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One Photo Per Day (29Mar-18Apr)

When I last posted one of these, my hatred for the morons who did the ending of Mass Effect 3 was like a critical mass about to go nuclear. Oh, and I was Published in a Magazine, photographed Danny DeVito at the Empire Movie Awards and James Cameron at the Titanic 3D premiere, and a leaping piegon.

The next couple of weeks were no less random and strange…

March 29th. I could go with a photo of Liam Neeson from the Wrath of the Titans premiere, but for now..? We can’t help but wonder….

30th March. I’m in Bristol to photograph a wedding. Yes, a wedding.That’s happening tomorrow. I’m nervous because I don’t do weddings – I do candids at premieres. And street art. This, for example, is a Banksy.

31st March. I took 3,900 photos on a single battery charge at a wedding. Next step – edit them. Step after that – pray they’re good enough.

1st April. I’m back in my comfort zone, in the streets, particularly in the smelly, drunken parts of Bristol where the slow moving zombie-like inhabitants are stumbling around in the daylight after the night before. I call this photo Braiiiiiins

2nd April. Annie Nightingale is a female DJ on Radio1 who has been working for FIVE DECADES (she still has an early morning slot!). Pretty neat.

3rd April. It’s early morning but it’s no longer dark. Yay, spring/summer! In other news, today and yesterday/tomorrow were basically indistinguishable, separated only by sleep and watching ‘The Hunger Games’ on Wednesday.

4th April. That’s gotta be SOME tree.

5th April. Off to Cornwall after work, and I DID take that one rather brilliant shot of a roadsign by both panning and zooming simultaneously… but for now I’ll stick with one of the Lions at the back of the British Museum.

6th April. The town of Looe in Cornwall. Afternoon – had an uber-decadent lunch at the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall’s place (so to speak).

7th April. Third day without internet and the support network of my friends in the “Demand a Better Ending to Mass Effect 3” network. Still – this is the town of St Ives, Cornwall. Very pretty. Sorry about the wide white border. It’s “art”, I’m told.

8th April. Easter Sunday – spent it at the Eden Project, reliving Singapore horrors with 90% humidity and 30+ degree temperatures… the Mediterranean Biome (the one in the photo) was much, MUCH more pleasant.

9th April. Bridge signage “Give Peas A Chance”. It’s all we are saying. That, and give us a damn better ending to Mass Effect 3, Bioware. Not clarification. Not explanation. Not closure. Your ending is BROKEN and shoehorning a retconned self-justification ‘for free’ isn’t going to get me to be grateful. Eh… I’m still not over it, clearly.

10th April. ‘Game of Thrones’ author George RR Martin proved not to be the cocky, arrogant misanthrope that had been rumoured when I attended an hour-long meet-and-greet with fans. Actually, he was articulate, friendly, thoughtful and entertaining. And he signed my copy of ‘A Dance With Dragons’… which somehow might have been sold to me already signed (??)

11th April. The Shard. Still going up.

April 12th. It’s bad when you have a model with an error you can’t fix, but it’s possibly worse to have an error you can’t fix that suddenly becomes fixed through nothing you’ve done that could have fixed it…. so now I don’t REALLY know whether the problem is fixed, only that I can no longer see it 8(

April 12th (variant/supplement). Yes, Facebook. I would like to tag my friends, which apparently includes part of a Wall in Bloomsbury, London, because I really AM that lonely…. I hate you, Facebook

April 13th. I’ve had this shot mentally put aside for emergencies, for a scenario where I had not time or inspiration for taking a photo for the day. It’s a faded Banksy Rat on a concrete pylon near a parking garage. Now I need to find a new ‘emergency’ shot!

April 14th. Now that it’s summer and sunset is far too late, I had been bemoaning the difficulty of photographing the St Giles hotel with its futuristic blue glow. Fortunately today I was out with friends who are actually staying at this hotel.

April 15th. It’s only been 2 days since I invoked an ‘emergency reserve’ preconceived shot for One Photo Per Day. Two days later, I’ve used up another one – throw the SLR into the air near a lightsource and observe the effect. What now?

April 16th. Rejoice, for the world now possesses a FOURTH American Pie film!!! It even had a premiere This is Mena Suvari, whose extra-Pie work includes American Beauty and the voice of Aeris (‘Aerith’) in Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. She’s Photo for the Day for those reasons. Plus, she’s not Sean William Scott.

April 17th. Wow. In retrospect it was weird to find that I have no idea or record of what I did on April 17th this year. But I did take one photo for the day as usual. Apparently I walked to the train station via the British Museum.

April 18th. My attempt to be clever with Microsoft Excel Sheet Security ended up creating a solution that was akin to “Sever Excel’s Spinal Cord”, which is not what you want to be facing with minutes left to run on your working day. Fortunately I fixed it and celebrated by jumping over a puddle.

So… that was a rather premiere-light couple of weeks, if nothing else! I don’t really have anything to add to this, except the day after this was the Avengers Premiere and that ends up providing one of my favourite photos for the day EVER.

Until next time!

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