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Flight premiere - Zemeckis! Washington! Reilly!

I’ve been back in London for 8 days, and this is already the third premiere I’ve been to, after Django Unchained and the little-known American Mary . This one was for the Robert Zemeckis-helmed “Flight”.

My spot was poor and the premiere space itself was small, but there is a place for a Samyang 8mm held aloft. If nothing else, for establishing shots. Not shown in picture : how cold it was. Temperatures were pretty much spot on zero degrees celsius in London. I was wearing layers.

It’s Robert Zemeckis!! He won an Oscar for Forrest Gump, but I’m kind of intrigued that according to imdb he’s better known for directing Back to the Future Part2 than the original Back to the Future…. (!)

Robert Zemeckis directed Who Framed Roger Rabbit AND wrote Bordello of Blood AND produced the Paris Hilton star vehicle House of Wax. But still… has an Oscar on his shelf.

“Magnum”? It’s not ready. He shouldn’t even be TALKING about it.

Two of the producers show up. Give wireimage a couple of hours to put their names up and I’ll get on that.

The lovely Kelly Reilly poses. She played Watson’s fiancee/wife in the two Guy Ritchie ‘Sherlock Holmes’ films.

I get the feeling that Robert Zemeckis doesn’t really want to hear about how my memories of the movie ‘Beowulf’ he directed will forever be tied to the fact that my car, which was parked outside while I watched it at the local cinema, was hail damaged by a heavy storm that took place while I sat inside. And since I really didn’t like the movie, I kind of blame him, even though my car was insured against hail damage… (like I said, I didn’t think he’d be interested)

“So anyway, apparently Dan Brown is writing a FOURTH book with the Tom Hanks character in it. Probably be awesome like the others. Anyway, just wanted to say that. I’m not disturbing you or anything?” It’s Kelly Reilly, and she’s acting polite!

Everybody has a best side. Kelly Reilly has a best elbow.

Kelly Reilly briefly channels Scarlett Johansson for exactly one (1) frame. Better her doing it than Denzel, anyway.

Denzel Washington has won Oscars for both Best Actor (Training Day) and Best Supporting Actor (Glory). And not even Meryl Streep has managed that. (Because she’s, like, a woman, obviously)

“Yes, Women do tend to ask to marry me quite a lot, yes, and generally I do try to make it look like I take the question seriously. I find three or four seconds, and doing this gesture, makes it look like I’ve thought about it”

“My Mum sometimes calls me ‘Asingto’. It’s a thing we have”

No idea. Somebody said something like Yasmine…. but in the low light my camera’s autofocus was clearly grateful for the high-contrast of her jacket

Meanwhile, by way of scene transition, we move to..

“A sequel to A Christmas Carol? The estate of Charles Dickens might have something to say about it, but sure I’ll take a look at your script…”

“Did I REALLY see Stephen Fry naked in Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows… why does everybody keep asking me that??”

“You want me to do my best Denzel Washington impression? Erm… okay…”

I can’t tell you how many close range shots of Denzel Washington I missed changing lenses in zero degree weather when he was standing right in front of me. Going wide for this one was arguably worth it though.

“Biggest frustration as an actor? Probably when there’s some dude standing in the way of my shot. That can be quite annoying…”

Interviewer: “So… did they actually set you alight for the movie ‘Man on Fire? I didn’t watch the film, but… No? Really?”

So, that makes it the third one in just over a week!

I don’t have a pool room, so I’m dropping it into The Archive of Movie premieres right alongside Django Unchained – Tarantino! Foxx! Waltz! and American Mary

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