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Argo Premiere - Affleck! Goodman! Cranston!

London Film Festival continues apace with its near-one-or-two-per-day schedule almost but not quite failing to wrap around my actual job, which is not photographic in nature. And even though facebook has once again nuked the majority of all my journal links meaning I’ll have to reconstruct them again, I might as well enter a new journal so that Zuckerberg can nuke that at a later date.

Ben Affleck!! Woo!!

If I was Ben Affleck, I’d be pretty pi55ed off at the director insisting he grow a ridiculous long-haired bowl cut and grow ludicrously lush beard for this role…

Hee! Who knew the Press Photographers had a sense of humour (and/or shot Sony?). Taken prior to the paparazzi draw for positions – my NSW Drivers License sadly does not entitle me to participate.

“I think I can just see Bruce Willis and Steve Buscemi saving us from the Asteroid from here”

First arrival was John Goodman, who played the Dad in Speed Racer, which to me is his most notable role to date. (That and his role in Kevin Smith’s “Red State”) (I never got the big deal about The Big Lebowski..).

I don’t know who this is or if he’s famous, but if I don’t photograph him and he IS famous, he’s the kind of guy you don’t want to explain to why you didn’t photograph him on the grounds of “you didn’t look famous”

Would probably have seriously considered coming over to do some autograph signing, but like, somebody brought a copy of Flintstones In Viva Rock Vegas. (Seriously!) (He did end up signing)

The director and lead actor arrive wearing the same suit; to cheers, camera flashes and sighs of relief that she shaved.

Ben Affleck arrives, but I am also oddly taken by the quirky grey-dude dude hanging around him like the Igor to a better looking Dr Frankenstein.

Note to self : must composit a large American Flag into the background of this picture

John Goodman was also in The Artist, which was a silent Black’n’White film. Hence, the photo.

Brian Cranston is best known for Breaking Bad, but was also in Drive, John Carter, the Total Recall remake and George Lucas’ Red Tails. So… well done on the Breaking Bad and Drive, Mr Cranston!

“Humans and dinosaurs, two species separated by 65 million years of evolution have just been thrown back into the mix together. How can we have the slightest idea what to expect? Wait, what was your question again?”

Art and Backlighting. (To counterbalance this pleasing portrait, I also took a whole 60-shot burst when he was being interviewed in front of me where basically not a single shot turned out due to through traffic, crowd heaving, subject movement and bad autofocus). I call this photo Affleck because I don’t really have anything else I can think of right now.

Ben Affleck and Igor head to our side of the crowd. I kinda want a photo with Igor… but how to do this without offending Ben Affleck? Ben Affleck saved the world in Armageddon, damnit!!

Goodman takes a nap, and Affleck is like “John, seriously? Not the time or place. We’re like twenty meters from the cinema and the movie has a two hour runtime. That’s the time and place” Also, excitingly, the unidentified “maybe famous” dude is on the far left. So either he IS famous, or he intimidated some pretty serious Hollywood players into letting him pose with them. Either way, well played, Sir!

“Thanks, dude. Collarbone was creaking a bit”

“Master want brains?”
“Not now, thanks Igor”

“I might need to get my eyes checked. Suddenly lost all vision on my left. Playing racquetball tomorrow”

“Master wants brains now?”
“Not now, Igor”

Is he a random passerby or mega-famous in the field of biogeophysics? He signed for the wheelchair section, so maybe they’re fans of the high sciences. Stranger things have happened at premieres.

“I loved me in that role. No, seriously…”

So that was actually a pretty good one, despite the crowds and the fans and the people using IPADS to take photos with…

It joins several premieres photographed in the past week or so, including:

Frankenweenie with Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter , Blood with Paul Bettany , Ginger and Rosa with Elle Fanning , Rust and Bone with Marion Cotillard , Quartet with Dustin Hoffman and Maggie Smith and I haven’t even had time to upload the journals for Bill Murray and Helen Hunt’s films!

Until next time!

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