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Now Is Good Premiere - Dakota! Fanning! Irvine!

I’d never photographed Dakota Fanning before. Kind of handy, because she was more or less ALL I photographed at the premiere of “Now Is Good”. Sadly, it wasn’t all that well organised. For one thing, having a lane of active traffic running through a premiere because you didn’t think to close down the street is uncool (unless it’s a Fast and Furious premiere, in which case : kudos). Anyway, here’s how it went down:

It sounds grammatically dubious. But it’s a premiere, so I’m here.

“I hear Bieber is in town!”
“Really? Where are you?”
“Right next to you”
Security busily doing something. Research, perhaps.

No, dude. That’s not creepy at all. Just stay on your side of the road and I’ll stay on mine.

Look as aloof as you want, you know you brought copies of Breaking Dawn for Dakota to sign…

“I’m not frikkin’ Bieber” . It’s Edgar Canham. He’s in the film, but you have to expand the cast listing in imdb to find him.

Olivia Williams was in ‘The Sixth Sense’ and also the underrated Kevin Costner film ‘The Postman’, which was released on heels of ‘Waterworld’, so that didn’t help. (Where was I? Oh, that’s right. London, England.)

I do occasionally aim for portraiture work. There’s a certain colour preset I use…

Speculative photo of unknown people turned out to be handy because the lady on the left is Jenna Downham. I later found out she wrote the book the movie was based on.

Jeremy Irvine was the non-equine lead in Steven Spielberg’s War Horse which I was at the premiere of (unless you’re a fan of Tom Hiddleston in which case Irvine was presumably a distraction). Irvine is in this film, and his hair is fantastic.

Dakota Fanning. Born February 1994. Just so you know.

According to imdb, Dakota Fanning is known for the movies : Man on Fire, War of the Worlds, Coraline and I Am Sam. (Wow… take that, fans of Twilight!). Also, well played – half the films on Ewan McGregor’s “known for pane” are Star Wars films!

Dear JJ Abrams – for your consideration, best Lens Flare Ever?

“Right… who’s the guy who said I was annoying in “War of the Worlds”?". Umm. Not me.

“Leopard Print. I know, right?”

Hee! Facebook doesn’t want to know who the lady in the dress is. Methinks Mark Zuckerberg’s wife is messing with the code…

I don’t know why/how, but I"m both sad and thankful I didn’t capture the facial expression that accompanied it.

“I’m bringing back ‘Walk Like An Egyptian’ "
“It’s already left”

Quite remarkably, they let Dakota Fanning cross a road to get to fans!

“I do not endorse this product or service, Signed….”

“Please don’t run over the potentially Academy-Award nominated Actress…”

They’ve all gone inside, including people I never noted coming in. What can I do, though? Access denied. I need a press pass. Or a clip-board and hard-hat. Or a cat. (cause, like, it’d be so improbable that it would probably work!)

In the distance, possibly the director and possibly actress Kaya Scodelario, who I photographed many years ago at the weird premiere of Tormented which unaccountably remains the most viewed movie premiere I’ve ever EVER posted. Seriously. (You’re welcome!)

SO… another one for The Archive of Movie Premieres .

Until next time (and why, yes, London Film Festival IS getting closer…)

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