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"The Impossible" Premiere - Ewan McGregor! Naomi Watts!

When I last posted one of these journals, I’d had difficulty hiding my disdain for the premiere of Rise of the Guardians and longing for the good old days of Twilight Premieres which is something I never thought I’d say. So now it’s time for a movie with the difficult name and weighty theme of “The Impossible”. Here’s how it went down:

It was a premiere held at the BFI Imax, last used for What to Expect When You’re Expecting and Wrath of the Titans Of course, when it’s for a Tom Cruise film like Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol they use the full circular road around the cinema. Here? Not quite so much.

“Dear Jared. Had enough of your vogue-style posing. Am breaking this off”
Moments later.
“Damnit, girl. My phone’s vibrating. Who could be texting me at this hour?”

I keep seeing Angry Birds knitted beanies at the St Albans street markets, but I never see anyone wearing one. Pandas, though? No end thereof.

“Come on Ewan, just come out of there and sign a few things to keep at least some of the dealers happy…”

It’s Ewan McGregor. And he doesn’t want to buy any of your deathsticks.

We both stood there, thinking about what became of Star Wars and whose fault it was. Nobody said anything for a while. I can’t remember who blinked first.

Got Swag.

Director Juan Antonio Bayona, wondering why suddenly everyone got taller than he did.

Per wireimage, the kid on the right with the effortlessly artistically laid scarf is Samuel Joslin; while the woman behind him is Maria Belon, the real life person who is played by Naomi Watts in the movie.

Naomi Watts. Pretty. Australian. I’m in search of a third adjective that’s equally undeniable.

… because when I think of Naomi Watts, my first thought is Star Wars Episode I. (Because Ewan McGregor might headbutt you if you make him sign any of that…)

Naomi Watts was also in David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive, a movie which, like taxidermy and harmonica playing, I can appreciate the skills involved in the making of, but can’t say I particularly enjoy.

Tom Holland is in this movie, and not much else according to imdb. Prior to this he was a voice in a studio ghibli movie “Arrietty”. And, sure I’ve already admitted I don’t like Mulholland Drive, I might as well add that Howl’s Moving Castle did little for me either. (The Hugh Jackman movie “Real Steel”, however, is pretty moving)

Wait.. now EVERYBODY’S cooler than me?

I like Naomi Watts. It’s a pity she had to be about fifteen meters away from me before I had a clear uninterrupted shot of her. But by the standards of many women I have loved from afar, that’s actually pretty close. (Wow. This journal got dark quickly…)

… so I assume this is yet ANOTHER British boyband we all have to endure through? Has nobody figured out that it’s possible to have mixed-gender bands in this country? Honestly, there’s enough guys in this picture to make half of no less than SIX Roxettes.

Meanwhile, little Oaklee Pendergast has three episodes across two British TV series to his credits, which is still slightly more industry experience than I have. I want to start a rumour that he’ll play young, YOUNG Emperor Palpatine in a parallel Star Wars Prequel Prequel trilogy. Because that might be slightly more interesting than whatever Disney is planning.

Will throttle the next person who mentions Star Wars, and possibly only shake his head sadly if you mention Michael Bay’s ‘The Island’ (which I genuinely think to be a massively underrated film).

Meantime, I’ve been checking over Google Analytics and learned that over the past month the most viewed premiere journal I’ve posted was James Bond Skyfall which okay, wasn’t really a surprise… but number 2 was Madonna’s W.E. which was back in Jan/Feb. Why are people all of a sudden interested in that??

As for the Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2 premiere ? Summary : few care. Which is as it should be!

Still, they All go into the Archive of Movie Premieres

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