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Bernd Talasch doesn’t remember being hatched in a research laboratory in Omaha in the late 1950s so maybe that never happened....

The Sweeney Premiere

People throw the word “ICONIC” around a lot. And I don’t like it. It’s even harder when it’s a premiere for a 1970s British TV show mainly starring British actors I haven’t seen in a lot of movies. But…. I’ve got a camera and an open mind, and imdb and wireimage can always cover for any lack of knowledge I bring to an event!

“Act like a criminal to catch a criminal” Yeah. I tried saying that to the judge. Didn’t work.

It was like that when I got there. I swear!

If this guy gets away with this, I’m taking scaffolding to premieres from now on

Somebody said something about “Gary Oldman’s Sister”. No idea if that’s true, and it’s a good enough story that I don’t want to spoil it through research. I can report that her right foot has the word ‘Dracula’ tattooed on it though. Ah.. the original Twilight!

“That’s probably because you’re looking at it upside-down. How much sleep are you getting, Steve?”

Ray Winstone arrives. I might have lost some respect among the many friendly people around me by not being able to name the Ray Winstone film I liked best. Snow White and the Huntsman ?

No idea who this is, but if puffy shoulder pads are in this season, you can totally refresh your wardrobe! (Or in my case, I’m going to need to hand-draw red grids on all my jackets)

The still-awesomely-named Emily Atack, who is not in this movie (but was at Outside Bet ) , arrives at the premiere.

Sunglasses, quarter-length cargo pants…I was thinking ‘Ben Affleck on holiday’ but apparently this is Nick Love, the director of The Sweeney. He’s also directed ‘The Football Factory’ which I haven’t watched, and produced ‘Monsters’ which I have watched. It was good (albeit no District 9 and no Cloverfield).

“I’ve never worn a bikini. That’s not me. I’m not signing that”. If this is Paul Anderson, then he was also in Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows.

Hayley Atwell is even prettier in black and white than in 1940s military khaki!! (She was in Captain America : The First Avenger)

“This guy? I DO owe him 5 dollars” Along with (1) the TV show, and (2) Ray Winstone in generally, (3) the third alleged pillar of ‘Iconic’ at this premiere was the voice of this man : Alan Ford. His career goes back to the 1970s, though he was in Guy Ritchie’s LockStock, so I might have to rewatch that.

“You won’t use that five dollars to buy drugs or alcohol will you, young man?”. I promise I’ll only use it to buy Candy, sir.

Hair flick. Do it again : I wasn’t ready!!

Hayley Atwell played Agent Peggy Carter in Captain America, and is very pretty, for a dame. I mean agent. I mean… and agent who’s a dame. Erm…

Ben Drew aka Plan B, gets ready to attack a blank piece of paper with a stinging lyric. Or his name….. or even his stage name. It’s all very exciting.

“We shared a moment at Ill Manors . I think he owes ME five dollars, actually”. Well, maybe.

I’ve seen this guy on the red carpet of several premieres now, each time wearing something even more spectacularly weird. He’s got a kind of Nicolas Cage-ness about him. What IS Mr Cage doing these days? (Surely a third National Treasure should precede a third Ghost Rider..)

If this is the moment Atack met Drew, and sparks they flew, then I want credit for the photo…. AND the rhyme.

Allen Leech. That explains the giant Downton Abbey megapostcard one fan was holding up. (I haven’t watched Downton Abbey. Should I /have?)

“Posture? I was wrong and Mum was right. There, I said it” Bo Bruce won or was on some kind of UK talent show. XFactor?

“You directed a TV show back in ‘99 called ’love story’ – are you therefore taking credit for the Taylor Swift song?” Nick Love has no easy response.

Ray Winstone likes that Taylor Swift song. (As do I)

…and for the record, my favourite Ray Winstone film is not “Snow White and the Huntsman” (previously mistakenly considered ‘the only Ray Winstone film I’ve watched’) – but rather Rango. Rango was good.

“They’re ageing me HOW MUCH for the Captain America sequel??”. Yeah. You should get your agent on that.

Yay – it’s another one for The Archive of Movie Premieres the last several of which were:

Total Recall (2012) – Farrell! Beckinsale! Biel!
The Expendables 2 – Sly! Arnie! JCVD! Statham!
The Dark Knight Rises – Nolan! Bale! Hardy! Freeman! Hathaway! Cotillard! Gordon-Levitt! Murphy!
Spider-Man – Garfield! Stone! Ifans

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