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Photos from the 2010 ARIA awards

Because I’m easily bored yet move quite quickly I spontaneously decided on Sunday morning that I had the motivation, funds and means to get to the Opera House that night to see the ARIA (Australian Record Industry Association) Awards.

The fact that I still listen more or less exclusively to BBC Radio1 even though I’m been back in Australia for more than six months and thus know next to nothing about the local music scene (for instance : who is ‘Sia’? who is ‘Washington’? whatever happened to Frente and Bachelor Girl? what do you mean Guy Sebastian has shaved the afro and converted to Rock?) was also no impediment.

Finally, I’d recently bought a new Nokia N8 and wanted to roadtest it… which I then stopped doing because damnit I had a better camera with me and I wanted to use that.

Anyway, here’s how it went down.

The better looking, better connected, and whiter-dressed echelons got seats higher up with better views of the awards. Us scum had to make do with spots right next to the stage to watch Powderfinger and John Butler. Score one for the dregs of society!!

Although I hadn’t heard of many of the acts who were slated to perform (‘Birds of Tokyo’ = ?), I had heard of the Potbelleez, even if I’m not 100% sure of the correct spelling.

I don’t know who this guy is, and the ARIA website is a maze of small fonts and stories about Natalie Bassingthwaite and Carmen Electra. Glad ARIA has its priorities right where promoting Australian music is concerned…

I….. um….. Yay! Live music! (band name TBA, costume designer to be taken to The Hague for trial)

This was apparently set to be Powderfinger’s last televised concert. Until their inevitable comeback/reunion, if you’re cynically minded

Powderfinger again. There’s a long drawn out story about how my DSLR got into the ARIAs despite a whole bunch of inconsistent and incoherent and contradictory information on tickets, signage, websites, and the opinion of an oversized, over-ego’d security wench, but I won’t bore you with it. Except to say : when the revolution comes, I suspect there’ll be no end of people gunning down random civilians on the basis of “I’m just following orders, nothing personal”

Anyway, Powderfinger! They ended up winning Arias for most popular Album and Single.

This is ‘Sia’, whom I’d never heard of prior to tonight. Can somebody level with me – is she, like, looking over her shoulder expecting at any time to be confronted by Lady Gaga’s lawyers?

“Sia” won best Pop Release and best Independent Album. Best-dressed? Erm… jury’s out. Maybe a notch above the chicken guys from earlier…

John Butler. Outstanding live performance. That is all.

NatBass welcomes fans to the Opera House forecourt. I was in a good position to see the performances, however sadly not the majority of the guest presenters.

Birds of Tokyo won Best Rock Album. (Woo! Rock!)

Gotta admit, the Sydney Opera House is a great venue for a performance. Thanks for organising cloakrooms and changing your terms of entry verbally at the venue, though, ARIA.

As I said, my position wasn’t the best to photograph such noted hosts as Geoff Huegill, Carmen Electra and Jason Derulo (Jaaaaaason Deruuuuulo!). This host(ess) though -frustratingly close.

I’d never heard of ‘Washington’ outside the context of ‘America’ before, but apparently she’s an Australian performer who’s done well for herself this year. And better dressed than Sia to boot! The arguably, sharper, better, nicer version of this photo is here

(Megan) Washington won Best Breakthrough Artist and Best Female artist Arias. And got carried around by guys.

“Good luck on the trains, people. This is how I”m getting home"

Another host who isn’t Carmen Electra or Lara Bingle or Jason Derulo (Jaaaaaason Deruuuuuuulo!)

Dan Sultan won best Blues/Roots Album and Male Artist of the year, and fronted INXS for a performance of Just Keep Walking (?). Excellent live track, I’d never rated it on the album, which shows shortsightedness by me. Some tracks, and indeed performers, are even better live than in the studio.

NatBass and ThatGuy on the left, blurry Ronan Keating and Marcia Hines on the right. I do what I can with a 90mm f2.8…. at fifty metres

In the midst of the psychadelic lighting are Angus and Julia Stone, who won best Album, Single, and Adult Alternative album on the night.

Further views of Angus and Julia stone were restricted by large number of females sitting on their boyfriends (or others) shoulders. So here’s their cute accompanying violinist (the one on the left, though your tastes may vary)

“Are you ready for Guy Sebastian????” (Is one ever?)

Here’s Guy Sebastian (as in ‘AMGAAAAHH!!!! HERE’S GUY SEBASTIAN!!!!!!!) I estimate my age was about 1.25x that of the average attendee (whimper). That said I did enjoy the live acts a lot.

Guy Sebastian has apparently adopted a more ‘rock’ image. Hence the loss of the afro. … and the presence of a two-dozen strong choir and a gospel tune. What gives, Sebastian? (Good performer though).

So that was that. I enjoyed it, the camera got a workout, I had a brush with egotistical authority figures with zero creative thinking capability (though admittedly in possession of an earpiece in lieu of intelligence), and I eventually made it home okay.

Until next time!

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