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Nativity2 Premiere - David Tennant! and A Dude with Antlers!

Leicester Square is currently in the grip of three premieres in three days – the inside is some kind of weird Christmas Park for Rise of the Guardians on Thursday, outside on three of the four edges there are sleeping bags and mattresses for fans camping out for tomorrow’s Twilight Breaking Dawn part2 premiere, and the final remaining edge is for today’s rather smaller premiere for Nativity2 “Danger in the Manger”.

I’m not making this up.

Here’s how it went down.

I don’t see any Twihards on this vertice, so this must be the place. The TV screens in the background are for Twilight tomorrow, though. (And there is another bank of them ahead and to the right in front of another cinema)

“I’ll trade my wristband for access to this awesome premiere”. I doubt that. There are only 400 of those wristbands for tomorrow’s premiere, while at this one even the press pen was open to people with serous enough looking cameras.

Clearly wishes she was elsewhere. Well… she coulda moved over to OUR side of the carpet. That was the fun part.

Don’t know, but the Pentax autofocus went straight for the jacket.

The woman with the tiara is Melanie Masson, but I have no idea who Melanie Masson is. The guy in the background is a placid villain from a 1980s Russian-era Bond-clone movie. I think the kid is just a kid.

You know, I also think MY hair needs more bounce. It’s currently hidden behind a beanie.

Comrade, together will crush those capitalist pigs, I promise.

What? Capitalism has failed us, people. Just because nobody’s camping outside stock exchanges hasn’t changed that.

“The wings I’m wearing are not actually functional, silly” My ‘cheer up’ t-shirt is also mainly ornamental.

This man needs to be given entry to the Twilight premiere tomorrow. Because if it pisses off a couple of fans, it’s worth it.

“What’s Nativity2 about? I have no idea. But *”Danger in the Manger"* rhymes, baby. So it must be true, no?"

Director-Writer Debbie Isitt also wrote/directed the first Nativity film AND is composer of the soundtrack in both. Beat that, Joss Whedon.

“Dude, your hair might be mighty fine, but you’re no RPatz, so pi55 off” . I think this is Amy Winehouse’s goddaughter. Her connection with this film may be minimal (?)

This is Marc Wooton, and not “Ben Affleck letting himself go post-Argo”. He was in both of the Nativity films AND the similarly Christmas themed ‘Arthur Christmas’ on the offchance that you’re interested in the filmography.

“Whatever he’s saying, it’s a lie. That I was awesome to work with and a true talent? Yeah… LIE” David Tennant, behind Marc Wooton, of course, is best known for having been Dr Who. And also Barty Crouch in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

David Tennant doubts the veracity of your scurrilous assertions. Or maybe simply doesn’t think much of your tie.

Something violent is about to go down in Leicester Square, and it doesn’t involve vampires or werewolves.

We all waited, uncomfortably, for that intimate moment to conclude.

“Listen, Baby. I’m as much of a fan of your Justin Bieber wallpaper archive as the next guy, but I kind of have a premiere to attend…”

“OMG! That mailbox looks like Bender from Futurama!!”
“That’s great, Ma’am. But I’m busy”

So… that was fun. Tomorrow will almost certainly not be, unless I can get a remote-controlled helicopter mounted DSLR to take photos of Twilight from low earth orbit. But hey, I still have the photos from the prior Twilight premiere

And it’s another one for The Archive of Movie Premieres

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