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One Photo Per Day (27Sep-16Oct)

I seem to remember that in among the celeb-of-the-day uploads and all the latest from the London premiere scene (and even the odd photo not related to these things) I used to post the results of my ongoing project of taking one photo per day. I still take them, I’m just taking an inordinate amount of time to post them here. I mean, last time I updated I photographed Angelina Jolie and daylight savings was still on However, autumn did as autumn does and time continued.

Sept 27th. Last day at the Carnaby Street office. Which sucks. No offense to Bloomsbury… I just wish I wasn’t there.

Sept 28th. Kirsten Dunst at the Melancholia Premiere . I got no complaints, and I call the picture Dunst (cause sometimes I go real literal)

Sept 29th. For my first full day in the new office, I learned that the door isn’t open at 6:50am, even when the Green Light verifying the swipe card being held at the door comes on. F**k you, technology. In other, much better news, NEAL STEPHENSON HAS A NEW BOOK OUT!! As in"drop everything : because NEAL STEPHENSON HAS A NEW BOOK OUT!!". Woo!

Sept 30th. For an unprecedented FIFTH consecutive day, London’s weather was perfect. Oh, and we had an afternoon barbecue where I learned that there were some cool documentary-makers in the adjoining building, working under the name ‘Project Gamma’ (ooo!) – while the two people with four computer screens behind me are working on a trading algorithm that may or may not take over the world or cause a third global financial crisis. Ominous.

Oct 1st. It’s a Saturday and I have nothing better to do right now.

Oct 2nd. Rowan Atkinson acting all Bean-like and Yeah, about that at the Johnny English Reborn premiere . Also learned : I don’t have weekend access to The Office. This Bloomsbury Office thing has taken all of three days to look like the poorest alternative to a perfectly acceptable default EVER. Sigh. I’ll just look at my laptop through a locked window then?

Oct 3rd. For F**k’s sake, why is it that every f**king day there is yet ANOTHER reason unrelated to me having every f**king key necessary to get into a building that prevents me from GETTING ACCESS TO THAT F**KING building? This is me at 6:50 in the morning taking photos and hoping that maybe the door would unlock at 7:00am. Apparently it wasn’t – I had to come back at 8am. It’s the best argument yet for just letting me own a rocket propelled grenade launcher.

Oct 4th. Casino Royale’s Eva Green looked great at the Perfect Sense premiere . I would have gone with a photo of her AND Ewan MacGregor but the only one that looked good had some press photographer’s bony white T-Rex forearm in the space between their heads and I couldn’t easily delete that. I call this shot Vesper

Oct 5th. Oh, thank goodness. It seems like only days since the government last invoked a ‘crisis’.

Oct 6th. Gatherers outside the Apple Store on Oxford Street leave parting gifts after the death of CEO Steve Jobs. It took about a week before the universal outpouring of media-reported sadness was replaced by editorials saying that, well, of course Apple’s use of near slave-labour in Chinese work camps is regrettable, and of course one shouldn’t forget that the company, by creating ringfenced products became pretty much the opposite of the disenfranchised troublemakers they try so hard to emulate and attract. I guess the world moves on pretty quickly.

Oct 7th. Coke Bottle.

Oct 8th. Simon Stafford and daughter at the (supposedly!) Nikon-oriented Available Light Portrait Photography Seminar held in London. Good Times!

Oct 9th. I can report that a Tamron 70-200mm f2.8 lens can achieve great things that a Sigma kit lens can not. It’s heavy, though.

Oct 10th. Actor Idris Elba (Thor, Rock’Rolla, Luther) looking very cool at the Demons Never Die premiere which had a lot of attendees I’d never heard of (Elba and Jessie J were two exceptions. ‘Dynamo’, ‘Bashy’ and the improbably named ‘Angel’ were not).

Oct 11th. This view only looks good in black’n’white : the road next to St Pancras station, just after 6am.

Oct 12th. Aeroporto Di Firenze. The hotel is meant to be five minutes from the airport, but in which direction and on what road?? (About half an hour later we found it, but only after dropping the idea of map-reading and streetsign-searching. Zen navigation? Totally works.)

Oct 13th. The bridge in front of the more famous Ponte Vecchio, Firenze. (That’s Florence, Italy)

Oct 14th. Tall clock tower, Siena. (Taken from the square that the horse race at the beginning of Quantum of Solace takes place in.)

Oct 15th. I actually can’t remember the name of this place, or the place we were at when I took the photo of this place. But the food is great, I’m getting plenty of sleep, and I only start missing premieres from London Film Festival from tomorrow onwards. Also visited : Montalcino (sp?), Montepulciano (?) and that other place I can’t remember the name of (?). Oh, and the generosity of the dinner/breakfast portions at the place we’re staying still means never having to actually have lunch. And not necessarily a big breakfast.

Oct 16th. Nuns taking to the square, central San Gimignano. Also visited : Volterra (yeah, the place where the Volturi live in Stephanie Meyer’s ‘Twilight’ books. It’s pretty enough, but not as pretty as “San Jimmy”.)

So… that was that. What’s next? Well…. London Film Festival is – it’s a premiere per day with very few exceptions and there’s a week of that, there’s Occupy LSX (who knows if that’ll still be around by the time I post next), some light posts and some Japanese Kit Kats!!

Until then!

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