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Life of Pi premiere - Ang Lee! Suraj Sharma! Hiddleston!

Life of Pi was a pretty major book release selling some 7million copies and winning the Man Booker Prize in the UK. It’s meant to have been considered un-filmable, but I suspect that’s more a marketing thing. I have read the book, remember it fondly, and the trailer looks amazing. Oh, and there was a premiere. Here’s how that went down.

Blue carpet. Flames. Low temperatures. If they’re walking a tiger down the carpet for the publicity, I think it’s going to be cranky.

Access All Areas red carpet photographer. I should hate him more than life itself, but I have to concede he is pretty awesome. He even rocks baldness! I have a ways to go before I can make that claim.

The Metro advertised a 5pm start but it was 6pm. Fortunately, “Monsters Ate My Condo” really IS an addictive game..

“OMG this is so much shorter than reading the novel”

The first arrival is Rafe Spall, son of Timothy (‘Wormtail’ in Harry Potter) Spall, though with roles in this and Prometheus I might have to refer to Timothy Spall differently. And good news for the Angus Steak House, their numerous signs featured prominently in photos taken during the evening.

“I haven’t read the book. I play The Writer in the film, so it would seem redundant, no?”

“We’re just worried that there aren’t enough Angus Steak House signs for when Ang Lee gets here”. Too late. He’s here. No info on whether he likes steak.

We shared a moment, but I still prefer Kristen Stewart. He’s Ang Lee’s son. The woman to the right of him, though? Is a fashion abomination.

“If you could just look away from the ugg boots, tight jeans and skinned echidna vest and lace headband I’m wearing, and just pose right here” Who the hell lets these people out in public?

Ang Lee directed Sense & Sensibility, The Hulk, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and Brokeback Mountain. And now Life of Pi. You Gotta applaud the commitment to diversity in that list! (I’m not advocating applause for The Hulk, just ‘diversity’ in general)

“I would like to scan you three-dimensionally and use you as a special effect for my next monster movie”. I wouldn’t watch that movie, but I probably would go to the premiere.

“Do I regret turning down an offer to direct Terminator3? Baby, didn’t you SEE The Hulk?” I think it’s a mixed blessing on both counts for both franchises, but I really DO need to see Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon again. And/or Sense & Sensibility for the first time.

Random celeb arrival Stephen Fry looks vaguely demonic for a moment…..

….but can’t not revert to regular levels of awesomeness.

I have no idea, but I heard she’s a fashion reporter. I am also… sometimes. (Hey, I commented on what the freaky lady with the echidna vest was wearing)

It’s Twiggy! (she was a model) (she’s the one on the right)

Suraj Sharma makes his film debut in ‘Life of Pi’. I’ve read the book. I can’t remember if the main character’s hair is quite this amazing but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

I don’t know who this is, but with the white balance on the Pentax screaming with all the Angus Steak House and Pret A Manger signs, I really do like the superviolet coloured dress she’s wearing.

Ang Lee, standing in the DARK part of the premiere.

But to be clear, this premiere was not carbon neutral. But screw it, I’ll say it – we’ve passed the tipping point. I’m stockpiling Spam and learning to hunt with a crossbow.

“I must leave before Tom Hiddleston steals the limelight”

The Man. The Myth. I call it : The Inevitability Of Hiddleston.

“You? You’re awesome. Tom Hiddleston? More so. My hair? Very slightly less so. Goodbye.”

On which note, one more of Tom Hiddleston. Just because.

So… chalk up another. Two more this year, and I’m done.

Until next time!

But if it is going to be all about Hiddleston, here’s the lowdown on the journals containing him:

He was in Sydney for the world premiere of Thor
He was at the premiere of the Shark-Less of The Deep Blue Sea
He Represented at the premiere of The Avengers
He was dapper at the Empire Awards
He may even have man-touched his brother Thor at the Baftas

So… that’s that then.

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