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Bernd Talasch doesn’t remember being hatched in a research laboratory in Omaha in the late 1950s so maybe that never happened....


Hancock Premiere, earlier this year

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Just for completeness’ sake, here’s the first London Premiere I went to this year. I was just a young lad back then, with little idea of whether I’d even be able to cope with Charlize Theron walking past within a couple of meters of me.

Actually, I’d say even now after a LOT of premieres this year (refer below), this is still the one with the two biggest stars (sorry, Al Pacino and Robert De Niro). And with JASON BATEMAN thrown in to boot! (Who?? Jason BATEMAN, man!!")

Here’s how it went….

“Do you really think Jason Bateman will turn up? That would be SO sweet…”

In all the pandemonium, sometimes you forget it’s not about a studio flying out big stars to a major market in order

One Photo Per Day 26th Nov - 15th Dec

It was a fairly interesting past 20 days, with some relatively big premieres, some celebs, a Norwegian fir tree and a trip to Amsterdam along with a steadily decreasing amount of sunlight. What will the next 20 days bring? Well, according to where the winter solstice lies, presumably even less sunlight. Wooho!…

November 26th. It’s the synchronicity in the expression of the seller and the picture on the newspaper that I love. Location : near Victoria Station.

November 27th. Walked back to St Pancras after our trivia night : our team came second, and our prize was beer!! (wait… I don’t really drink beer)

November 28th. It’s getting colder and I’m tending not to wander too far away from the office for my daily photo, because it makes my sherpa and huskies nervous…

November 29th. The city of

Australia Premiere, London

Two premieres in two days? Bring it! And if I didn’t have a Christmas dinner to go to tomorrow, I could make it three with an alleged Adam Sandler / Courtney Cox premiere in Kensington tomorrow.…

But hey, the unflappable and suave Hugh Jackman, gorgeous Nicole Kidman and …. Baz Luhrman in London is something that even somebody as apparently tenuously Aussie as I am needs to go see…

It’s Australia! In.. um… England! I’m Aussie enough to fight the cold for this one, and only complain occasionally about how my fingers appear to be getting rather frostbitten.

Hugh Jackman says: “No, I am not Wolverine in real life and no, I will not spike your mother-in-law. Thanks for asking, though!” Gotta love Hugh’s tact…

Writer/Director Baz Luhrman (who also did Strictly Ballroom, Romeo+Juliet and Moulin

Yes Man Premiere

I actually hadn’t heard of Jim Carrey’s latest film until I became aware of today’s premiere yesterday. Not that I can’t change my…uh… busy plans quickly. Besides, I walked away from the ‘Twilight’ premiere last week because of all the screaming teenage girls five deep and felt like I needed something to compensate!…

I like Jim Carrey. I just sometimes wish they’d give him an Academy Award already (even for best costume if necessary) so that he stops taking Dramatic Roles

They kept the crowd entertained for a little while. They may also have contributed to me not strangling the lady in front of my who wouldn’t stop bending down to get yet ANOTHER thing out of her freakin’ bag.

Cute reporter working for MTV. (In the absence of anything else to photograph….)

Mr Carrey’s Limo driver picked up

One Photo Per Day 6th - 25th November

It seems a while since I was in Dubai however these past twenty days haven’t exactly been shabby either. Two movie premieres, one of which featured THE QUEEN – Queen Elizabeth II, which was pretty much assured of photo of the day unless I could somehow get both Charlize Theron and Me into a photo at the same time… and I couldn’t.…

Anyway, here’s how it went down:

November 6th. En route to Hook. This shot might have been of Ridley Scott or Leonardo DiCaprio for the premiere of “Body of Lies” had there not been a team meeting away from London. Then again… photo of a train…

November 7th. Section of the Fitzrovia Mural in London, off Tottenham Street. There are no less than 4 Caffe Neros close to here, so this photo was always going to be taken sooner or later.

November 8th. Boom! (oh, and I

Madagascar 2 Premiere, London

Less than a week after snapping HRH Queen Elizabeth II herself in Leicester Square, the fans were out again for the Premiere of the Dreamworks animated film “Madagascar : Back2Africa”. The forecast for Sunday over the past five days had alternated between possible snow (!!), sleet (!), heavy rain and light rain, and as it turned out the weather limited itself to the latter two. However, rain and premieres are uneasy bedfellows at best.…

With that in mind, here’s how it went:

Madagascar 2. The stars were all there, except David Schwimmer. Which is odd, because seriously, what’s he done since the previous Madagascar??

“Sorry, kids. Notice the lack of opposable thumbs? We ain’t signing nothing!”

This lady seemed to think that Ben Stiller had the power to bless babies. She must have stood ther

Royal Film Performance 2008 Premiere

NOTE : If all the pictures in this journal are missing, it’s because Facebook has done something stupid to make me regret ever using them as a makeshift storage medium. But if you really want to see the images, THE ALBUM WITH COMMENTARY IS IN THIS LINK

I didn’t get to go to the ‘Body of Lies’ premiere because, well, I’m actually employed. In a capacity other than going to movie premieres. Still, this one was supposedly going to be ‘huge’ because it was this year’s Royal Film Performance movie, and even though I’d heard (though I couldn’t immediately place) some of the actors in the film ‘A Bunch of Amateurs’, there were rumours (based on the word ‘Royal’ in the phrase ‘Royal Film Performance’) that The Queen might attend. And that was worth braving the… actually it didn’t rain and it wasn

The Monopoly Tour of London

London is a city whose major streets are immortalised in the Parker Bros boardgame Monopoly. So it made sense to celebrate moving there by doing the tour of the various properties. It took weekends over a six+ month period (there were a couple of us participating) but I reckon it was worth it.…

I love how even now, years later, you can see the progression in the wealth and opulence of the various addresses. Yes, there have been some elevations and some falls from grace, but overall the rankings have remained fairly apt.

Here they all are:

Old Kent Road (purple 1 of 2). The game starts here, and here is… kind of nowhere, in the context of London.

Whitechapel Road (purple 2 of 2). It’s in quite an ethnic location, close to Brick Lane where there are a lot of Indian restaurants.

The Angel, Is

One Photo Per Day : 16th October - 5th November

A big three weeks, charting the continuation of my holiday, a return to London, a movie premiere and a Vogue event, an Austrian supercar and the onset of winter. Would you believe that a photo of the actor who plays Mini-Me on a mobility scooter, one of the hosts of the BBCs Top Gear, members of the band Take That and Spongebob Squarepants all failed to make it to this selection? We live in strange times, indeed.…

October 16th. After thinking for about 15 minutes, I finally found an angle of the Sydney Opera House I hadn’t previously taken of photo of. Woohoo!!

October 17th. A quintessentially Aussie sight (and might I draw your attention to the rather neat panning of this particular shot, taken from a car in motion?)

October 18th. My Etihad flight was due to arrive in Abu Dhabi moments pa

Quantum of Solace Premiere, London

Advance apologies for this one. No, I didn’t photograph the Princes Harry and William, or Samantha Bond, or Giancarlo Giannini, or Bob Geldof, or Jack White. And the photos I did take of Olga Kurylenko, Gemma Arterton, Judi Dench, Robbie Coltrane and various semi-unidentifiable celebrities all suffer from what you’d generally call “a lack of light”.…

Which is bound to happen in England when the sun sets around 5pm and stars arrive at premieres around 6pm and the floodlights are only in the hoarded-up parts of Leicester Square where ‘special people’ are allowed. (Not that I’m bitter!)

Anyway, the best of what I was able to get were:

I have no problem with this photo. I took it yesterday during the daytime.

(Far left) – Barbara Broccoli has been the producer of the last five or six (or seven

One Photo Per Day : 26th September - 15th October

I’ve been absent from The Bubble for a little while, as I’ve been on holiday, and one that straddled two adjacent Photo For The Day journals. This is the first one:…

September 26th. The peaceful early morn in St Albans, all still and calm in the hours before I.T. starts to make promises they don’t intend to keep.

September 27th. This unusually useful bit of graffiti in Hatfield reads: “Every moment wasted is a moment the opponent trains. When you meet him he will win”. (Damnit, those hour-long coffees for breakfast are going to cost me…)

September 28th. Yes, it’s pretty, but also: why do shops close at 4pm on Sunday? (and more to the point, what on earth am I going to have for dinner now??)

September 29th. Elversham Hall, west of London. It has a conservatory, library, stables converted in

One Photo Per Day : 6th-25th September

Part IX continues on from Part VIII , I think this may be the first set of 20 or so shots that didn’t involve a photo taken outside England. Then again, it does feature Al Pacino, Jack Black and a building in the ‘Brutalist’ style. Actually, there’s far too many celeb shots in this lot… I think I need to schedule more holidays!)…

September 6th. St Albans. And…. I have nothing to add.

September 7th. Canal on Maida Vale. Better photos were taken today, and even on my camera. But not by me, which is kind of a problem. Never mind, it was a good day anyway.

September 8th. This is Trellick Tower in London. Awesomeness part 1 : its architectural style: ‘Brutalism’. Awesomeness part 2 : the architects name : ‘Erno Goldfinger’.

September 9th. St Pancras Train Station, containing 2 Cafe Neros, two P

How to Lose Friends....etc Premiere, London

I’ll tell you how to lose friends and alienate people : you cast a movie with Kirsten Dunst and Megan Fox, then have a world premiere in London where neither show up. Seriously! Then again, the criteria for me to go to these things is that at least some grade of celebrity shows up, so off I went……

… even though it was dark and overcast and dull and dreary, the results were better than they would have been had I not shown up out at all, which is generally a good thing!

Only 1 of the the 4 people on this poster actually showed up to the ‘World Premiere’. Kind of a shame, since 2 of the 4 are very pretty (sorry, Simon Pegg… you’re not. Thanks for turning up,though!).

No Megan Fox at the premiere. It goes without saying that I was devastated.

Actor Simon Pegg. ‘Shaun of the Dead’ was brilliant

Tropic Thunder Premiere Photos

A mere two days after the Righteous Kill Premiere I had a chance at another one. This one was the Jack Black, Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jnr comedy ‘Tropic Thunder’. I think the people at work know that I take my job seriously, I just suspect they assume photography is my job and I do spreadsheeting and SAS programming on the side……

I’d prefer not to comment!

Between them, Jack Black, Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Junior have exactly one (1) Academy Award and no (0) Grammy Award nominations, and no wins. No offence, but Robert De Niro can’t walk to the local shops without winning a primetime Emmy for it.

The camouflage-green carpet for the Tropic Thunder premiere. Cute!

Jack Black doing what Jack Black does. Except more weirdly!!

Still owes me $5….

Ben Stiller.. nobody makes him bleed his

Righteous Kill Premire London

NOTE : If the images of this image are ever blank, chances are the links are broken somewhere, but in all likelihood the awesomeness of DeNiro, Pacino and Cent are STILL HERE IN THE FACEBOOK ALBUM LINK

Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro, two very fine actors. Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, a very fine rapper. Jon Avnet (who?), a producer of some surprising movies. And Donny Wahlberg, who had better things to do than show up. AND Yellow Cap Guy. AND the usual slew of celebrities I’ve never heard of, and with a new rule in play : if I don’t know who they are, I’m just going to guess, based on whatever criteria I deem necessary.

Righteous Kill" I’ll admit I hadn’t heard of the film until I did a check of upcoming premieres in London and this one kind of leapt out since it starred 50 Cent and Donnie Wahl

One Photo Per Day : 16th August - 5th September

Continuing on from Part VII here is another fairly big set of 20 days for Part VIII, encompassing a music festival, a movie premiere, a 10km run, a German capital, Will Ferrell and the absence of Keira Knightley.…

August 16th, V Festival Chelmsford. Alanis Morissette was once thinner, and I once had more hair. Touche.

August 17th, V Festival Chelmsford. Saw Amy Winehouse, Sons of Albion, Gabriella Cilmi, the Young Knives… and Girls Aloud striking poses that will keep me warm on cold winter nights to come. But photo for the day for the best performance of the day goes to Lenny Kravitz.

August 18th, cool building sign, New Cavendish Street London. In other news… Great Britain are doing particularly well in the Olympic Medal Tally. Which, as somebody from Australia, concerns me somewhat.


RockNRolla Premiere, London

Note : if the photos in this journal are ever missing, and you really wanna relive a period when Madonna and Guy Ritchie were still married, chances are THE ALBUM IS STILL ON FACEBOOK HERE

After a (dare I say it) almost pleasant month long break in movie premieres in London, the season is back, with RockNRolla getting its premiere in Leicester Square last night.

In attendance was the usual batch of a couple of actors I’d heard of, a much larger batch of ones I hadn’t, and a lot of celebrities I didn’t recognise. I was lucky – I walked there after a slight early mark from work, and found a spot right behind two old (and more importantly short) ladies who were there to see Gerard Butler. I was there to see Jeremy Piven (oh, okay, and Thandie Newton), so we’d soon see whose expectations were

V-Festival, Chelmsford, August 16-17

Through an amazing series of circumstances, I secured tickets to V-Festival at Chelmsford. VIP ones, too, which meant free food and drinks and a better class of camping facilities. (I celebrated this by not drinking that much, not eating that much, and commuting to and from Chelmsford both days. It was all about the photos… I mean MUSIC. It was all about the music.) So here’s some photos!…

Spearhead and Michael Franti. It’s nice to have a double act with an “and” between them, rather than the ubiquitous “Feat.” of Rap/RNB or “’VS” which you occasionally get in Dance.

Beth Rowley. Sort of a cabaret style singer in one of the smaller stages – pity I couldn’t focus more closely and sharply on her without losing the nice colour of the background and dress.

Sugababes. How much street cred can I

One Photo Per Day : 26th July - 15th August

continues from Part VI

Well, it’s been another twenty days, during which I spent two in Bruges, one viewing the mighty Bugatti Veyron at the London Motor Show, one fighting the crowds at the X-Files premiere and several others scratching my head and wondering what to photograph today (leaves, a cup of coffee and a building that looks like a face were among those things).

So… here’s ‘One Photo Per Day : Part VII’:

July 26th. Brugge, Belgium. My 4th floor room at the Hotel De Markies was small and had no airconditioning and a window with a view of nothing. The always open fire escape door next to my room, however….

July 27th. The large clock tower in Brugge, Belgium, looks like it should have a glowing red eye hovering above it to look like the tower in Lord of the Rings. Oh, and Dr Evil wa

X-Files : I want to Believe Premiere, London

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This may be the last big one for a while – I’m not going to Hellboy2 tomorrow and my keynote website doesn’t list any big upcoming premieres. Sure, there’s another Harry Potter due and a new James Bond film before the end of the year, but for now, I’ll be fine.

Anyway this one was for the X-Files sequel “I want to Believe” – Xzibit and Billy Connolly didn’t grace the red carpet but creator Chris Carter and main actors David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson did.

And of course, it was another chance for me to photograph various celebrities and still have no idea who any of them were. Oh, and take photos of the pretty ladies…. very, very surreptitiously.


One Photo Per Day VI : 6th - 25th July

continues from Part V

I’m still loving the motivation of taking one photo per day – it keeps me moving, it keeps me exploring, and it keeps me excited about where I live.

It also reminds me of a time when I used to want to write, but kept finding excuses not to. And then one day I read a quote which basically says that a writer writes meaning I guess you can’t call yourself a writer or even an aspiring one if you never do any.

But as long as I keep taking one photo per day I feel I can (at least to myself) call myself “A Photographer”!

6th July. Scotland Day 3. Just another roadside castle in a paddock. It’s hard to be blase about such things, I’m still trying…

7th July. Back in London. I’m not so much of a fan of ‘The Gherkin’. Usually I want to make people taking photos of it turn aroun

Dark Knight Premiere, London

If the photos in this journal are ever missing, head over to facebook where the original journal can be found INSERT LINK HERE

This wasn’t an easy premiere for somebody who wasn’t 7 feet tall, or unemployed and thus capable of getting in line some time around noon. Being neither, I nonetheless I got out of work slightly earlier than usual…. and had no luck finding a good place.

Yet I had unaccountable luck in key moments from my vantagepoint about four or five rows back in the crowd. Basically, the strategy was setting my K10D to rapid fire, continuous-tracking autofocus, and ISO800 and f6.7 to support faster shutter speeds. Then, hold aloft, high and blind, and pray.

I took over 900 shots, 90% of them blind and with a 50mm prime (an interesting choice of lens in retrospect. Good when it

Wall-E Premiere, London

Note : if the photos in this journal are ever missing, feel free to click HERE

I live in London. The rent is expensive, the food is expensive, public transport is expensive… basically, it’s expensive. But (for now) it’s still free to find a queue and join it, and if it’s for the premiere of the lastest Pixar Blockbuster in Leicester Square, then all the better. I mean, I’d gotten shots of Charlize Theron, Will Smith and some Jason Bateman dude at ‘Hancock’ a fortnight earlier…

… more so, it was a pleasant Sunday afternoon, it was a mass of people, and a whole lot of celebrities I’ve never heard of (plus two I had). And I had my camera and a decent enough lens. What was I going to do… have lunch?

Not a chance.

Wall-E rolls out onto the carpet. It was a particularly impressive, well-articul

One Photo Per Day V : 16th June - 5th July

continues from part IV

Scotland, Squirrels, Harry Potter, Charlize Theron, Sunsets at five minutes before midnight, and a Mercedes McLaren 722/SLR. If I said The Hoff features as well, would you even believe me? It all happened….

June 16th. “When Dreaming Ends”. Was my rather morose mood due to Austria losing 1-0 to Germany; five vodka and Pepsis consumed about the same time; some kind of relationship realisation; or just another day in futile pursuit of Virgin’s nebulous IT Department? Hard to say..

June 17th. St Pauls Church in Convent Garden. Later that day, actresses Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller were besieged by the Paparazzi near our building at work. But I missed that. Because I’m diligent at work. (Mostly)

Subject: Actress and Academy Award Winner Charlize Theron.
Location: Lei

One Photo Per Day IV : 26th May - 15th June

continues from part III

When last I wrote, I was in Oslo. And even though the trip back to London was one of the longer ones I can remember (head hit pillow about 4am, and I had to go to work the next day), things did develop somewhat from there.

It went a little something like this:

26th May. Oslo. This statue in the foreground of the Oslo Royal Palace is of King Karl Johan, and proves that no matter what wonders you accomplish in your life, if they make a statue of you, a pigeon will still roost on your head.

27th May. London Kings Cross St Pancras had some filming on the TV Show ‘Spooks’ happening today. The lady runs into the elevator, finds a guy shot in the head, and screams. Cut, print, that’s a wrap. Wait, no. Do it again. Anyone else wanna get shot?

28th May. Coloured tubing on t

One Photo Per Day III : 6th May - 25th May

continues from part 2

It’s been a pretty interesting batch of 20-odd days. I’ve (finally) started a new job, compromised the integrity of the ‘one photo per day’ challenge by taking too many photos within easy walking distance of the new office, and used the second of the two May long weekends to go to Oslo with friends. Did I take one photo per day? No… I took more!

6th May. The Eye Shadow. (Woo! Pun intended!) Admittedly, this rather fantastic visual comes at a price : the sun shining directly into your face when you attempt to take shots of Big Ben and Westminster

7th May. Do not adjust your set, this is England and that? Is blue sky and fresh young foliage. Somebody tell China to stop burning fossil fuels because this kind of weather is just wrong. (Also, pleasant!)

8th May. St Albans

One Photo Per Day II : 15th April - 5th May

continues from part 1

Another batch of shots-per-day. I’m enjoying the challenge so far. Being in a new country makes taking your camera everywhere a lot easier!

15th April. Why I like drinking coffee at Puccino’s in St Albans. Even the sugar packets contain subversive messages like “Pour coffee into sachet”, “Rattle in background to create atmos”(phere) and “Pillow for Earphone”. And when you buy a coffee they give you a free “Stupid little biscuit”, and if you pay your bill you’ll receive a “Useless bit of chocolate”. Fun!

16th April. Somewhere near Convent Garden walking to make time before an interview I saw this little mural on a wall. Eek!

17th April. Okay, so what if the interview with ‘Group MB’ ended up being rather uncomfortable if not outright confrontational? Check out the cut

One Photo Per Day 25th March - 14th April

Okay, so the thing is I’ve moved from Sydney Australia to the United Kingdom, which is something I can do because I’m lucky enough to carry an EU Passport. I also carry a Pentax K10D and a small but neat bunch of lenses (and when that is too heavy, I have a small Nikon Coolpix L11). So, as you can imagine, at least part of my charter in this strange new world is to leverage the excitement of exploration by taking photos.…

One photo (at least) per day, in fact, until I get bored or start watering down the rules or something.

I’ll probably only post these every 20 days or so.

So … here we go.

25th March. View of Sydney from plane window: a pleasant little farewell gift as I head for distant shores. (Is that a tear in my eye? Ummm… no? Okay, perhpas, then. But maybe it’s also the realisation t

A1GP Photos from Eastern Creek, Sydney

Okay, so the A1GP is kind of the Poor Man’s Formula 1… but the point is, I AM that poor man – so it seemed like a good idea to go, especially since it’s in my home town, I can drive there, and the price is relatively reasonable. (And many of the good photo opportunities are from the public viewing places).…

So I packed up the camera, gathered my lenses, forgot my sunscreen and umbrella (at least until the second day) and took… uh… several thousand photos. Well, this is why you have 9Gb of SD cards and spare batteries for your K10D.

And while rainy weather is bad for comfort levels if you’re a spectator, I found that it added a different dimension to the standard panning shots of fast-moving objects: Here’s less than a dozen resized photos:

From the rooftop of the Paddock Pass area ($20 upg

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait