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One Photo Per Day Nov 26th - Dec 15th

One photo per day – even in among all the movie premieres, exhibits, resigning from my job, being distracted by stuff…. it’s still being done, one day at a time. And while I might be late posting this instalment, it went down a little something like this:…

26th Nov. My own Premiere Exhibit visible from Clipstone Street. Staggering. Even more staggering : I appear to have sold eight (8) of the pieces! (and… Dad has an interest in four special signed reprints). Woohoo!!

November 27th. I randomly decided to switch train stations this morning, and then walked in the direction I thought was the way to the office but was wrong (there wasn’t really a downside to this kind of error, let’s face it). Groovy narrow view of St Pauls!

November 28th. The action moves to Germany, where a group of HACers

'AVATAR' review (spoiler free where noted)

I give it three and a half stars.…

This means it is definitely good and represents me saying that the ticket price (reserved seating, 3D, in London, on day of release) was worth it. As a work of pure imagination and world-building it is almost beyond cinematic compare.

It’s like watching the world’s greatest magician strutting his stuff : the tricks and the ingenuity of their construction are brilliant, and every reasonable interval you’re stunned at the beauty and thinking “that’s AMAZING!” By contrast, if James Cameron was simply a stand-up comedian he’d be making you laugh using words and imagery created by words, and that would be a different kind of entertainment. Sure, still visual, because he’s right there in front of you, but the entertainment would be different in focus. And that’

"Sherlock Holmes" Premiere (J.Law! R.DowneyJnr! G.Ritchie! R.McAdams!)

And so, for the last time this year, we head down to Leicester Square, ensure that Yellow Cap Guy is in position, and learn that the tallest man in the world from Amsterdam and his Girlfriend are right in front of the only plausible spot to set down in. So I put on my beanie and gloves and noted the rain and thought to myself……

“You know what? I still love doing this!”

They went for a little bit of subtlety with the setup… You know, with the gas lighting and fired braziers.

… and green carpet (with a cool ‘London Silhouette’ Design)…

…. and smoke machines. Which… well… make it hard to see anything, which is hardly crowd friendly but hey, the wind was blowing the other way and it did look very atmospheric.

And Yellow Cap Guy, front and centre.

Actor Mark Strong, who apparently plays the mai

"St Trinians2" Premiere (Sarah Harding! Her Dress! A nearly all-female cast!)

St Trinians 2 : The Legend of Fritton’s gold is a movie I can fairly honestly say is not one I intend to actually watch. But it does have the advantage of being a film that has a mainly female cast, and I haven’t photographed one of those since….. oh… right. Nine – Kidman! Cruz! Hudson! Dench! last week!…

It will be interesting to go back and look at this photo anything from three months to five hundred years from now and at any time see which of the following comments would be raised: Will it be ‘Oh wow. That’s singer Paloma Faith’.. or will it be ‘Who is or was Paloma Faith?’

Montserrat Lombard is a British actress who is half Italian and half Spanish. Well… there’s your mathematical problem right there already.

This may possibly be actor Toby Jones in the foreground and the crowd swirls

"Avatar" Premiere (now in widescreen!)

Okay, so perhaps like James Cameron, you look at the state of My Standard Movie Premiere Journals and ask yourself ‘why?’. Perhaps you decide it’s time to go bigger, better, and more ambitious.…

So in honour of the James Cameron philosophy, for this premiere only, I’ve got two Premiere Journals. It’s basically the same premiere as this one except this one is much better because all photos are in 2:1 aspect ratio, all are in colour at a full 800 pixels in width, and all are tweaked in the filter to be more James Cameron-blue AND look like photorealistic CGI. (Rather than, you know… photorealistic real life!)

Sadly, if you can’t see them fully, it means you need to upgrade your cinema! (umm… computer screen). And if you’re not seeing “Teh Awesome!!” below, try this version of the premiere


"Avatar" Premiere Photos (Cameron! Worthington! Weaver! etc!)

“Either it’ll be the biggest movie of all time or it’ll be a colossal disappointment” seems to be the prevailing sentiment about this film. Personally, I’d like to think my expectations are more in line with what might actually be plausible. Anyway, for the third premiere in three days, here’s how it went down….…

Note this Premiere is also available in Widescreen

One of the websites I rely on to tell me about upcoming premieres decided to guess that this one, like that of St Trinians2 (journal yet to come) and Did You Hear About The Morgans would be ‘Average’ in size. Average??

I suspect this might have been the first time in three decades that anything James Cameron has done has been described – even erroneously – as ‘Average’!

I mean, this is the camera James Cameron takes to premieres (

"Did you hear about the Morgans" Premiere (Jessica-Parker! Grant! Hurley!)

The first of three premieres this week (and the first of five in seven days, if I can motivate myself to get to all of them).…

One immediately different aspect to this one – the wait was slightly longer but it felt considerably shorter with the addition of some friendly and intelligent conversation beforehand. ….On a slightly related note, can I ask a question: if you see a pretty girl next to you is reading the only Jane Austen novel you actually enjoyed reading (as opposed to the ones you read because you were forced), can you mention it in conversation, or is it so massively implausible – despite being true – that you’re better off not mentioning it? I ask on the off chance that there’s ever a time this call needs to be made again.

Anyway, here’s how it turned out. Photographically, I m

"Nine" Premiere (Kidman! Cruz! Hudson! Dench!)

Two premieres in two days for Leicester Square, and for this one it was pretty much attended by all the people on the movie poster!…

The movie is called ‘Nine’ and its female cast alone promised a fairly cool premiere if they showd up. Indeed, I was wearing a beanie and gloves in anticipation of the cool factor (And/or because it was pretty cold. It’s London and it’s winter)

The famous Yellow Cap Guy getting interviewed by The Fuzz?? No, Yellow Cap Guy! Get to your spot!!

Actor Daniel Day-Lewis was first to arrive. He’s won two Academy Awards <TM> and is an exponent of the Method Acting style. (Depending on how recently they finished filming the movie, he might actually have been struggling to stay in character as… himself.)

A rare uncropped image created by me shooting through the crooke

"Where the Wild Things Are" Premiere Photos (Jonze! Records!)

Rain, and the weather slowly getting colder meant that this premiere had a bit of a smaller attendance from the public than usual. Having the speakers blast out the same three childrens songs for almost ninety minutes may have contributed, and the fact that actor Tom Hanks and Blake Lively (‘Gossip Girl’) were in the film but not at the premiere probably didn’t help either.…

It’s a movie based on a kids book with less than 300 words of length. (And just think.. they can’t make the movie of the last Harry Potter book without turning it into two films). I haven’t read it, but the monsters look… big?

“Blake Lively isn’t coming to this thing? Then what the hell am I doing up here???” Yeah, disappointment was the order of the day. I got what satisfaction I could from knowing at least I had an u

One Photo Per Day 6Nov-26Nov

One photo per day. It’s like with an apple a day and doctors… but with photos. And nothing being kept away. (I’m not sure where I’m going wih this…)…

Previously to this instalment I’d gone celeb-happy at the BFI Film festival, celebrated Halloween and been told I was a introverted abstract sequential/random jellyfish at an overnight training camp.

Here’s how the next twenty-ish days tried to match that kind of weirdness:

November 6th. Seven Dials, London. The youth of today are having their lunch on a roundabout, blissfully unaware that a short distance away a computer is totally failing to run the business-critical SAS sessions I’ve asked it to. Yeah… go back to your Twilight books and tell me all about how all life is pain… 8)

November 7th. I went looking for something to photograph a bi

"The Lovely Bones" Premiere photos (Peter Jackson! Charles and Camilla!)

It was short(ish) notice, but I found out about the World Premiere / Royal Screening for the new Peter (“Lord of the Rings”) Jackson film one day before it happened. And since I’d some luck at the Last Royal Screening I attended (what with Queen Elizabeth II going to it) I decided I’d try again.…

Here’s how it went down:

“Tom, I’m standing here on the red carpet, Yellow Cap Guy is further up ahead, and that crazy extensible boom mike idea you had appears to be working. Good times, as long as it doesn’t rain”

Thanks a truckload, Tom. Still apparently my camera is weatherproof. Time to test that hypothesis! (Apparently the most expensive lens in my arsenal – ie. the one mounted on it right now – isn’t weatherproof. Well…. Let’s test THAT hypothesis too. This photo is of Actress Carolyn Dand

"Me & Orson Welles" Premiere (Zac! Efron! Eeee! and Claire Danes!)

Zac Efron. It’s two words every girl loves and every self-respecting pair of eardrums fears.…

The situation? A premiere for the film ‘Me & Orson Welles’ in Leicester Square, a mere day after the small premiere the night before. Crowds were anticipated to be huge, and residents of London within two kilometers were warned to cover the ears of their dogs just in case the lusty screams of teen girls got too high and too loud, though I may have made that up for dramatic effect. Still, I metaphorically had an ipod set to some seriously heavy bass tracks, and joined the fray.

It’s a new premiere! And this one has actual cachet : Zac Efron. And Claire Danes. And the dude who directed ‘School of Rock’, whose name I don’t remember and whose film I did not watch.

Here’s a lady checking out The List o

"We are the People we've Waiting For" Premiere (The Fonz! And... people!)

British Billionaire Richard Branson!
Noted Feminist Germaine Greer!
Former US President Bill Clinton!
‘The Fonz’ Henry Winkler!

All of these played themselves in this film/documentary, and might therefore have been possible attendees. However, since this premiere was billed in advance as ‘small’, this was probably the first clue that not all of the above would, in fact, show up. And indeed, most didn’t. Only one did. No, not him. And no, not that guy either. And not her.

(Although these photos and a lack of online assistance as to their identity might imply I have some kind of world exclusive on these shots, sadly this is not quite true : there was one (1) camera crew, one (1) outdoor red carpet photographer, and two (2) inside arrivals photographers.)

But whatever, the carpet was red, and t

I've got my own Exhibition! (kind of!)

Through a fortuitous series of emails, the expenditure of rather a lot of money on half-decent frames, and, well… standing out in the cold for hours and hours in Leicester Square over the past 18 months…I now have 13 of my photos hanging in a sort of vestibule area leading to an in-house cafe at my old office.…


Woo! I even got to make my own flyer. It’s kind of a pity that I can’t have people handing out canapes and champagne for an opening. OMG – I just realised I could have a premiere opening for an exhibit about premieres… at which I could then take premiere photos!! (Why, yes.I’m fine)

Decent picture frames? Somewhat expensive. And then you multiply by thirteen. (Or ‘12a’ if you’re superstitious).

On your immediate right as you enter the area, there are six shots, five shown here.

"Harry Brown" Premiere (Michael Caine!)

2 Premieres in 2 days in London town. And would you believe it: tomorrow (which at the time of posting = today) there’s a third. It’s for the new Twilight Film ‘New Moon’ and… ummm… I’m sorry. But there are some premieres I just can’t face. So I won’t be going to that.…

But premieres for movies about old-agers turning to vigilantism?> I’m there.

It’s Harry Brown. (And, possibly, fine Indian food. It’s a combination that’s worth some consideration, surely?)

Spotted in the far distance : Yellow Cap Guy. His story is interesting, and so is that of Nikon D70 Guy, who I stood next to at yesterday’s Call of Duty Premiere . There are some fascinating people who hang out at these premieres. Except me. I’m just standing here, pointing my camera. I can take or leave these things – indeed, I went t

"Call of Duty : Modern Warfare2" Premiere (yes... a computer game!)

Computer games: perhaps you’ve heard of them. Perhaps you’ve even played some. Or perhaps you kind of understand that when they sell for something like $US50 each and they sell several million copies they’re kind of a big industry. As in a “based on the possible revenues you could justify a multimillion dollar development schedule and see the kind of revenues that would compare favourably with Hollywood Blockbusters”

Accordingly, it would make a kind of sense for a major new release to get its own premiere, complete with carpets, celebrities, Yellow Cap Guy and everything. It’s the first time I know of that they’ve had one of these in Leicester Square though, and I was there if for no other reason than curiosity.

Call of Duty : Modern Warfare2. Apparently computer games now get premieres

One Photo Per Day October 16th - November 5th

Well, it’s been another interesting set of twenty-ish days. Not too much in the way of travel, and I even used some non-celeb shots on days I also attended movie premieres. Getting soft, or getting nostalgic?…

Here’s how it went down..

October 16th. BFI British Film Festival Day 3. And after work, yet another premiere. Well, a ‘Gala Screening’ at any rate. This man is Viggo Mortensen (you know “Lord of the Rings : The Return of the King”? Well, he’s The King). This premiere was notable for a cute girl I was speaking to totally dissing me for a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, Polish paparazzi toting a Canon Eos 1D. I mean.. what does he have that I don’t? Oh. Right. Every one of those things I just mentioned.

October 17th. BFI British Film Festival Day 4. I was in St Albans, however, and the most

"Nowhere Boy" Premiere (Scott-Thomas! Taylor-Wood!)

Well, finally we’ve reached the end of the British Film Festival. Tonight’s closing Gala was for the young John Lennon biopic “Nowhere Boy”. Rumours were rife that the organisers were looking at getting some big names to show up – the surviving Beatles, Sir Elton John…. Clint Eastwood was in town doing filming, George Clooney had already been to three premieres why not a fourth, and of course there was always John Hurt.…

And, when the dust finally settled…. well, let’s say none of the above showed, even Yellow Cap Guy was Missing In Action, and photo for the day ended up being of an Aston Martin DB5. But don’t let that stop you (me) from heading out and seeing what transpired anyway!

“Tom, I’m here at the premiere for ‘Nowhere Boy’. Yellow Cap Guy is not here, and the Pentax K10D belonging

"A Serious Man" Premiere (Coen - Hurt! Coen - Rush!)

You’re probably sick of yet another movie premiere journal entry… Actually, looking at the number of views these have been getting, that point was reached about a dozen premieres ago. (Oops!). But even so, I went to this one and photos were taken and I’m putting them out there. Besides, there were three academy award winners in attendance… so these guys were worthy

A kinked Red Carpet means this is a smaller premiere. (From brutal experience, this typically means Charlize Theron will not attend, and even Yellow Cap Guy is only a ‘maybe’). This movie was for a Coen Brothers film, so perhaps one or both would deign to attend. And John Hurt would probably show up regardless.

A Serious Man… or four.

The legally required John Hurt shot- he’s been a fixture of the British Film Festival this yea

"Glorious 39" Premiere photos (Dr Who! Davy Jones! Girl with Spiky Hair!)

Do you remember back when it seemed that every premiere I went to featured a Tom Cruise or Charlize Theron or a Will Smith or Megan Fox … and now I’m typing names like ‘Dominic Cooper’ and ‘Hofit Golan’? It’s BFI Film Festival, and I’m really enjoying it photographically as the premieres are a bit smaller, the crowds a little bit more manageable and the stars a little more accessible. And for me, a premiere is a premiere is a premiere, after all. But do you care?…

It doesn’t matter. Here’s the latest anyway!

“Glorious 39”. I’d never heard of the film, and if I’m honest I didn’t know there was a premiere for it – I was there for the movie after it, same cinema, two hours later. But hey, have camera, will travel!

Actress Juno Temple, who has actually been in a reasonable number of recent fil

One Photo Per Day, 26th Sept - 15th October

I’m way behind posting these, but that doesn’t mean I’m not still dutifully taking one photo per day. And if you’ll remember at the end of the previous instalment I’d returned from holiday, worn weird glasses, and photographed Michael Bolton. However would the next batch of 20-odd days compare, I hear you ask? Well, for one thing I learned I’d be moving office away from the celeb-heavy surrounds of my current office fairly soon, so my solution was : take celebrity photos while you still can. How did I go? Well, I went a little something like this……

September 26th. Saturday in St Albans. I’ll be honest and say I didn’t accomplish much in a cosmic sense, but I did have a long coffee break!

September 27th. This photo was taken while I was pondering the extent to which I despised the unique cu

"Chloe" Premiere (Moore! Seyfried! Reitman!)

Mere hours after a largely mixed photographic performance at the Dead Man Running Premiere I got a front(ish) row standing position at a second premiere, that for the movie “Chloe”.…

The “Chloe” Premiere. Also known as ‘the premiere 50 Cent wasn’t at’ (admittedly, once the other premiere petered out, more people wandered by and joined this guy)

The photographers from the Dead Man Running premiere basically packed up their gear and crossed Leicester Square en masse and found places to sit down and upload their pictures while their ‘press pen’ was constructed

One of the Paparazzi says something to one of the other paparazzi. Possibly a jibe about then being a Pentax shooter, .. I wasn’t really listening. But it was a moment

Ivan Reitman. True to the staggering amount of skill I bring to my

"Dead Man Running" Premiere photos (50 Cent! Rio Ferdinand!)

Today was a rare evening indeed : not one but TWO premieres in Leicester Square! They were in two separate cinemas, and timed two hours apart. I was pretty sure I’d miss the first one and was happy to just see the second.…

However, when I wandered down after work I found the first one just getting started. The only downside – it’s a cinema that’s not really geared up for premieres where ‘normos’ (like me) can easily see what’s going on if they arrive even slightly late. And I’d arrived late. Worse still, it was mostly attended by rap and r’n’b stars and footballers, so it was more crowded than usual. And it was dark. And another thing… we’ll get to that.

Yellow Cap Guy in the hizzle. (Fo’ shizzle)

Movie poster. All I’m seeing is wordplay on the pre-existing film ‘Dead Man Walking’ in a non

"An Education" Premiere Photos (Thompson! Mulligan! Cooper!)

On the ‘I may be getting seriously obsessed with these things’ front, I present the fourth premiere in four working days! And on the ‘I may not be entirely beyond hope’ front, I’ll admit that the day after this one, the needs of the laundry outweighed the possibility of a fifth premiere or gala screening in five working days……

This film had several things going for it – I was there, the female cast-members outnumbered the male and it got me out of work a whole ten (10) minutes early!

“An Education”. I’ll be honest and say I have no idea what it’s about. And I went to university…

The New Jedi Order. It’s not just for seriously overweight and underweight guys anymore… (this is Antonia Campbell-Hughes, who was also at yesterday’s Bright Star premiere)

Paparazzi flashes are a tricky prospect f

"Bright Star" Premiere Photos (Jane Campion! Boris Johnson!)

Movie premieres continue to come thick and fast over here, with the BFI Film Festival running from the 15th-29th October. Tonight’s was a fairly under-attended premiere, which I would attribute to the cold weather and the less well-known cast of this particular film. But what was I going to do, go home where it was warm? Not a chance……

“Bright Star” is a movie about the love affair between poet John Keats and Fanny Brawne, which was cut short by his untimely death at a young age. I actually studied Keats in High School (Ah, yes … “Ode to a Nightingale” and “Ode on a Grecian Urn”). And the director is from New Zealand, which I’ve visited. The connections between me and this film are numerous, clearly. (Very cool poster)

His name is Guy, and his cap is Yellow. He is : Yellow Cap Guy. (Actual

"The Road" Gala Screening Photos (Firth! Mortensen!)

It’s the BFI Film Festival, and that means near as I figure it, there’s basically one event per day happening in and around Leicester Square. What, however, is the difference between a “Premiere” and a “Gala Screening” I hear you ask? I was set to find out this, and much more……

Here is (I’m told) every woman’s dream man, Colin Firth. At a gala screening for “A Single Man” – the one that preceded a later Gala Screening for “The Road”. (This is every girl’s dream man? Wow… George Clooney will be crushed)

Obviously, I didn’t swoon. But an unprecendented three (3) girls asked whether I’d email them the photos I’d taken of Colin “Mr Darcy” Firth. Umm… no problem! Here, have some George Clooneys as well!

Academy Award™ winner Ben Kingsley. A more standard and expected zero (0) girls asked whethe

"The Men Who Stare At Goats" Premiere Photos (Clooney! Again!)

One day after the premiere for The Amazing Mr Fox, Leicester Square paid host to another premiere. The cast list for this one was potentially even more impressive if they all turned up : George Clooney, Ewan MacGregor, Kevin Spacey, Jeff Bridges and A Goat were all on the movie poster. But who would show up, that was the question…?…

The men who stare at… nothing. Not yet, anyway.

Yellow Cap Guy, in position and in high spirits. Good times.

I hear they even put cappucchino makers on these things now…

George Clooney shares a laugh with a reporter, but to be honest I think the real story in this picture is the body language of the security dude in the background to the left…

_"AND that’s WHEN I knew I should PURSUE a career IN act-ING"
George Clooney. Acting.

Actress Neve Campbell, who isn’t a

"The Fantastic Mr Fox" Premiere Photos (Clooney! Murray! .. Cindy Crawford?)

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting colder, and my Pentax’s ISO1600 setting is grimly dusting itself off for the only time it gets any use. Movie premieres are BACK, and they’re getting trickier..…

It’s the BFI British Film Festival. And what does that mean? It means Yellow Cap Guy ain’t leaving Leicester Square for the next fortnight….

It’s George Clooney! I’ve actually watched very few of his films outside of the Oceans Series, but he’s never offended me in the way of, say, the Matthew Brodericks and Sean William Scotts of this world.

George Clooney has won an Oscar and portrayed Batman on screen. (But those two facts are not related)

Incidentally, I too now am in proud possession of a genuine George Clooney autograph. That said, the stylised ‘GC’ initial-based autograph

"Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus" Premiere Photos (Cole! Troyer! Gilliam)

When Heath Ledger died during the making of ‘The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus’, his role was divided into additional parts that were played by Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell and Jude Law. None of whom were at this premiere. And Verne Troyer I photographed yesterday at Radio1 and model/actress Lily Cole I photographed today at Radio1 and as for Terry Gilliam? Well, let’s just say Monty Python is yet to make me laugh.…

So why was I in Leicester Square, you might I ask. Well, where else would I be but here, for my first full Leicester Square premiere in almost two months, reacquainting myself with my camera and ’The Square….

I may be brave taking my camera out in the dark and the forecast rain, but I wasn’t game to tell these ladies that none of Depp, Law or Farrell would be attending tonight.

Pixar's "Up" Premiere photos (literally NONE of the cast showed!)

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last premiere, and before that one it was a nearly empty two-month period. So when I heard that there would be a premiere for Pixar’s “Up”, the 10th consecutive Box Office Behemoth from the Pixar company (“Up” has grossed $US450million+ worldwide so far), no way was I going to miss it.…

Ironically, I almost did. Not due to lateness or laziness, but because of the near-obscurity of the location and the low-key nature of it.

There was literally not one celebrity I recognised by name at this event. For example, this is Gail Porter. I don’t know who that is. (Wasn’t that the name of Courtney Cox’s reporter character in ‘Scream’?)

“Tom, I’m here at the premiere of Pixar’s “Up” and as a member of the press I may actually be the biggest drawcard at this event.

One Photo Per Day, 6th - 25th September

The last episode of One Photo Per Day finished with me flying back from Tel Aviv to London, fairly safe in the knowledge that the next 20 days of one photo per day would struggle to match the coolness of Israel, Petra and The Sinai. I’ll be honest and say that as far as photography goes, that trip and the V-Festival Weekend just before it saw a record 6000-odd photos taken. Not that I wasn’t going to try my best for a more low-key period, however:…

September 6th. I am now the pleased owner of a stylish 19inch LCD computer monitor… and a laptop screen that is at least in part an inadvertent modern artwork.

September 7th. I was fortunate to spend my first day back at work in Wales, photographing Pit Girls at a conference as part of a marketing ‘thing’ (!!!). I’m not sure how I stand using th

"Creation" Premiere (Bettany- Yes! Connelly- No!)

It’s been a little while since my last premiere and based on the season, it may still be a little while until the next one. For this reason, no matter how obscure (and the fact that it was Sunday) I was still determined to go to this little premiere in London. Also, it wasn’t at Leicester Square like all the others I’ve been to – this one was at The Curzon, Mayfair.…

And the final, telling reason to go – the lead actress being Academy Award <tm> winner Jennifer Connelly (Best Supporting Actress, A Beautiful Mind), who is very pretty. And a good actress too. Sadly, she didn’t show up, but I had my camera and a spot in the queue. What was I going to do, turn around and go home? Unlikely…

I really like the image on this poster (no, really!)

The Paps are lined up for the kill…

Director John A

Banksy vs Bristol Museum Exhibition

They gave him an exhibition space, they gave him room for some animatronic displays and after that, they threw him the keys to the rest of the museum and let him go nuts. (Oh, and they put up signs saying they don’t endorse graffiti or vandalism… but enjoy the exhibit!). His name is Banksy, and he’s arguably the most influential street artist in the world……

And the good news is that nobody seemed to mind about the works being photographed (woohoo!)

Bristol is Banksy’s home town, and until the 31st August you could join the queue to see his exhibition and view it for free. If you could stand the queue, that is.

This was the queue I walked away from on Saturday, determined to start closer to the front on Sunday. In fact, this was the second queue – there was another one closer to the entranc

One Photo Per Day 16Aug-5Sep


I’m not particularly certain if anybody noticed a conspicuous silence from my end over the past three weeks or so – there was a reason, and it was the rushed lead-up to, and immediate week after, a 10-day holiday to Israel with friends I’ve only recently come back from.

It was, needless to say, awesome and photos, needless to say, were taken (approx 3000 in 10 days… which is impressive but not so much when I mention that at the weekend before at V-Fest I took 2200 in just 2 days. But that’s a different kind of photography)

Here’s how it went down:

August 16th. I headed into town yet again – this time to watch the new Tarantino film Inglourious Basterds. But first – two of the murals on London Road, St Albans

August 17th. It’s Monday, and I’ve discovered a hidden garden just off New

V-Festival 2009 Day 1

Forget the crowds! The heat! The lack of signage and lack of cross-trained helpers! Forget the mark-up on food and all the youth-oriented product placements! It’s V-Fest and that means:…


…. by which I mean music. Obviously.

Here’s some photos:

McFly, Main Stage. “I’m sorry. I’m afraid you’re just to darn loud”. Hopefully you caught the ’80s movie referece.

McFly, Main Stage. “Hey, McFly you Bojo…. hoverboards don’t work on water…. sing along! UNLESS YOU’VE GOT POWER!!!”. No, those weren’t the lyrics. Would be awesome if they were, though.

Starsailor, Main Stage. The name ‘starsailor’ rang a bell, but honestly I couldn’t remember any of their songs. Fortunately, their lead singer could and the performance was excellent.

“And then there’s something about a horse… I forget how it

One Photo Per Day 26Jun-15Aug

Well, it’s been another 20 days (plus a delay) of One Photo Per Day. Was it worth it? For the photography, yes.…

July 26th. Hatfield House is a historic house in Hertfordshire, and is occupied by the Seventh Marquess of Salisbury. More importantly, though, it has featured in many movies – from the Wayne Manor in 1989’s “Batman” (and its sequel) to Lara Croft’s Mansion in “Tomb Raider” as well as “Shakespeare in Love”, “Elizabeth: The Golden Age” and… stuff.

July 27th. Sure, work’s a chore, but I can not and will not fault any other company who puts up construction hoardings featuring little Darth Vader-like figurines in various poses.

July 28th. Work = hectic. That’s why it was particularly nice to get to see the new cast at ‘Calendar Girls’ after work thanks to El. It’s culture, man.


Photos - World Free-Running Championships

Free-running. It’s kind of like gymnastics, except competitors wear baggy pants and t-shirts… and fall on concrete if they get it wrong. I’d arrived in time to find that Trafalgar Square was completely surrounded by a 3metre high fence, however luck intervened……

They came from everywhere and took up every vantagepoint available… and then were promptly told not to because it was dangerous. (Nobody realised the freaking irony of being told not to take risks when watching freerunners perform. But England is like that…)

In the absence of anything so mundane as an entry ticket, I had found a vantagepoint, and it afforded me a view of the preliminary rounds

Free-Running. It’s all the rage in France right now. Let’s be honest, you’re gonna wanna live in a country with a decent health system if yo

"The Ugly Truth" Premiere (Heigl! Butler!)

Last up, Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds. Next up… I think it’s “Funny People”. But this one is what the marketers are putting out there as something a bit sexier than a standard rom-com. If these are the same people who implied Transformers 2 would be a good movie, I’ll be disregarding that. On the other hand… might be okay.…

That’s why I like premieres – they’re hardly ever over-hyped and they’re free!!

It’s a premiere in Leicester Square. It’s been a few weeks, and it’ll be another few until the next one. It’s like… I gotta find other things to do out of work hours these days. Madness!!

“First question”
“Is it that I’m short, or that you’re tall?”

“…Let me ponder that in depth”. Yes, but what was the question? Was it the ethics of genetic manipulation? The problem of recip


I have a darker side, sadly. And while photography represents the generally cheerful, optimistic part of my personality, when I open up a word processor it’s generally because I need to vent.…

I try to juice it up with humour, but really, underneath all that I feel that there is something desperately wrong out there and that things, sadly, really are SHIT a lot of the time.

Photography helps me escape, and I guess in a weird sort of way this kind of recurring shit therefore is a kind of vengeful inspiration. Somehow.

Anyway, just so you know:

1. Redbubble’s views on DMCA are pretty shitty actually

2. Apparently if I have a problem with accessing the internet, my ISP recommends checking for help online. I think that means their feedback mechanism is probably lying when it says Your Feedback

One Photo Per Day 6th - 26th July

In the Previous One Photo Per Day I visited Brussels, Vienna, and … uh… Swindon. I also managed to photograph Johnny Depp and Bruno. What could a succeeding 20-day period possibly provide to equal or better that?…

Well… let’s see….

6th July. Monday. Aesthetically cool flat on upper Great Portland Street. For a Monday, today wasn’t too bad.

7th July. One day, epic poems will be written on the subject of how I travelled and a half south of London to a place called Hook at noon, sat for a 3hr+ team meeting that finished at 5:15pm, then travelled back to London for the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince premiere which had started almost an hour earlier, and was lucky enough to get shots of the Big Three and author JK Rowling. Whether I can do the same at our next team event outside of Lond

Inglourious Basterds Premiere, London (Tarantino! Kruger! Rourke!... but no Pitt)

For the third premiere out of four, I was out of London on team-related events. Fortunately, for the third time I was also able to make it back in time. And although not all the stars attended, some did, and there was clamouring and screaming and pushing and the holding of cameras and pictures in front of people. And isn’t that what it’s all about?…

“Inglourious Basterds”. My spellchecker dislikes it, but I’m willing to give it a chance

A Tarantino fan and their tricky-to-read tribute to Quentin Tarantino’s most memorable characters. The fluoro was kind of intense, but fortunately for many nearby, the weather was partially overcast.

A random pretty journalist catches the light just so…, and I believe once again I’ve properly calibrated my priorities at this premiere. You know, what with Qu

One Photo Per Day 16th June - 5th July

When I last posted one photo per day, I’d Just photographed Megan Fox and wondered what the next twenty-ish days could possibly do to even get close to that level of momentousness.…

The answer : Bruno, Belgium, Vienna and Johnny Depp!

Here’s how it went down:

16th June. I love the vague “Union Jack”-ness of this lions-head-and-building-corner design on this building off Regent Street.

17th June. We had a team building day in … a forest somewhere south of London. A group of us got lost for half an hour walking from the carpark to the picnic ground before the day even started. Then we carried a hollow log for one third of the orienteering track which ended up not being watertight thus rendering the effort kind of pointless. And here’s my photo for the day- taken at the Bruno Premiere which I

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Premiere (Rowling! Radcliffe! Watson!)

Because this is a publicly viewable website, I have to be kind of restrained here, but I have to ask: what kind of company has a three and a half hour team meeting finishing at 5:30pm in an industrial park one and a half hours south of London, scheduled to finish a mere half an hour before the biggest premiere of the YEAR, when this is clearly devastating for me, personally? The anwer : the one I work for!…

So I’d basically written off the whole premiere because these meetings NEVER finish on time. Even though you could almost watch a Lord of the Rings movie-plus-fifteen-minute-fan-club-credits in the time they run for.

Incredibly, however, the meeting finished fifteen minutes early. And I got a train that left half an hour earlier… and sat in the train for over an hour running scenarios.

Iceland (part 2 of 2)

The previous set of Iceland photos were all centered on one day of driving a 480km stretch of road from the capital of Reykjavik to a small hotel near the town of Hoefn. (The next day I had the pleasure of doing the same thing again back to Reykjavik). And while there’s a lot more to Iceland than 480km of driving – or one week there – this what I’ve got!…

The ‘Hallgrimskirka’, star of a thousand postcards, albeit rarely in its scaffolding getup. Apparently they’re taking it off in September, which doesn’t help me much here at end May!

Standard Icelandic residential building style off the larger shopping avenue. However, further out into the suburbs (yes, Reykjavik has some) there’s more of a communist-era concrete thing going on…

A door, Reykjavik. Well, I mean, they’re not all quite this

Public Enemies Premiere (Johnny Depp! Marion Cotillard! Michael Mann!)

It’s a premiere for a Michael Mann film, so please remember make sure you’ve gone to the toilet and have eaten beforehand. Because if it’s anything like his movies, you’ll be there for a while….…

Tatum Channing : possibly busy. Christian Bale : probably headbutting the sound guy on another film currently in production. Just two of stars, then. And some celebrities, most of whom I couldn’t identify. One was apparently a Sugababe. Director Michael Mann? ..he’s probably been here since last week doing interviews just to make sure there’s enough time!

I didn’t see Yellow Cap Guy at this premiere, but I did see Tricorner Twitchy Hat Guy. He also had a digital camera, which seemed a historically tenuous accessory.

Johnny Depp- let the screaming of ten thousand women commence!!

Mr Depp arrived we

One Photo Per Day May 26th - June 15th

When we last left ‘One Photo Per Day’ I was in Iceland , lamenting the loss of a day’s worth of photos. However, Reykjavik is about a thousand times cooler than that kind of setback – so if you’re going to have a setback, Iceland is definitely the place to be : cafes are open past 10pm for a start!…

But there was so much more to this particular 20-day series (especially since I was in Iceland for only about a quarter of it)

26th May. Reykjavik, Iceland. I believe this is a statue in honour of Leif Eiricsson, the father of Iceland. I would have preferred the ‘iconic’ shot of the Icelandic PM shoving the constitution up the a$$ of the king of Denmark (which you can get by lining up the two statues in front of Iceland’s parliament building) but too many cranes in the background spoiled the sh

Brüno Premiere, London (Brüno!)

Two days after the movie premiere juggernaut that was The Transfomers Revenge of the Fallen I had another one to consider going to.…

The complication : I was outside of London all day on a team building day which involved wandering around a forest and (in my instance) getting lost with our group on the way from the carpark to the camping ground before the event had even started, and then carrying a hollowed-out log for several kilometres through bushland.

And this premiere was a bit closer to my heart, as I am actually Austrian and as such a movie about a Gay Austrian Fashion Icon means I can possibly relate to 1/3 of it on a personal level…. possibly even more if my enviable collection of T-Shirts qualifies me as a fashion icon.

I didn’t get there on time, but I did manage to capture some

Transformers II Premiere, London (Megan Fox! Shia! Tyrese! John!)

Transfomers. They’re more than meets the eye, and because I was never that much a fan of the cartoons, I really liked the previous movie a lot. Pity I’ve now seen this movie and was more than a little disappointed by it. I believe the wording of my Facebook status afterwards was:…

“[I] watched Transformers II to dull the pain of work… and now I’m turning to alcohol to dull the pain of Transformers II”.

If you don’t remember the previous movie, I even challenged myself to write a 15 minute version of Transformers in homage to Cleolinda Jones’ excellent book filled with similar (and certainly superior) style synopses. Whether I can do one for Transfomers II without putting myself through watching it again (which I’m kind of reluctant to do) I’ll have to see.

Still, I had the day of the Premi

Iceland (part 1 of 2)

Iceland. Drop what you’re doing and go there right now. (Thanks to some unfair but handy rumours about Icelandic bank stability, their currency plunged by a third against the pound… meaning that it was now only slightly more expensive than London). But it’s more than just that – the people are friendly, the cafes are open late, the girls are gorgeous, the food is great and the landscape… oh the landscape. Beyond compare… except possibly to New Zealand. You should definitely go to either or preferably both!…

This batch were all taken on a single days 480km drive from the capital Reykjavik to Hoefn..

The mighty Holden (by which I mean Vauxhall) Astra. Sure the indicators and windshield wipers defied all laws of good sense… but I was stoked that my ‘Vauxhall Astra or Similar’ ended up being s

"The Hangover" Premiere (Heather Graham! The Rest of the Cast!)

I’m running a half-marathon this Sunday and my training regime has consisted mainly of, well, photography and buying new sneakers. So today was going to be the day for some training. Until I learned that there was a premiere in London – and it was for ‘The Hangover’, the main female lead of which was the gorgeous Heather Graham.…

If I’m honest, this was still not a particularly difficult choice.

The Hangover. It happens to the best of us. Maybe even Yellow Cap Guy, whose lack of attendance was puzzling…

“Tom, when you said you’d left the tripod at home I had my doubts you’d be able to manage this…. but I’m willing to admit I was wrong”

Heather Graham. I can name at least three movies of the 1990s that I had no intention of watching that I ended up seeing for no other reason than she was in

One Photo Per Day May 6th - May 25th

In The last episode we had two move premieres, Hugh Jackman, and the Isle of Arran. This latest batch tries hard to match that and in some cases succeeds : THREE premieres and an international destination even more remote. Here’s how it went down:…

May 6th. Great Portland Street near Regents Park. There’s not a whole lot more to add.

May 7th. Church, somewhere near Gower Street, London. Intriguingly I photographed two semi-worthy celebs today (Channing Tatum, actor and two members of the band The Script) but felt it was more of a power play in these celeb-lite times to wait for even bigger celebrities to show themselves

May 8th. Sure, I threw yet more money at my dentist today and took a better, more wide-angle shot of the same view as May 5th. But most sadly, I found out this morning that


_Before I get lynched, I just want to start off by asking and answering the following:…

Do I believe Redbubble should restrict the number of Groups on Redbubble?
Do I believe that there should be any restriction on how broad or narrow any particular group’s theme is?
Do I believe people have the right to submit any individual work to as many groups as will allow it?
Do I believe that a group should be allowed to be formed on any theme, no matter how esoteric?
Do I believe that Groups serve a valuable social function well beyond the mere literal interpretation of their theme?
Do I believe that a greater diversity of groups and articistic interaction is a good thing for art and artists?

With that in mind, let’s go:_

Hello Peoples,

I’ve had a lot of people alleging that I blindly a

"Tormented" Premiere, London

Amazingly, this is by FAR the most viewed movie premiere I’ve ever uploaded. Take that Spielberg, Cameron, Tarantino, Scorcese, DeNiro, Pacino, etc. And if the photos are ever missing due to some linking error, YOU CAN SEE THE ORIGINAL ALBUM OVER HERE IN THIS LINK

Well, I won’t lie. Unlike Jonas Brothers 3D and A Night At the Museum2 This was a tricky one because I knew NONE of the cast and had no idea what this movie was about. It seems, per The Internet that most of the actors are better known for their performance on British television shows, NONE of which I have watched either. It was, therefore, a long night. But at least the weather was nice!

“Tormented”. It’s not a movie, or a cast, or even a prior body of work I’m familiar with. I’m actually so far outside their target market they

"The Jonas Brothers 3D Experience" Premiere (Jonas! Jonas!... and the other one!)

Another ‘two in two days’ premiere situation, with yesterday’s A Night At The Museum Premiere with Ben Stiller, Ricky Gervais and Hank Azaria being followed by today’s Jonas Brothers 3D Experience premiere.…

The deal with the Jonas Brothers appears to be that each is separately about 1/3 of a Zac Efron, but in combination might almost be as ‘powerful’ though the target market appears to be slightly younger. And I swear I was there mostly in case Taylor Swift showed up….

The Jonas Brothers. They’re so big even their posters need to be roped off by security

Eye contact from 2 of the 3 Jonas Bros? What do I win, and can I exchange this for a 4million decibel reduction in the volume of screaming girls and the massive sound system behind me pumping out their live concert (which, horrifically, b

"A Night at the Museum2" Premiere (Stiller! Gervais! Azaria!)

Movie premieres = good. World Premieres = even better, however as usual you can rely on some of the biggest stars giving these a miss (What, isn’t THE WORLD big enough?). Seriously, where was Robin Williams?…

Yellow Cap Guy was in attendance, but I was disappointed to see him in a really bad crowd position. is The Legend waning? It was an elementary, almost rookie error to locate yourself on the concourse the limos have to travel past in order to discharge their occupants…

“Number of dollars I owe you? Yeah… I know… next time” Kind of incredibly, this is the third premiere I’ve photographed Ben Stiller at, the prior two being Tropic Thunder and Madagascar2

You know you’ve made it in the world of Male Modelling when people are taking photos of THE BACK OF YOUR HEAD

Ricky Gervais, of The Off

Not Quite Good Enough

Feel free to file this under ‘meaningless self-indulgent drivel’ but a by-product of One Photo Per Day challenge is all the photos that AREN’T photo for the day. I mean, yes, when I’m on holiday I’ll sometimes put aside photos for a separate album, and certainly whenever I’m at a film premiere I’ll do a separate album for that.…

But because I’m just as crass as the next person (perhaps even more so), I’m talking about celebrities. I’ll admit it, I’m privileged to be located in the middle of a city where things are always happening, and I work in an area that gets its fair share of celebrity throughput. I pay homage to that fact by going out there and taking shots if I can. Sometimes they’ll make it to One Photo Per Day status, sometimes they won’t. Sometimes I even have to choose between c

One Photo Per Day April 16th - May 5th 2009

It’s been nearly two weeks as at now() since I last snapped a celebrity in London, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’ve been bored … all that time.…

Here’s the highlights for the past twenty days:

April 16th. Hugh Jackman outside BBC Radio 1. I was asked whether I screamed like a girl upon seeing him, and my answer was: I had my iPod on so I don’t know for sure, but I doubt it. I’m a guy, and as such appear immune to the Efrons and Jackmans to which I am exposed… (Therons and Kidmans are another matter..)

April 11th. Another weird mouth-shaped building in St Albans…. was removed from photo for the day in favour of ‘duck in front of trees and a bench’. (It was that kind of day… perhaps more so)

April 17th. Covent Garden tube station. I was all set for a nice excursion into the ‘Garden are

"Transformers" as a 15 minute movie

I did it for Star Wars so I figured I might as well try to emulate the far more talented Cleolinda Jones by setting myself the challenge of a second one of these.…

Remember Michael Bay’s “Transformers”? Here’s how I recall the film (more or less) being:

Introductory Voice-over by Optimus Prime
_In the beginning there was an opportunistically symbiotic relationship between a line of toys and a weekly cartoon series. Then nothing much happened for a couple of decades, and the geeky kids who kept the dream alive got whiter and pastier and became overweight or emaciated adults who eventually found employment and earned enough money to pay more and more cash for mint figures still in the original box, until one day producer Stephen Spielberg and director Michael Bay went ‘what if….?’ and the stu

Star Wars as a 15 minute movie

On a whim, I picked up a copy of Cleolinda Jones’ most excellent book ‘Movies in Fifteen Minutes’ in which she very cleverly and humorously provides in her own words ‘Hollywood Blockbusters for people who can’t be bothered’. It cost me a mere £3 at HMV and was an excellent read. AND she has a website with more movies too

Anyway, as a challenge and a tribute, I thought I’d have a go at doing one of these.


A spaceship : flies overhead
A massively, incredibly, insanely, mind-bogglingly huge spaceship : also flies overhead

Spaceship Interior
C-3PO (Threepio) : Oh, dear.
R2-D2 (Artoo): Boop de-boop!

[An escape pod carrying the two droids and some stolen plans to a huge battlestation is launched towards the planet, while the captu

"State of Play" Premiere, London (Crowe! Mirren!)

After yesterday’s all-stars in attendance Star Trek Premiere it was perhaps a little disappointing that the ‘World Premiere’ of the film “State of Play” somehow manged to be a bit like “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People” premiere – ie. less than half the people showed up. Still, two big names did, and that’s probably two more than I really need to go to these things……

Jason Bateman didn’t attend. Rachel McAdams didn’t attend. Ben Affleck didn’t attend. Yellow Freaking Cap Guy didn’t attend. Until I checked wireimage, I couldn’t even say with certainty that the director attended. And yet, this was apparently the ‘World Premiere’? Never mind, the main acting talent was there, so not all was lost.

Glad I snapped a couple of lazy shots in the direction of this guy – he’s the director, Ke

"Star Trek" Premiere (Sylar! Bana! Pike! JJ Abrams!)

I’ll be honest, I felt a bit rusty going to this one. Also, I was a bit worried. See, I had Trek tendencies a while back and much like Star Wars, these once mighty franchises have become a bit of a laughing stock due to overexposure and George Lucas’ greed (well… one more than the other on that reason). So would it be excruciating seeing a whole crowd filled with Klingons, Borg and Ferengi, or sad if there weren’t many.…

… and who cares? As long as one (1) cute actress showed up and I got a JJ Abrams autograph, where was the issue?

Forget odd and even number rules for star trek sequels. forget JJ Abrams. Forget fans who distinguish between ‘trekker’ and ‘trekkie’. It’s Yellow Cap Guy, so it all pales into insignificance.

Blue carpet premiere. Funky!

That? Says it all.
She’s here under suffe

One Photo Per Day 26th Mar - 15th Apr

After the celebrity-infused mayhem of the prior One Photo Per Day entry, it was interesting to have to restrict myself to a three week period featuring only a single movie premiere. Fortunately, I got by with a little help from London and some celebrities who happily wandered in front of my roaming camera anyway!…

March 26th. It’s the 17 Again premiere … and it’s Zac Efron!! (insert as much screaming as you feel necessary). If you feel particularly inclined to head on over, it’s also called Popular

Noel Coward Theatre. I wanted to take a shot of graffiti in a ‘tattoo alley’ further up Charing Cross Road but it was inaccessible due to a closed gate. I guess the ‘Extreme’ body piercers and tattooists like to sleep in..

March 28th. St Albans, shadows and lines. Today’s weather featured rain,


I did the near-impossible on Sunday!…

I said ‘no’ to a movie premiere (primarily because I didn’t feel like traveling in to London on a weekend, and anyway it was only for ‘Escape to Witch Mountain’. Sure, The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) is cool and all, but I’d already snapped Carla Gugino at the ‘Watchmen’ premiere.)

What did I do instead? I took the camera to the local park, and hung around the lake listening to my iPod for three hours while hoping something ornithologically interesting could happen (hey, it’s early spring… birds and bees do what birds and bees do…).

Total photos taken : 950!! That’s more than I do in most movie premieres.

It was fun, and it was productive.

I’ll be honest. I could have walked away happy if this had been the only shot I took all day . (Though I did edit it to

One Photo Per Day 6th Mar - 25th Mar

It’s the journal that brings to a close the first year of 1 photo per day, an experiment that started with me leaving Australia for England, living in London, traveling to Europe and taking more photos of celebrities than I’d conservatively presumed possible at the time.…

So.. for the final twenty days (before I set myself the challenge of doing even more in the next 365 days) of Volume 1 of this experiment, it’s…

So.. for the final twenty days (before I set myself the challenge of doing even more in the next 365 days) of Volume 1 of this experiment, it’s…
March 6th. After watching ‘Watchmen’ on day of release, I returned to West Hampsted Thameslink to find First Capital Connect showing its customary contempt for its passengers for the second time in a day. Mathematically, a train that is d

"17 Again" Premiere, London (Zac Efron!!!) (Eeee!!!)

It’s Zac Efron!!!!! Eeeee!!!!!…

Oh wait. I’m a guy. I don’t really care. But that didn’t stop hordes upon hordes of youthful and estrogen-charged females from converging on Leicester Square to commune in the most natural and beautiful of ways. Ie, by screaming their lungs out at insanely high pitch.

I had an ipod and a vantagepoint and was prepared to suffer for my ‘Art’.

Yellow Cap Guy has a very low voice, which would have contrasted hugely in pitch to the average attendee at this premiere. Not that he, nor most heavy metal bands, or indeed aircraft jet engines could achieve the volume required to compete.

Cleverly figuring out that any female paparazzi would quickly be reduced to a quivering mess in the presence of Zac Efron, the major agencies all sent male photographers.

I’m not sure

"The Boat that Rocked" Premiere (McCartney! Halliwell! ... some of the cast!!)

For this premiere, I didn’t just see Yellow Cap Guy, I was actually right NEXT to him. I even learned that he has a first name!. However, I’m making the executive call that to reveal it would be to diminish his awesomeness. So I won’t.…

Intriguingly, this movie is/was called “Pirate Radio” for its American release

Massive ensemble cast, however the three actors I most wanted to photograph on acting grounds a) didn’t attend (Philip Seymour-Hoffman, Emma Thompson) and b) slipped by me surreptitiously while I was distracted, probably by Gemma Arterton and Talulah Riley (Kenneth Brannagh)

At this early stage in the proceedings, Photo for the Day was Henry the Red Carpet Vacuum’s title to lose…

Organisers for the London Marathon were desperate to increase television ratings… and for what it was

Fast & Furious Premiere, London (Diesel(ish)! Walker! Brewster! Rodriguez!)

NOTE : if the following journal is filled with blank pages, it’s probably because Facebook (awesome people that they are) have shafted me by moving all the links (again). Still, feel free to SEE THIS JOURNAL IN ITS ORIGINAL FORM ON FACEBOOK

It’s premiere… uh… five (or is it six?) for the month and this one I took seriously enough to head out of work slightly early for. Why? Because…. because.. I own a Nissan Pulsar, okay? And I don’t drive it but I understand why, no matter how bad your car is, it’s YOURS and it’s special.

Or something.

Jordana Brewster sure is pretty…

Fast & the Furious. It’s the movie that reunites the key four castmembers of the first film in a movie that shares the same title but for the word ‘The’ and has the tag-line ‘different model – same parts’. Cute.

“Are you su

Movie Premieres

Want to find out when I post new premieres?
It’s probably easiest to follow me on Facebook

Have camera, will travel. Am single, can be home anytime I please. That’s the way it is for now. And even though I’m in self-imposed exile from Redbubble owing to a case of mistaken identity (I thought Redbubble supported artists…), I’m still doing them and have started my own site for movie premieres

What premieres have I done there that aren’t here on RB? Only the following:

Begin Again – Knightley! Ruffalo! Corden
Doctor Who Season8 Launch – Capaldi and Coleman from a Stairwell!
Expendables III – Sly! Snipes! Statham! Banderas!
Guardians of the Galaxy – Pratt! Gunn! Saldana! Vin Diesel in Moonboots!
Inbetweeners 2 – some young kids and actors playing their parents!
Maze Runner – Apple Store Event

'The Damned United Premiere' (Broadbent! Sheen! Umm...!)

It’s a movie about soccer (the locals call it ‘football’) and up until about 24 hours earlier I assumed it had to do with Manchester United. That wasn’t the case (it’s Leeds United) but to be frank that made little difference – I’d show up if I had nothing better to do, which in this case was the case since I had leftovers in the fridge!…

This premiere wasn’t one I had particularly bold ambitions for, which was good because the one actor I wanted to show up (Colm Meaney) didn’t, and two actors who weren’t in the film I wasn’t in a position to photograph (Battlestar Galactica’s Jamie Bamber and Harry Potter’s Emma Watson). Never mind..

Michael Sheen plays the lead character in this film (I don’t know who that is), and the character of Prime Minster Tony Blair in the film ‘The Queen’

He’s so

'Nightwish' in Concert, Brixton

As soon as I finished taking snaps of the Monsters and Aliens Premiere last Wednesday, I headed off to watch a band called ‘Nightwish’ play at the Brixton Academy. They’re from Finland, and their genre is ‘Symphonic Metal’.…

With an iPod already containing the likes of Beethoven, Taylor Swift, Def Leppard, Lidnsay Lohan, Marilyn Manson, John Williams, Limp Bizkit, Jay Chou, Hans Zimmer and Tiziano Ferro, why wouldn’t there be a Symphonic Metal band from Finland? And why wouldn’t I see them in concert?

They were… well….. loud. But good.

“We’re the lead-in band and we’re called ‘Pain’, but we’re here to tell you that health and safety is no laughing matter. If you see anything dangerous please let the management know. And now, here’s our next song, called ‘Hunting You Down To Kill You’. Rock

Monsters vs Aliens Premiere (Witherspoon! Sutherland!)

Is Reese Witherspoon pretty? Is Kiefer Sutherland fairly awesome? Is that lady on stilts tall? Does that guy REALLY provide the voice of the Gingerbread Man in the Shrek films? (Was I going to this premiere even though I had a Nightwish concert in about two hours to get to?)…

The answer to all these questions?… Yes!

Sure, it’s from the people who brought you Shrek and Shrek2. But remember, they also brought you Shrek3.

Yellow Cap Guy gets the media attenion he may so richly deserve.

I hereby retract any statements I may have previously made to the effect of Reese Witherspoon not being pretty.

Kiefer Sutherland had to leave the premiere early to defend Democracy rather than promote an animated Dreamworks movie. (Actually, that’s not true, but if any actor could do that, it would be him)


'Duplicity Premiere', London (Julia Roberts and Clive Owen Showed)

Today was premiere number three of the ten scheduled for the month of March. Tomorrow there’s another one, which I may need to give a miss as I have a concert I’m going to. (Then again, maybe I could briefly swing by Leicester Square before that…?)…

“Tom, I’m standing here in Leicester Square for tonight’s premiere. Julia Roberts may attend. Clive Owen may attend. The dude with the Pentax is almost certainly going to be here. But everyone’s wondering : Where is Yellow Cap Guy?”

“OMG! OMG! It’s! It’s! Wait… there’s not even a car here yet, why are we going nuts already?” Today’s premiere was a bit weirder than most. And, possibly coincidentally, there were more Germans around…

“And you’re positive this thing won’t suck out my soul?” Tony Gilroy directed this film. Interestingly, I’d never h

One Photo Per Day 16th Feb - 5th March

A slightly shorter tha usual instalment owing to the Gregorian Calendar and the number of days in February. But hey, that just means less photos to wade through. No travel in this period, but beyond that it wasn’t too bad at all. In fact, I think this is a record for most journal entries written in relation to a ‘photo per day’ entry (three premieres, an awards show and an impromptu BBC rooftop gig will do that!)…

Here’s how it went down:

February 16th. Uber-producer Jerry Bruckheimer attends the premiere of the film Confessions of a Shopaholic . I’d like to get Jerry Bruckheimer to produce my next four pieces of Analytics Insight, because I feel my wok needs more explosions, hyper-saturated contrasts, 2.35:1 aspect ratios and a stirring score by Trevor Rabin and Hans Zimmer.

February 17.

'The Young Victoria' Charity Screening/Premiere (Royalty and Cast attended!)

The second premiere in two days following yesterday’s Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson Premiere and there’s still another 8 left to go this month.…

Young Victoria’. Unlikely to feature helicpoter gunships or even a half-decent car-chase.

In keeping with the royal theme, the red carpet was more of a puce? lilac? mauve? …. something as simple as purple? carpet

Rupert Friend. He plays… oh I don’t know. Some kind of teen vampire or court jester or prince in the movie. My usually diligent research on all things royal has let me down rather badly just this once

Emily Blunt, who plays The Young Victoria. Why does Sydney’s Queen Victoria Building have a large statue of a seated OLD Queen Victoria, when a younger standing version could be the alternative? Along with being pretty, the actress seemed

'Marley & Me' Premiere Photos, London (Yes, Jennifer Aniston showed)

Marley and Me. Starring Rachel from Friends and Hansel from Zoolander. And a dog. This was a bit of a no-brainer, to be honest. Premiere 1 of 10 scheduled in London this month. (Eek!). There’s another one scheduled tomorrow, as is rain in London. Outstanding……

I’d like to think I framed this deliberately for the dog and the microphone but this was actually one of the most hasty shots, taken after I realised I really needed to take this one before I ran out of batteries.

She thinks male models are vain, stupid, and incredibly self-centered. (But what does she think about male models?) (it’s a Zoolander reference…. Zoolander starred Owen Wilson…) (really?)

“Wait… the files are IN the computer??”

Hail to the King. Yellow Cap Guy wins this round, I actually had a rare failure with my camera se

U2's gig on the roof of BBC House, London

I have six of their albums and the gig was after work hours. So, yeah…when Charlize Theron again proved noncommital on the whole romantic dinner thing, I decided to head on down to Regent Street, eventually settling on a position at least 50 metres away, K10D and 90mm f2.8 in tow (not ideal shooting conditions, but then again last time I tried to photograph U2 it was using a 3megapixel point-and-shoot from the halfway line of Stadium Australia).…

And since it was a free concert, so I was hardly going to say no!

It was a ‘surprise gig’ but the evidence was out there for anyone walking past BBC House that day that somethat was going to happen (and it wasn’t a Miley Cyrus concert….).

Adam Clayton and The Edge exit BBC Radio 2 less than an hour before their ‘surprise’ ‘mystery’ gig.


'Watchmen' World Premiere, London (Pretty much everyone showed)

Ooh! A world Premiere – how exciting. It means a lot more stars turning up, for one thing. And for another, it’s the highly anticipated “Watchmen” – based on a graphic novel which made it onto Time Magazine’s top 100 novels of all time list, has the director of the film ‘300’ looking after it… and a Swedish actress in skin-tight latex.…

Literary pretentions, stylised violence or hot actresses… take your pick if you want to justify going to see it! I certainly will, on the basis of all three, too!

One downside : the cast is not (yet) Hollywood A-List and the movie posters all show them in costume, and I haven’t read the book/novel/comic so the characters’ names mean nothing to me. I’ll muddle through somehow…

“This movie is not based on a comic book. It’s a GRAPHIC NOVEL. That means it’s Se

Brit Awards, taken from a considerable distance.

I would like to start of by thanking The Law, which would let me father a child despite just about every major psychological reason why that might be a bad idea, yet decided today that I didn’t have the right to stand on a stool where I wouldn’t block anybody, or impede anyone’s view on the OFF CHANCE I impaled myself on a fence I wasn’t leaning on or near. And wouldn’t accept a compromise whereby I’d stay a respectful distance from the fence but where I still wouldn’t block anyone.…

Anyway, what this hiccup meant was that I was reduced to shoting the Brit Awards Red Carpet from all the way across the road, on a stool on a raised platform next to a bus stop where a Reuters dude had set up a video camera with a zoom much bigger than the 90mm f2.8 had ratcheted onto my Pentax K10D.

The resul

One Photo per Day 26th Jan - 15th Feb

It was a batch of days that included skiing in italy, Venice and just in time to prevent a three week period not featuring a single celeb, 2009 Grammy Award winner Duffy on the 12th February (just in time!)…

January 26th. Hyde Park Mansions, Edgeware Road. Oh, and Happy Australia Day – I celebrated it by drinking Vodka and Pepsis (it’s what I’d do if I was in Sydney…)

January 27th. Elevator in the workplace. Great… like I need yet another thing to discourage me from coming in to the office…

January 28th. Rain. London. As distinct from most other days (the weather has actually been relatively good – albeit a little cold – over winter)

January 29th. Making the block around Highbury & Islington look interesting is a bit of a challenge, so I decided not to fight it.

January 30th. London Univer

Confessions of a Shopaholic (Jerry Bruckheimer showed??)

Why would uber-producer Jerry Bruckheimer show up to a chick-flick premiere, even if he did produce the thing? Who knows….…

Confessions of a Shopaholic. To be honest, I’d have shown up for an even chance of a good photo of Australia’s Own Isla Fisher. That didn’t wholly eventuate, however I got very lucky with the inexplicable arrival of executive producer Jerry (FREAKING) Bruckheimer (!!) (Sorry for the spoiler. But you’re already on this page…)

Prior to the premiere they had some models do an impromptu runway walk. Good practice for me, shooting between poles, police, security people and ‘rival’ cameramen.

Uber-producer Jerry Bruckheimer. His movie credits include producing Top Gun, Flashdance, Days of Thunder, Crimson Tide, Beverly Hills Cop, Bad Boys 1 and 2, Dangerous Minds, The Rock,

2008 Movie Awards

Every year a friend and I look back at the movies we’ve seen over the year and provide a varied set of awards to the things that irritated us most. Many of these ‘awards’ are highly esoteric (the annual ‘John Malkovich vs Willem Dafoe’ Award which goes to whichever of those actors had the worst performance in a movie this year) and massively subjective (‘worst product placement by the Pepsi company this year’). This year, the added issue was that (1) my friend wasn’t around to help me collaborate and we ran behind schedule so I had to do these myself, and (2) I didn’t watch that many films in 2008.…

In fact, I only watched Hancock, Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Crystal Skull, The Happening, Australia, The Dark Knight, Tropic Thunder, Wall-E, Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, Cloverfield

One Photo per Day 6th Jan - 25th Jan

Back at work and back to the daily grind, but with a surprisingly large number of celebrities attending four different premieres and visiting BBC Radio1 as well. Then there was a frozen lake and a glass with bubbles and a whole lot of things.…

January 6th. For the first time, I left home without a single SD card. I wasn’t yet committed to going to he ‘Defiance’ premiere so I held off buying a card just for the day. Then I saw the sunrise in the sky in the direction of Westminster and my course was set. The Defiance Premiere wasn’t too bad either.

January 7th, Kings Cross St Pancras station. And all I really wanted to do was take a photo of a bus 8)

January 8th. Dev Patel, lead actor in the film ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ leaves BBC Radio1. The Paparazzi in this one are demonstrating co-ordinate

Valkyrie Premiere, London (yes, Tom and Katie showed)

Damn this was a tough one. I arrived late(ish), shifted location twice, and the action was either a long way away or blocked by a wall of Paparazzi and a 2m high hoarding. The stool was pulling double shift, and the results were, under the circumstances, pleasing.…

Valkyrie. Tom Cruise brings his own security to these events. Honestly :premieres in London already feature police and security in place. But Tom Cruise brought more security. And ninjas. (You couldn’t see the ninjas, they were that good…)

It’s TomKat!! Albeit from a distance of 40metres, so the shot was next to impossible to take. Reall, I should be fairly happy with it. But just a little bit more zoom wouldn’t have gone astray. Their car took them all the way up the red carpet, where he and she posed for the Paps and then he

Revolutionary Road (yes, Kate + Leo showed) Premiere, London

The crowd for this one, like the last one, was a little bit excessively enthusiastic at times. More so probably because this was a weekend premiere, and diehards who are ordinarily employed during the week had a chance to line up earlier than they otherwise would (this may or may not have included me).…

And with a gorgeous lead actress attending the premiere for a movie she’s starring in for the first time in, like, a month, you can understand the excitement. Oh, and some dude called ‘Leonardo Di Caprio’ was going to show up, it was rumoured. And a couple of people seemed excited about that too.

Leo! Kate! Jack! Rose! Director Sam Mendez didn’t attend! For all I know, nobody else of the cast did either! I barely bothered to take photos of anybody else even so!!

It’s the international symbo

7 Pounds premiere (yes, Will Smith showed)

7 pounds. Haven’t heard that much that makes me want to see it, but that’s never been an impediment to going to a premiere before. So, stool in tow for added elevation (with Will Smith expected, crowds would no doubt be big) I headed over to Leicester Square.…

It wasn’t an easy premiere, and stars Rosario Dawson and Woody Harrelson didn’t attend. But when Will Smith is in the place, it’s always a party. The guy is a champ.

There were rumours a big star was going to make an appearance in Leicester Square, and my money was on it being Philip Seymour Hoffman. Call it a hunch…

“Umm…Georgia? I’m not so sure it’s going to be Sean Penn”

Will Smith! Woo! Never has a star been so eager to sign autographs, pose for photos, do multiple circuits of the fans around the place, and even use breaks in int

"Defiance" Premiere (yes, Daniel Craig showed)

Movie premieres! They’re back like they were only gone for a couple of weeks. Which they were. This one was for a WW2 era film called “Defiance”, directed by Ed Zwick and starring Daniel Craig (insert scream if you’re female of any age), Jamie Bell (insert another scream if you’re female and younger), Liev Schreiber (I’m really not sure… do what you feel you must) and my personal favourite though I’d never heard of her before tonight, Alexa Davalos.…

This one wasn’t bad, only the photography in some cases was. But steady on, it was my first one in almost three weeks. I was bound to be rusty!

_"Ed, this may be the only time I ever say this, but my eyes are down here"

“Damnit, lift your game, Ed. You know that’s not what I meant”

Look, it’s Satsuki Mitchell!! (Oh, and Daniel Craig)

The screa

One Photo Per Day 16th Dec - 5th Jan

No international trips, no movie premieres, and only one incidental celebrity shot. Did I hate every minute of what most a quiet time at work followed by almost two weeks spent mostly at home.…

Oh. Hell. No.

It was fantastic and it was relaxing, and I think that comes through in some of the photos…. and the fact that after just one day back at work I’m roiling to murder an entire I.T. Department with my bare hands doesn’t mean to take anything away from how fantastic a break it was and how much I needed it. Even if it couldn’t prepare me for a return to the daily grind. At least two of my six new years resolutions are looking shakey, and neither of them are the one I’d want to miss if I had a choice. Argh.

Anyway, it’s probably an aberration. And I hope you had a great Christmas, a wonderf

Six New Years Resolutions

I’ve given these some thought, and although I’m a believer that you can make resolutions at any time, there seems something nice about formalising them to coincide with a calendar change. And more so committing them to paper (ummm… website). So here they are:…

1. One Photo Per Day. I’ve been doing this since March 25th last year (with one exception, but that was before I formally adopted the practice and looked back to March 25th as a good start day and realised I’d missed a day after that). It’s really improved my photography, it’s encouraged me to stay active and to explore and experiment.

2. Find a third signature dish. Pasta and Stirfry are two dishes and they rock because they’re almost infinitely variable and customisable, yet can also be created quickly. But I feel I need a third d

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