more since they’ve lightened it.

Lamborghini in nuclear green. Of all cars where massively implausible colours are no

1Photo per day (Sep6 - 25th)

When I last posted this journal, I seem to recall having taken photos of views of Sydney and Wollongong , and more excitingly former Miss Unverse Jennifer Hawkins, a hungry cat silently threatening to tear me limb from limb if I didn’t put down that camera and an ant.…

September 6th. Blue door, Picton. No idea what’s behind it, I can only hope that I’ll find something more interesting to photograph tomorrow or I’ll have to colour shift this door red or something.

September 7th. Woke up to find a semi-large huntsman spider on my jeans (…), but after work headed to Macarthur to watch Tomorrow When The War Began which was actually rather good

September 8th. What is the stylish water-gathering grecian statue wearing this season? Dishcloths, apparently. (I don’t get to do much fashion photograp

Oak Milk Commercial Shoot, Picton

Dateline : Monday, 27th September.
Location : Picton, NSW
What’s going on? Something exciting. Or at least different

Last Thursday I noted these distinctive looking people across the road from my favourite cafe in Picton. At the time, I narrowed it down to (a) film crew scouts or (b) bank heist hopefuls. Personally, I was hoping for the latter…..

Three days later and my cafe hasn’t opened at its usual time yet. Meanwhile, it’s 8am and every major route through Picton’s main street is manned by lollipop men with high-viz vests regulating the flow of traffic. And here’s a guy measuring sunlight. Is the bank heist on?

Not really. Seems the marquee and catering table and multiple trucks and weird cabled equipment is evidence of something much more grand. Personally, I’m hoping this means Martin

1Photo per day (Aug16-Sep5)

When I last posted, I’d managed to snag a Miss Universe Australia model and a ceramic monk in a ‘field’ of Wasabi , as well as take in my first ever AFL game. Not content with that bit of randomness, I hereby present another 20 days worth of one photo per day.…

August 16th. View of (part of) Woollongong from the Mt Keira lookout. In other news, I’ve started reading the fourth book in the Twilight Saga. It’s… long.

August 17th. Cloud Computing? Apparently it’s hot right now (and don’t just take my word for it – that’s an actual quote from an actual IT report not written by me). In honour of, therefore : some clouds.

August 18th. Photo for the day was a real toss-up between this shot of the city as viewed through light morning mist and an evening shot of Frank Stallone live on webstreaming.

Charlie St Cloud Premiere, Sydney (Zac!! Efron!!)

Australia is weird when it comes to premieres. Sure, Sydney had one a short time ago . But since then, there’s also been a premiere in a little known area of the Gold Coast called Robina, and this time? A suburb of Sydney called Parramatta. Fortunately, it’s within driving distance, and fortunately it was on a weekend. They even had a decent coffee place, so what was I waiting for? Other than the sound of teenage girls screaming, I mean??

Here’s how it went down…

Early Days. After all, it’s still about six hours til the premiere starts. (I’m off for breakfast….)

A security guard with a water sprayer? That’s… not a lot of deterrent given the kind of crazed fan I’m already seeing.

Praying for Efron, I’m guessing? Awesome

Zac Efron respects your traffic signs.

“He’s going to be standing righ

Wallabies vs All Blacks 11 Sept 2010

You know, I haven’t had a chiko roll for about five years… AND I’ve never been to a live game of Union with or without a camera either. Clearly, it’s time to get excited about a great many things……

Now with 55% less fat!! (…than WHAT, though??). Also, horrifically, it appears that The Tallest Man In The World has found his seat, and it’s right in front of me. Oh, joy.

“Tom, we’re standing here, it’s cold, and there’s not much at stake in this game. But you try telling that to the already increasingly drunk All Black fans in the crowd. Back to you in the studio”

“Is this really the time for a game of Chinese whispers?”

The QANTAS choir sings, and also : whoever wins tonight is going to have to do some rennovations on their trophy cabinet.

Pre-match Haka. The South Africans responded by walk

1Photo per day (Jul26-Aug15 2010)

In the last instalment, I’d photographed a State of Origin try and a prime ministerial candidate and even a dude in a lobster costume .(Okay, fine, sure, there were also a whole bunch of trees and semi-rural shots).…

Anyway, the 20 days following this weren’t without merit. I went to a movie premiere! (In Sydney! Just like I used to in London! ) . I photographed two former Miss Universe Australias! And a monk in a field of Wasabi peas!

So… not an entirely bad period of days..

July 26th. Sydney Harbour Bridge. I’ve taken variants of this shot before, but not for Photo For The Day.

July 27th. Museum Station, Sydney. Met up with friends after work to reminisce about AAPT and past awesomeness.

July 28th. One of those days where you just look at things like this and go “But… but… it’s NOT. You

Sydney Fashion Fest (Alex Perry Show)

Mere days earlier, I’d been fortunate enough to take photos of former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins for the Myer parade of the Sydney Fashion Festival. However, owing to the relatively inexpensive tickets I also decided to buy some for the Saturday Alex Perry Show. Here’s how that went:…

What kind of a person goes to a fashion show with a pro camera just to sit in the crowd taking photos? (That would be me… sitting across from this guy)

Alex Perry is a designer I have actually heard of, primarily because I’ve watched the Australian version of ‘Next Top Model’. (I try to wear my glasses on my head just like him too …I’m short-sighted so it’s risky but cool)

And we’re off. It’s not a race, but with heels like that maybe it should be…

My position in the crowd was not as advantageous as in th

Sydney Fashion Fest (feat. Jennifer Hawkins!)

Last time I had what I’d call an “Event”, it was The Premiere of Tomorrow When the War Began and I thought it would be a while until I had another one.…

However, then I learned that for as little as $AUD30 they’ll let anyone, more-or-less however shabbily dressed, go an see a fashion show. All I had to do then was convince my employer that I should be able to skip work for a day… (woohoo!!)

Here’s how that went down

Here’s my spot in the crowd. Note the incredibly tall section to my immediate right, just where my camera wanted to point. (Sigh.)

To the right : silhouette. To the left : Miss Universe 2004, aka Jennifer Hawkins, aka model spokesperson for Myer stores, aka what my borrowed Nikon D700 would be seeking to photograph for the next 40 minutes.

The catwalk suddenly goes one-way inst

1Photo/day (Jul6-Jul25 2010)


When last I updated this ever-growing commitment to making sure that my camera has charged batteries at all times, I’d just re-entered the workforce, re-entered an ‘Australian’ way of life, and settled down to some kind of rural living situation for the firs time.

OH, and I was coming off a major Telstra Rant and trying to calm the hell down a bit.

July 6th. Felt sufficiently motivated after work to head out to watch ‘Twilight : Eclipse’ on cheap-a55 Tuesday at Macarthur Square. I had 2.33 standard alcoholic drinks in anticipation of the pain, and (oddly) that proved to be enough.

July 7th. A Nikon D700 gets photo for the day rather than the ubiquitous Pentax. This was one of 1,400 shots taken at Stadium Australia for State of Origin III . Queensland won 23-18 for a clean sweep of

Tomorrow When The War Began Premiere (in Sydney!!)

note : if the photos below are missing and you feel like calling yourself My Friend, you can access the journal and commentary HERE ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE sorry about that.…

A premiere! In Sydney! UNBELIEVABLE. I haven’t done one of these in over four months … and given Sydney is many things (including “Not London”) it’ll likely be some time before I get another one.

Time to make some hay while the photographic sun shines…

A Film Premiere! In Australia! (of course it helps if the story, author and cast are all Australian…)

Right about here is where I’d be expecting a dude with a Yellow Cap to be standing. However, that was another time and another place.

Damnit, and I’d only just left the Pulsar there for a couple of minutes..

They’ve got a list! It was quite sizeable, and the corps of media

1Photo/day (Jun16-Jul5 2010)

When we last journalised I was back in Australia more or less intending to stay, but thereby living two hours from Australia’s largest city rather than working in the middle of one of the biggest cities IN EUROPE. Photographically, we’ll see where that leads me… for one thing, it seems I’m now appearing in my own Photo For the Day photos, and that’s probably not a good thing (?).…

June 16th. Met up with Elvis Presley for a catch-up on all things musical and tour-related.

June 17th. A second Sydney daytrip in two days – after this shot of the Wise Monkeys Bar done up for the World Cup, spent it lounging with friends in excessive coolness at the Hilton’s Zeta Bar. I didn’t even check how much my round of drinks cost, I just signed the receipt. Is that unspeakably cool or unimaginably foolhar

Photos From Outside the Prime Minsterial Debate, Canberra

Dateline, 24th July, 2010. Remember when I used to do Movie Premiere journals ? Well, that was some time ago. Since then I’ve done a State of Origin, and now, this Sunday, with little else to do on a weekend, I learned that this country’s cough illustrious leader Julia Gillard and wannabe head honcho Tony Abbott were going to be in Canberra to have a little televised debate. And quickly, before the start of the final Master Chef .…

Anyway, I live around 230km from Canberra and Petrol is at $1.21 per litre…. and my camera’s batteries were charged… and I’d never done one of these before… and I’m just young, bald and tragically single enough to get away with it, too.

Oh, very well. Why not. Here, then, is what it’s like taking photos when you’re outdoors outside an indoor political event with

1Photo/day (May25-Jun15 2010)

… and after ALL of that and that and that and this and that and the last bit of the two years before that , I’m back in Australia. Where 1 photo per day began with a shot of me flying out of Australia and headed towards England some two years or more ago……

So…. with no premieres, no radio studios and not even a capital city within 70km/90mins drive of where I live, is one photo per day even viable anymore? Who knows. For now, sure, why not. Here’s how the first twenty days of readjustment went down:

May 25th. And suddenly, the world of 22-trading-hour coffee shops was gone and replaced with big open skies and the Government spending tax payer dollars to play propaganda at me for ‘emergency’ reasons. Terrorism? Plague Outbreak? Zombie Invasion? No… just what a good job they’re doing on heal

1Photo/day (May06-May25 2010)

When I last posted, I was in Osaka, Japan and incredibly still had several weeks left to go on my “I’m unemployed and my savings are (hopefully) sufficient” tour of Europe and Japan. So far, my credit card was still working, I still had time remaining on my Japan Rail pass, and the camera was well-fed with battery power and SD cards. No reason to stop taking photos, then!…

May 6th. Nagoya is Japan’s fourth biggest city, but it keeps itself nicely low key. I didn’t linger in it all that long, but I was very impressed by its Spiral Building

May 7th. It was teeming and pelting with rain continously all day, and I chose today to head to Ise. Ise has the most important shrines in Japan, and appropriately they’re all hidden behind 3m high walls guarded by security guards telling you that you can

State of Origin III, 2010

Well, it’s not a movie premiere, but it IS an event and I DID have a camera with me. And since that camera was a Nikon D700 with a massive memory card and 6fps, I figured I’d post the results.…

For those of you not familiar with State of Origin, it’s a best-of-three series of Rugby League games held annually between the states of New South Wales and Queensland. Queensland had already sealed the series with wins in the first two games, so nothing was at stake except NSW pride. I was one of 61,200 people who attended (and psssst : don’t tell anyone but I’m a Queensland supporter!)

At $50 for the ticket, this wasn’t too bad. Add $20 for parking and $5 for a dodgey meat pie, and I even got there in time to change two crucial settings on my borrowed D700. First – light sensitivity. Second – set

Telstra Rant (Creative? Sadly, no. Just Lengthy. Don't bother reading)

Based on a true story, except in this one I have more hair and drive an Aston Martin. Otherwise the details are pretty much the same.…

Dear Telstra,

I am not a Telstra customer, and after my experiences I would suggest the likelihood of becoming one is so remote that hell is going to have to freeze over well beforehand and a new numbering system might need to be invented to describe a number that small.

However, my father, whom you bill in the area of a small fortune each month in my opinion, IS a customer. And since he’s a small business owner who already works around the clock, he doesn’t have time to quality-check his bills or chase you up when there’s an issue> he just pays his bills when he gets around to do doing so, and doesn’t have time for much else.

I, on the other hand, DO have

1Photo/day (Apr16-May05 2010)

When I last journalised, it seemed I’d be stuck in London until some unpronounceable Icelandic volcano stopped burping. I was jobless, but not camera-less, and eventually I did get out. Here’s how that went down:…

April 16th. I may laugh now, but if the ash keeps flowing out of that volcano in Iceland and I’m stuck in the UK for long enough, perhaps this will be the kind of opportunity I’ll feel foolish for not having taken up.

April 17th. The local Oxfam shop had these Guatemalan ‘Worry People’ on sale for just 99p. It’s one of the cheapest outsourcing opportunities out there, if you believe in such things. (Or can sleep with a lump under your pillow.)

April 18th. A beautiful spring day in Verulamium park. I was busy reading a book on how to survive WTSHTF (When The Sh!t Hits The Fan) and

One Photo Per Day: 26/03 to 15/04/2010

When I last posted (on a three month delay) I was continuing the process of converting cash to jpgs at an alarming rate, and had just made it out of Bulgaria and through Croatia. With the question of ‘prettiest female population in Europe’ and ‘best coffee franchise in Europe’ currently having the answers ‘Zagreb, Croatia’ and ‘Coffee Heaven, Budapest’, the question, quite naturally, was : what next?…

March 26th. The glistening big toe of this Dumbledore-esque statue just outside the walls of the Diocletan Palace in Split is because rubbing it is apparently a good luck thing. (Just ask the Japanese tourists, once they get out of frame)

March 27th. Zagreb to Venice. Venice to Milan. Milan to Genoa. Genoa to the Holiday Inn in Genoa, to The Internet, and then to the streets for some Eraclea

One Photo Per Day - Skiing and EuroTrip part1

When I last journalised (with a near three month-delay), I’d just finished my last day at work and wasn’t so much ‘unemployed’ as about to start two months of savings-draining travel, starting the very next day with a week of skiing in Switzerland with friends. (If you’re feeling somewhat envious, be aware that I accomplished 2 months of travel mostly by throwing money at it!)…

Here’s how the first part of that went down:

March 6th. Flew in to Zurich to find the Swiss city a driving, flurrying, snow-festooned town. But this is not the United Kingdom, and this is not First Capital Connect. Every one of the three trains we caught were completely on time. It’s an attitude and professionalism thing, and First Capital Connect? You have none. Oh, as for the photo- that was from the journey from

One Photo Per Day 16th Feb - 5 March

Wow. It’s early June and it’s time to revive this whole thing!…

It’s not like I haven’t taken any photos. Believe me, I have over 20,000 photos from the last two months of travel. But in the two weeks 16th Feb – 5 Mar I wasn’t travelling just yet : I still had to move out of house, finish off work, and prepare a two month Euro/Japan trip.

<please insert your sympathy here>

But for now, it’s time to go back and slowly retrospect to a time when it was cold in Europe; the Brits and Baftas hadn’t happened yet; my bank account was still healthy; and the question of ‘how exactly DO you get rid of a mattress at short notice?’ became increasingly more apt.

February 16th. It’s the Brits, and I don’t care how heavily it rains or how cold it is or how many buses or semis or umbrellas block my path, I

My Turn to write the OTHER journal type entry..

I’m not really going to ask if anyone remembers a vague journal I wrote a while back, musing on whether the world and/or Redbubble would grind to a halt if I went away for two and a bit months and re-relocated from England to Australia via a lengthy, bank-account busting holiday in Europe and Japan.…

Mainly, I was fairly certain the world would go on in my absence, and indeed it has. (though I’ll be honest I’m also faintly disappointed by this!)

Anyway, now I’m in a much different place to before, with no buildings over 2 storeys in height, coffee shops that close at 4pm and a disturbing number of trees and bushland and cars they call ‘utes’… and a trove of over 18,000 photos taken over 70 days to mull over (and not a single movie premiere among them…). Not to mention a whole bunch of art

My turn to write one of THOSE journals...

Oh, no! Now I’m writing one of those Journals……

You know the one…. the one where people feel the need to explain lengthy upcoming absences from Redbubble, usually related to travel, or work, or study, or some suchlike? I look at those, read them, think “okay, whatever” and put down some kind of generally positive ‘all the best’ / ‘enjoy’ comment, then leave it at that, and move onto the next item in my activity feed. Then I think no more of it, and a couple of weeks/months later I notice an “I’m Back!!” journal entry, and then a disproportionate number of photos of African wildlife / Egyptian monuments / Religious Temples from that person in the weeks and months following.

Well… that’s gonna be me! Two months mine is/will be. By that time you’ll all have moved on and had kids and bought ho

"Alice In Wonderland" premiere (Depp!(ish) Burton! Bonham-Carter! Hathaway!)

After the BAFTAs on Sunday, there was still one more BIG premiere to look forward to: the World Premiere for ‘Alice in Wonderland’, directed by Tim Burton. With Johnny Depp expected AND Royalty expected AND rain expected AND crowds expected AND the pressure of it being more or less my last big hurrah in Leicester Square, this was always going to be a tough ask.…

In the end, it wasn’t the best of times… but I suppose I’ve had several worse. Fans of Johnny Depp and Fine Photography might need to seek consolation elsewhere, as the two do not really meet in this journal. There are two shots, though, that I’m calling ‘recognisable’…

But here’s how it went down:

I’d dropped by at lunchtime to see how the crowd situation was shaping up, and it was about as you’d expect for a Royal World Premiere.

BAFTAS 2010 (Part2, feat. Winslet, Firth, Cameron and R-Patz)


If you’re still reeling from Part 1 of the BAFTAS journal and wondering if the buildup to photos of Rpatz will end in disappointment, don’t worry. They might. Disappointment on my side was felt by having Uma Thurman present an award at the ceremony, but opting not to walk the red carpet. Totally not fair! And I missed director Katherine Bigelow, who rushed down the red carpet while I was probably photographing Tarantino…

Anyway, when we last journalised, we were admiring alleged alien crop circle tan marks on Kristen Stewart, and we now resume the action with:

Carey Mulligan answers some (hopefully not too difficult) questions, as the rain starts gently drizzling and umbrellas start coming up, and decent angles start disappearing, and I start whimpering gently..

This would appear to b

BAFTAS 2010 (Part1, feat. Tarantino and the girl from Twilight)

I guess this is pretty much the capstone of the past year of Premieres – getting to see some of the same people whose premieres I went to now up for awards for their performance, with no sign of anyone from Transformers2 or Fast and Furious . PS – if you want to just see freakin’ R-Patz photos, they’re in Part2

Apologies for the large size requiring not one but two journals, but come on… It’s RPatz, man. He’s like… like… I actually don’t know, because I haven’t watched the film, and can’t stand the hairstyle. He’s in the next lot, but co-star Kristen Stewart is in this one.

Here’s how it all went down (part1):

It’s weird when you live and work in an area and then something nebulous like the BAFTA Awards takes place in the same city, but it’s literally right down the road from my office. (

One Photo Per Day 26Jan-05Feb 2010

For the penultimate London Edition of ‘One Photo Per Day In London’, we have several premieres, some snow, and creepy trees and their shadows….…

January26th. Happy Australia Day! I spent the evening at the premiere of The Last Station featuring Dame Helen Mirren and… uh… others. (I’m not very good at this)

January 27th. I still have only a hazy idea of where Farringdon is in relation to the rest of London, hence my morning walk from Farringdon to the Office went through most of the same stations I might otherwise have gotten off at.

January 28. Creepy phone box. However, what was NOT photo for the day was me, arm in arm with First Group MD Mary Grant, with whom I chatted for 10 minutes at a ‘meet the managers’ for the worst rail company in the UK (if not world). (Not that this is what the

Brit Awards 2010 (not my finest hour!)

Sure, it was raining heavily and I was holding an umbrella and camera at the same time for an hour and a half.
Sure, I was on the other side of the road between 20-40m away from the action and using a non-zoom lens most suited for macro photography.
And sure, there was passing traffic that included buses, trucks and semi-trailers obscuring any view that red carpet umbrellas hadn’t already.
But was that going to stop me from taking decent photos? Actually… yeah! Still, I went and here’s what it was like:…

This is a fairly accurate represenation of my distance from the action. Damnit… and my contacts in Kasabian’s camp assured me my tickets were in the mail…

The BRIT Award’s choice of headwear was entirely suitable for the occasion. Sadly, I arrived too late to photograph Lady Gaga (wearing a t

"Valentines Day" Premiere (Alba! Kutcher!)

So few movie premieres left, so little time. However, there was one in Leicester Square last week, and I’ve waited til the last few hours of Valentines Day to post this. (It’s my kind of symmetry…. whether I’d have done it had there been a premiere for the movie ‘2012’ last year in 2009 is debatable…)…

‘Valentines Day’ has an ensemble cast the size and scope of which is rarely seen these days. It’s the kind where you look at the listing and go ”If none of the three lead females show up, this will be the biggest injustice since Charlize Theron didn’t show up for my last birthday party.”

Gary Marshall not only created “Happy Days” (which you’re probably too young to remember) but also directed ‘Pretty Woman’, ‘Runaway Bride’, and ‘The Princess Diaries’. So, he’s probably entitled to wear a b

'Malice in Wonderland' Premiere - Danny Dyer flicks a cigarette!

For the second time this week, I went to a movie premiere that wasn’t listed on the Big Three websites. I got lucky and found out about via other (totally un-mysterious) means. Unlike the other one, though, this one was small. And the cinema was a largely unknown one off Leicester Square called The Prince Charles. How did it work out?…

A bit like this…

“Breathless : Coming Soon” Yes, but this premiere was for ‘Malice in Wonderland’. This may give you an idea of the level of size premiere we’re talking about here.

The assembled throng. Let’s say it was considerably more ‘intimate’ than the premiere for A Single Man. (But then again that one had Colin Firth, Liz Hurley and some weird Romanian Vampire).

It’s…. It’s…. That Guy! (His name is Nathaniel Parker, per wireimage. But I’ll be honest,

One Photo Per Day 6Jan-25Jan

When we last left… me, I was just getting over 11 days of annual leave over Christmas during which time I was totally flu-ridden and miserable. Which made it really great to get back to work, where I could get reamed by my train service and be miserable instead!…

January 6th. Actual snow in Actual London. And I actually made it home before the train service imploded!

January 7th. During my entire time going to school in Australia I never got out of class because it was too hot. Today, however, upon the advice of First Capital Connect who literally dissuaded customers from traveling (fair call, as we’ve already paid for our monthly rail passes), I had a day off work due to the cold. Out. Standing!

January 8th. Although Hook Office south of London was closed for a second day, I did make it i

"A Single Man" Premiere (Firth! Hurley! Herzegova? Some Romanian Vampire?)

During the Invictus Premiere the day before (Clint Eastwood! Morgan Freeman! Matt Damon!), I was told about a premiere the following day at the Curzon in Mayfair, which was a strange thing to learn as it had slipped by all three of the websites I scrutinise for these things.…

But, hey. I decided to see if the rumours were true. They were! And the attendees at this premiere were certainly noteworthy enough. Here’s how it went down:

One issue with the Curzon Mayfair (on the off chance you’re interested) is that the Paparazzi face each other, which means most ‘civillian’ photographers need to take shots perpendicularly, or at varied angles. And that’s before you factor in the through-traffic from the half a road they don’t close off during the event. It’s true! (Did you know I’m also a crime-

"Invictus" Premiere Photos (C.Eastwood! M.Freeman! Maaaaatt Daaaaamon!"

This premiere was on a Sunday, which is fairly rare. So… I got into London some six hours before the scheduled start time, spent some time at the National Geographic store and about an hour at the National Portrait Gallery, and then had lunch and then… well… what else is there to do in London when there’s a premiere on? I joined the queues. My ipod was charged and it was only about zero degrees, and here’s how it went down:…

Needless to say, Yellow Cap Guy was in position well before I was. I went up to him, and as sort of a symbolic ‘farewell’ gave him some shots I’d taken of him over the past year and a half. He seemed to like them…

‘Invictus’. Some kind of swords-and-sandals Roman epic? Not so much. It’s about Rugby Union, and Clint Eastwood is directing.

”While you’re all waiting, here

"The Last Station" Premiere (Mirren! McAvoy! Duff!)

The Curzon Mayfair is a smaller cinema, a couple of tube stops away from the more crowd-friendly Leicester Square. But there are so few of these left before I leave London that a premiere ANYWHERE is one I can’t really justify missing. And this one did have an Academy Award Winner in attendance.…

The movie is ‘The Last Station’, and that’s pretty much the full extent of the red carpet for this one (not shown – passing traffic. This premiere actually had passing traffic!) Though note that there were Paps – and in a rare split/overlapping formation, too.

Dame Helen Mirren arrives. She can’t see Yellow Cap Guy, she can’t immediately see the red carpet, and accordingly is not sure she’s even at the right place. I can sympathise!

Silhouette of Helen Mirren. She’s won four SAGs, four BAFTAs, thr

"Blur No Distance To Run" Premiere (That guy from blur! And the other three!)

Last Jan/Feb, Leicester Square paid host to fifteen premieres of various sizes, and given this January and February are my last two in London before I ship off elsewhere, I was hoping to farewell the place with a similar haul.…

So imagine my disappointment when so far, the total announced is a mere FOUR. And this morning I learned that one of the websites I rely upon has backfilled and noted down two that I’ve MISSED so far (and the other website didn’t even note them. So I’m not a particularly happy camper right now.)

However, there was once this band called Blur, and they have a new movie out, and it had a premiere. Which was small, but it had both a Red carpet and a Yellow Cap Guy. And so… I’m off for 2010!

No Distance Left To Run is a movie from/about the band Blur. Growing up in Austr

2009 Movie Awards

Hey, remember last year when I introduced you to my friend and I’s unique Movie Awards for 2008? Okay, probably not. But that’s not going to stop me from imposing my point of view once again for the movies of 2009.…

The main issue is that once again, I didn’t watch anywhere near as many movies in 2009 as I did when I was back in Australia. But again, let’s not let that get in the way of stuff. And the other advantage : I was at the London premieres for a lot of these films!

So what movies did I watch this year?
Movies watched in ‘09: Valkyrie, Watchmen, Star Trek, Terminator Salvation, Transformers 2, Bruno, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince , Inglourious Basterds, District 9, Up , and Avatar . As of today, I’ve also watched Sherlock Holmes but I might make that film part of 2010…

So a

One Photo Per Day Dec 16th - Jan 5th

From the celeb-heady and European travel of the prior instalment to a twenty day period where more than half was spent on ‘holiday’ while being sick over Christmas and New Year. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t a pleasant period, but that didn’t mean photos weren’t taken. And it DID snow. Which is pretty awesome.…

Here’s how it went down:

December 16th. I could also have gone with a shot of some street art referring to ‘Ruthless Street Bomber Popcorn’, but while I was figuring that out, three pigeons on a roadside also appealed.

December 17th. Watched ‘Avatar’ in 3D after work, and as an added bonus… SNOW!! SNOW!!!!! SNOW IN ST ALBANS!!!!!

December 18th. The snow had survived the night, and sadly so had the First Capital Connect rail network, whose failure might have meant not having to go to work

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