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One Photo Per Day Nov 26th - Dec 15th

One photo per day – even in among all the movie premieres, exhibits, resigning from my job, being distracted by stuff…. it’s still being done, one day at a time. And while I might be late posting this instalment, it went down a little something like this:

26th Nov. My own Premiere Exhibit visible from Clipstone Street. Staggering. Even more staggering : I appear to have sold eight (8) of the pieces! (and… Dad has an interest in four special signed reprints). Woohoo!!

November 27th. I randomly decided to switch train stations this morning, and then walked in the direction I thought was the way to the office but was wrong (there wasn’t really a downside to this kind of error, let’s face it). Groovy narrow view of St Pauls!

November 28th. The action moves to Germany, where a group of HACers were in Meissen (pictured) and then Dresden to experience the many fine culinary offerings of Europe’s oldest Christmas Markets. Another Gluhwein with Amaretto? Why, yes please.

November 29th. We had a full day in Dresden (Another Gluhwein with Amaretto? Why yes, please….). This shot is the ‘Zwinger’ Palace, which was very pretty. After that, more eating of devastatingly unhealthy (yet undeniably tasty) foodstuffs. Hey, when the temperatures are this cold, you need calories to burn to keep your body temperatures up! I’m saying.

November 30th. We got to Berlin for noon and 6hrs in the German Capital, where we indulged in some great coffees, I added to my collection of German Language DVDs (Terminator2 : Judgement Day = Terminator2 : Tag Der Abrechnung), and we all got home in time to look forward to a working week reduced in length by one (1) day. Good times!!

December 1st. The BT tower lit up Red for World AIDS Day. Nothing else to say : work is, as always, work.

December 2nd. It was the premiere for Where the Wild Things Are it was raining heavily and for something like two hours they had the same three kids songs on consta-rotation. The Paps were there in force but declared the attedance ‘z-grade’. So, in honour of the true heroes, the Paps are the Photo for the Day

December 3rd. If yesterday was a celebrity drought, today was a flood, with the Premiere of the film Nine featuring Nicole Kidman, Dame Judi Dench, Penelope Cruz, Daniel Day-Lewis and Director Rob Marshall. Oh, and Kate Hudson and her fairly amazing dress.

December 4th. Oh. I appear to have resigned from my job. The Longacre Building facade now looks better In Colour, finally! 90 days until I stand to get a whole lot less movie premieres in my life.

December 5th. Not the strongest crop, but I do like the way the out-of-focus red light at the pedestrian crossing is large and out of focus while its reflections on droplets of water are… not. It’s the little things.

December 6th. I’ll be honest, with two massively impressive (and long) coffee breaks today, there wasn’t quite as much daylight to take photos in. Hence… a quick self-portrait. (Non-candid portraiture is something I need to practice)

December 7th. The Holborn Viaduct at around, oh, 8am. It gets light late and gets dark early these days. I’m told the earth’s roundness and inclination are to blame…

December 8th. Sarah Jessica Parker dazzles by pap-light (left and right, creating a pleasing if frazzled stereoscopic effect that’s neither sharp nor blurry) at the premiere of Did you hear about the Morgans. By all rights, I should have gone with Liz Hurley for photo for the day, but this shot looked better in colour than the other did in black’n’white.

December 9th. Out of the five or six female leads at the St Trinians2 Premiere the one that the least is known about is Clara Plaget. Getty Images recorded no images of her, Wikipedia doesn’t have an entry on her, and imdb simply asks ‘are you her agent?’ when you click on her link. Yellow Cap Guy got her autograph, though, and I snapped this shot. We are The Winners, clearly!

December 10th. Holy crap, I got photos and an autograph of director James Cameron at the Avatar World Premiere. Thankfully, he proved very nice – actually it might have been his first night off after 15 years of working on the movie or something..

December 11th. Weird design on the side of a fridge (?) outside a street art gallery (?) near Seven Dials, London. The weekend is about // this close at this stage.

December 12. I was in Birmingham with friends for the Christmas Markets there. And while I had no shortage of photos to choose from for the day, like last time I’m going with a shot of the famous Bull-Ring. Until I change my mind when I realise it’s probably EXACTLY the same angle I took last time…

December 13. Taken at 0:32am on the way back from a friend’s birthday party, these are two giant metal wings near Angel (as in ‘Angel, Islington’) taken from a moving vehicle after two pints of Frulli. No, I wasn’t driving. Which proves that it may not be a good idea to drink if you’re thinking of taking photographs, but it is worth taking photographs even when you’ve drunk!

December 14th. The very last premiere for the year – and Robert Downey Jnr looks very Holmes-esque at the premiere for Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes. Yes, Kerry Riley and Rachel McAdams and (per every single female in attendance) Jude Law might all arguably be prettier. But come on, man – dude’s wearing a trilby!

December 15th. Moving landscape panning shot gets photo for the day on technical merit. I was in Hook for half the day, which is a long way to travel for half a day of follow-up to the influencing & persuading workshop that dubbed me an introverted jellyfish. Oddly, the follow-up was rather good!

So that was that. Given I already know how the next ten-plus days go (no premieres and me being sick for four of them), it’s gonna be a tricky prospect to jazz up the next installment, but I figure there’s always hope. And/or lies!

All the best!!

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