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Bernd Talasch doesn’t remember being hatched in a research laboratory in Omaha in the late 1950s so maybe that never happened....

Published !!!

Three months ago, I had the fantastic fortune of being able to say I’ve been published, when quarterly high-wealth-high-aspiration magazine Internationallife Featured several of my premiere shots in their magazine:

Fortunately, lightning has struck twice and I’m really happy to say that I was given yet another two page spread in their magazine’s current issue, one quarter later:

The three photos featured this time were from:
Scarlett Johansson at The Avengers
Kristen Stewart at Snow White & The Huntsman
and Will Smith at Men in Black 3

Which is pretty awesome! The Redbubble equivalent works to those published are:

I guess I’d better hope for some good premieres in the next months so that I can provide a case for more….!

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