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One Photo Per Day 12th Sep - 1 Oct

When I last updated, London had just finished hosting the Paralympics and though I didn’t say so at the time, between the Olympics and Paralympics I probably took 20,000 photos. Which, as my harddrive can attest, is a lot. But without these events, could I even pretend to lead any kind of interesting existence?

Here’s how the next three weeks went down:

12th September. London, sans Olympics. When are premieres starting again?

13th September. Woohoo!! Premieres have started again! Dakota Fanning attends the premiere of Now is Good

14th September. Sad days : after 8yrs 8months 9 days, the Chris Moyles show on BBC Radio1 ends. I’d been listening since I came to London and worked right across the road back in 2008, every day even when traveling around Europe and Japan, back in Australia and upon my return to London. Chris Moyles looks happy. I.. am happy for him, but not necessarily for me.

15th September. Wedding photography. I think I got at least two good shots as 3rd photographer. This is one.

16th September. London, England.

17th September. Autobot.

18th September. Into the garbage chute, flyboy.

19th September. Art. Galvin at Windows restaurant, London. Because every now and then I do find an excuse not to go cheap and fast in my lunchtime dining.

20th September. It’s not in Australia. (Some days I wish I had more wisdom to impart, though usually I don’t)

21st September. I got a new toy camera!!!

22nd September. I gotta recheck that folder. Surely photographing the royal family modelled in lego on a balcony in a toystore would be better than this (?)

23rd September. Those firelighters at 6 for GBP1 are proving to be a worthy investment. The photos are pretty easy, but the charcoal stains on my thumbs show that there is a price to be paid. I call this photo One Eight Hundredth which more or less covers the shutterspeed and also the fraction of shots taken that were this good and not considerably worse.

24th September. Got home. Watched Sliding Doors. Dear Gwyneth Paltrow from fifteen years ago, I know John Hannah is, in his own way, a handsome man. But he quotes Monty FRIKKIN Python. ANd not so much Monty Python as JUST ONE LINE from Monty Python. You can do better. So call me. You know… if you find a Time Machine….

25th September. Thought for the day : has there ever been a more advanced society that was fundamentally incapable of constructing a coffee table in a cafe that could achieve stability on a flat surface? We totally suck as a civilisation. It starts with making stable tables. It’s really not that hard.

26th September. Finally met one of my two neighbours. Also : learned that there are four doors in my corridor, so I actually have THREE neighbours. Weird.

27th September. Forget the guy being watched by the CCTV camera, that’s completely normal. The piece of paper, however, reads: “I WANT TO EXCHANGE MY 2 BEDROOM FOR 4 BEDROOM. I LIKE RIGHT OPPOSITE OF <THIS> PLACE.” That’s pretty targetted. I hope they also thought to drop a letter into the mailbox of the people Right Opposite…

28th September. This is London. Had a business meeting. Wore a shirt and trousers and everything. True story.

29th Sept. I got the Pile of Unwatched DVDs down to seven. But I won’t party too hard because in News From The Future, I’ll reduce it to six tomorrow and celebrate by buying three more cheap DVDs. Meanwhile, this can? I bought it because it looked cool. I doubt I’ll even open it… (refer also : Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup)

30th Sept. A discontinuity in St Albans. Not quite a disturbance in The Force, but kinda

1st October. Sure.

So… that was another one. Very few premieres, but I promise more are coming : London Film Festival is just days away (woo!)

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