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A1GP Photos from Eastern Creek, Sydney

Okay, so the A1GP is kind of the Poor Man’s Formula 1… but the point is, I AM that poor man – so it seemed like a good idea to go, especially since it’s in my home town, I can drive there, and the price is relatively reasonable. (And many of the good photo opportunities are from the public viewing places).

So I packed up the camera, gathered my lenses, forgot my sunscreen and umbrella (at least until the second day) and took… uh… several thousand photos. Well, this is why you have 9Gb of SD cards and spare batteries for your K10D.

And while rainy weather is bad for comfort levels if you’re a spectator, I found that it added a different dimension to the standard panning shots of fast-moving objects: Here’s less than a dozen resized photos:

From the rooftop of the Paddock Pass area ($20 upgrade to stadium seats):

Probably my fave shot (on technical grounds) since it was taken at a shutter speed of 1/60th of a second, which is pretty tricky for something driving this fast!

From close to the finishing line (stadium seating) – love the water spray:

A1GP cars are nice, but I actually prefer the GTs because, you know, under the dodgey slogans and promotional detailing there are actual cars that… well… I can’t afford. But I could conceivably score a test drive some day!

Ferrari F430:

Lamborghini (cheapened somewhat by a Koala Furniture slogan, but no matter!)

Aston Martin DBR9. If I owned one of these, there is no way I’d allow it to be painted like this:

And while GT Cars are nice, being a single guy, I also quite like Grid Girls!
But I’ll leave those for another day 8)

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