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Cloud Atlas Premiere - Wachowskis! Whishaw! Broadbent!

A mere one day after the semi-failure of the premiere for Stoker- with Nicole Kidman and Mia Wasikowska it was time for another premiere at a different Curzon cinema. This one for the Wachowski’s latest : Cloud Atlas. Here’s how it went down:

It’s been out in the USA since late October last year – but it’s finally here! And they’ve got a Gala for it, no less. Unfortunately, unless you were in the first 40 people in line (aka : homeless or jobless?) you weren’t getting into the ‘special’ pen adjacent to the red carpet. Argh.

“Jane, you tell the plasterer I want it in pink or he needn’t bother. Oh, and have somebody punch the guy pulling a face behind me” Nothing gets past the mighty M&A Security at these events.

The Paparazzi have gotten their preferential pen, the first 40 people in the queue have got their ‘special people’ pen in front of the red carpet, and I’m standing across the road where passing through-traffic will interrupt the odd photograph. It’s totally Hollywood. Except nobody’s got a genuine tan and bleached teeth, and it’s about about 4 degrees celsius.

The first arrival is Jim Broadbent, who played Horace Slughorn in the Harry Potter movies, which thrilled the curiously young kids hanging around near where I was. He plays five (5) roles in the movie, which involves a lot of castmembers playing a lot of different roles. How does that compare to the rest of the attending cast, though? Read on..

“Harry and GINNY?? No Frikkin’ Way!! What about that Ron kid he kept hanging around with?”

“I’m going to have to take some time to process that” Jim Broadbent also played owner Harold Ziedler in Moulin Rouge which means he’s one of the few people at this premiere who can claim to be on my iPod!

Almost nobody in the past few decades has done ‘warily downbeat terrified Englishman’ like Hugh Grant. It’s enough to build a career off.

“I play SEVEN roles in the film?? I guess that explains all the costume changes.”

“That’s sweet – you drew a picture of me with love hearts and everything. And you’re how old? Forty-six! Well, thanks…” I’m yet to see Jim Sturgess in any movie in his filmography, but I did photograph him at the premiere of One Day – with Anne Hathaway

“I’m actually very proud to play a mere four roles in Cloud Atlas, as it equals the great Michael J Fox’s four roles in Back to the Future Part II (Marty, Marty’s Son, Old Marty, His Daughter)” James D’Arcy is absolutely right.

Also, James D’Arcy looks weirdly like the actor who plays the lead in Scott Pilgrim vs the World. That’s two wins in my book.

No idea. Everybody was screaming out “Ollie” but that could just as well been the brand of vest he was wearing.

Ben Whishaw is the new ‘Q’ in the Bond franchise. But don’t worry – if his character ever starts to get interesting that’s probably because they’re about to kill him off.

If I hadn’t recently watched Skyfall, I would have wondered why a member of the band Kasabian was at this premiere. Ben Whishaw’s Cloud Atlas Character Count : 5

“I’m just going to stand here until people stop telling me I look great” Jim Sturgesss plays seven roles in the film, which looks to be equal most alongside Hugh Grant. Meanwhile, Tom Hanks, Halle Berry and Hugo Weaving do six each. I’d like to think that even the caterers were also key grips and sound editors at various stages of the production.

“Took me only fourteen minutes to decide to leave my top button unbuttoned at this premiere, regardless of the temperatures” and THAT’s what success can be built on. I usually wear a t-shirt to these things, which is clearly where i got wrong (though I think ahead enough to usually wear many layers on top)

Lana, formerly Larry Wachowski has arrived, as has her brother Andy. They directed The Matrix Trilogy, V for Vendetta AND Speed Racer. No small feat – one of those had a monkey in a lead role!

Art By Lana (and possibly a slightly longer than necessary shutter speed on the Nikon). She was very nice : I even got an autograph : meaning I’m now only one Wachowski short of a Starship. Given they take, like, five years between movies I’m kind of concerned about completing that set.

Meanwhile,Tom Hiddleston. Side-Profile. No immediate connection with this film, but to be frank I’d have said yes to a free ticket to see the movie also. Might have worn a suit, probably not a tie. Once again.. this is presumably where I go wrong in my key decision making.

“Tom Hiddleston? Here? I should’ve shaved…”

Andy Wachowski’s beanie does not look as warm as the one I’m wearing right now. But the Mercedes he was driven to the event in probably does have climate control.

“Tom’s here. Just saying”

Cloud Atlas actually had THREE directors : Andy and Lana Wachowski and Tom Tykwer (who also did ‘Run Lola Run’). Now, since most of the actors in the cast play somewhere between five and eight characters, I’d say the directors were pulling comparatively light duty.

One more of the three Directors, and one HAD to wear a shirt white enough to throw off both the metering AND white balance on the photo. Well played, sir.

So… I guess that’s another entry for the Archive of Movie Premieres and another challenge to bring my core temperature back up above non-hypothermic.

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