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Bernd Talasch doesn’t remember being hatched in a research laboratory in Omaha in the late 1950s so maybe that never happened....

THOR world premiere, Sydney (!)

I used to do a lot of these premiere shoots back in London (purely as an amateur…). But this is (only) my third Premiere in Sydney over a twelve month period. And, at this world premiere, it lost me my favourite camera of all time.
That said, if it was ever going to go out the way it would have wanted – this would have been the time…..

Welcome to Sydney’s way of doing a world premiere… kickin’ a red carpet down one of George Street’s closed-off lanes. (hey, I can’t get the grin off my face…)

Sadly, Natalie Portman will not be attending, presumably as she is either about to give birth, giving birth, or has just given birth. (Now… what’s Sir Anthony Hopkins’ excuse?)

There ain’t no way stars at a world premiere are going to refuse to sign your squeezey-hammer. Well played, ma’am.

Interviewer Angela Bishop gets interviewed. She’s enough of a star that the lines are blurred at times, I guess.

…And all of a sudden I’m not nearly as disappointed that Natalie Something-something can’t attend this thing.

Jaimie Alexander was born in 1984, making her easily not quite young enough to be my daughter (woo… hoo?), and her first big break was playing the love interest in the movie ‘Squirrel Trap’, a movie I may now finally have a reason to watch (?)

I have nothing to add.

“Did I have to train and work out and put on muscle like Chris did for this film? Well, let’s just say this metal monstrosity I’m wearing weighs twelve kilos and my neck muscles could stop a knife. Next question?”

“You like the necklace? Here’s the number of the jeweller, and here’s a number for a chiropractor, and here’s the number for an insurance company to handle your claim when it blinds you while driving…”

Check it out : it’s ALF from Home and Away!! (check it out, I can recognise Alf from Home and Away even though I haven’t watched an episode since about 1990…)

“He’s the King of the Norse Gods, but he’s only got ONE EYE!!! HAHAHA!!” Yeah, but he’s got two ears and he’s glaring right beside you… (the actor is Tom Hiddleston and he plays the God of Mischief Loki in the film. Hence he’s in character, here)

“Estonia? I hardly knew’er”

“I don’t know what that means either…”

I think this guy was in Tomorrow When The War Began , the only other George Street Premiere I’ve been to in the past year.

As previously hinted at and moaned about, the K10D died before it could complete this premiere. Given I got adequate shots of Jaimie Alexander already, Natalie Portman and Anthony Hopkins weren’t coming, and I got at least this one shot of Chris Hemsworth (plus a couple of director Kenneth Branagh to come), the loss is more or less purely personal.. (ie. the worst kind)

Kenneth Brannagh was in Valkyrie with Tom Cruise where he somehow snuck by me, and also The Boat that Rocked where he did it again. He played Guilderoy Lockhart in the second Harry Potter film, has played (and directed) numerous Shakespearean productions and is the director of this film. Meanwhile….

… this haircut may have been the result of a freak tornado. No idea who its owner is.

The director walks, and my camera has three shots left in it. I don’t realise this, of course – so with retrospective knowledge of the upcoming event this is like the bit in Moulin Rouge where only the audience knows Satine is dying but nobody else does. Sadness….

And this? Is Jamie Durie. It’s also the last photo my K10D took before the shutter mechanism failed, locking my mirror in the ‘off’ position and rendering it unable to take any more photos. It may have been how the camera might have “wanted to go out”, but I’m not so sure about the subject. (Then again, I’ve always suspected she might have been a ‘She’…)

Kind of like Isildur taking up his father’s blade (or that moment in zombie film where the machine gun runs out of ammo and the main character has to shoot with a revolver as the horde gets closer), I take out my Nokia N8 and keep shooting til the end. On its own merits it’s a decent camera(phone), but dynamic-range-wise it’s no SLR. This is recognisably Chris Hemsworth, though, so it’s not a complete failure

Better at close range. (Some Hero he is, though – can’t see I’m in distress? Doesn’t offer to help? What gives??) (Do I have a K10D backup, I hear you ask? Yes, I have two, neither as good. But they’re usable. But that’s not the point, is it? That’s like wanting Natalie Portman but getting Jaimie Alexand… wait….)

So.. that’s that, then. Time to get a new camera. And time to start keeping an eye out for more premieres…

So.. that’s that, then. Time to get a new camera. And time to start keeping an eye out for more premieres…Until next time!?

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