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Girl with the Dragon Tattoo premiere - DCraig! RMara! SSkarsgard!

Hello, and after a slight gap following the most recent premiere, the identity of which already eludes me because it was before the Independent film awards which I never posted a journal for because ISO6400 on the Pentax is all about Art but not enough so. I think it might have been Hugo – with Martin Scorcese!

Anyway, the final premieres for the year are back-to-back on a Monday and Tuesday, and the first of them is ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ – the Americanised version of the Swedish version of the miniseries which was also a bestselling book. Hey, I don’t judge. I just like the director…

Here’s how it went down (other than, you know, the director probably not showing up):

I’ve read the books – they’re good. I’ve watched first of the movies in Swedish – it was good if lightly harrowing. I’ve now seen the trailer and movie poster of the Americanised version and am not yet alarmed. The beret that guy is wearing makes me a little alarmed.

Your host for this evening will be blonde, glamorous, and adjusting her hair/head-set for a little while to make sure the angle it sits at won’t mortally offend Daniel Craig. A girl has to be careful with such things. So I’m told.

Actress Rooney Mara is first to emerge from the warmth of the cinema bar / cafe / pre-event drinks / session of Twilight (?), and poses for the VIP Paparazzi. (The regular Paps were sent to the far back of the event, away from the women and chillun, with much protest, and we got the spot they’d been eyeing greedily. Winners! Where was I?)

Stephen Zaillian was the screenwriter, and his hairdresser a structural engineer. Zaillian was awarded an Oscar for adapting the movie Schindler’s List for Steven Spielberg in 1993 (so naysayers of the right for the American film industry to steal/copy/reboot at will might need to admit they’re not exactly showing a Dreamworks Animation and ‘from the makers of Ice Age 3’ on it)

She plays a hacker / computer genius in the film, and probably hopes nobody hands her an iPad and asks her to make it work or something.

A cursory glance at imdb suggests that Stellan Skarsgard may have been in every movie ever made. Well, specifically Thor and Melancholia this year, though he wasn’t at either premiere. He was also Bootstrap Bill Turner in Pirates of the Caribbean.

… and he was in Angels and Demons, and he played egomaniacal director Verner Vollstedt in ‘Entourage’, and in ‘Mama Mia’ and ‘Goodwill Hunting’. Like I said, pretty much every movie ever.

It’s Daniel Craig!!! It’s also a photo whose black’n’white version I called DCraig and which got more comments in a two hour period than any photo I’ve posted, like, ever. So I take it less Megan Fox and Anne Hathaway and more Daniel Craig and Justin Timberlake …. erm…. Nick Frost?

“I could use your help with my VCR is all I’m saying”
“Shut up. I get that all the time now”

Won a bet.

Rooney Mara, among other roles, played the character Erica Albright in ‘The Social Network’. It was a short but memorable role – same director. On which note, given this is a world premiere, where IS the director?

“What do you mean it’s a f&$^king trilogy??”

And then it started to rain. Not enough to worry anyone unless they were wearing a dress made primarily of lace. Oh. Right. (I was wearing four layers, two of them thermal. And a beanie. And gloves. Oh, and trousers. Always trousers)

I have no idea who this is, but her and her three bandmates / posse / gaggle posed for shots right in front of us and I had a long zoom at 70mm and had to make a quick call on who to photograph.

We shared a moment. (Potentially that neither of us particularly liked ‘The Golden Compass’?)

Although I neglected to photograph the sign, this was actually a World Premiere, so clearly it would be awesome to take a photograph of Oscar-winning director of ‘The Social Network’ David Fincher, no? However, in that regard I may have a problem – I have no idea what David Fincher looks like. Here’s attempt 1 of 3. (Getty Images says : No)

Attempt #2 of 3 proved to be actor Yorick van Wageningen, which the presenting interviewer for the event had a valiant attempt at pronouncing.

Yorick van Wageningen plays the vile character Bjurman in the film, and in all seriousness he mentioned it was not a particularly pleasant character to play, and broadly he prepared for it by avoiding getting to know Rooney Mara.

If this isn’t director David Fincher, I may be all out of attempts. Actually it’s actor/director/writer Steven Berkof, who plays the character-slash-hobbit (?) Frode in the film (?)

Rooney Mara gets a quick wardrobe correction during the premiere. Her dress was a bit lace-like for the cold / rainy conditions.

“So would you say you’re more into dubstep or trance?”. Actor Donald Sumpter is not David Fincher, and/but he has a large recurring role in ‘Game of Thrones’ which I really should watch since I’ve committed so much time to reading the books that series is based on.

Actress Elodie Yung dropped by just as it started to rain harder.

David Fincher! Please Be David Fincher! Oh… you’re not David Fincher. (On a mre humorous note, the autograph collector nea me also had no idea what David Fincher looked like either, and was calling out for random people to sign photos of movie boards… and one of the randoms happily did!)

Ah. It’s the girl who didn’t recognise me at two prior premieres, one of which was Kung Fu Panda2 I don’t know her name either. It’s a platonic thing between us, clearly.

Let’s just say this is David Fincher and get on with our lives. (Fine. It’s not. But let’s get on with our lives anyway)

So that’s premiere one of two to join my Archive of Movie Premieres . Tomorrow : Mission Impossible : Ghost Protocol!

Until (that) Next Time!

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