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"Avatar" Premiere (now in widescreen!)

Okay, so perhaps like James Cameron, you look at the state of My Standard Movie Premiere Journals and ask yourself ‘why?’. Perhaps you decide it’s time to go bigger, better, and more ambitious.

So in honour of the James Cameron philosophy, for this premiere only, I’ve got two Premiere Journals. It’s basically the same premiere as this one except this one is much better because all photos are in 2:1 aspect ratio, all are in colour at a full 800 pixels in width, and all are tweaked in the filter to be more James Cameron-blue AND look like photorealistic CGI. (Rather than, you know… photorealistic real life!)

Sadly, if you can’t see them fully, it means you need to upgrade your cinema! (umm… computer screen). And if you’re not seeing “Teh Awesome!!” below, try this version of the premiere


One of the websites I rely on to tell me about upcoming premieres decided to guess that this one, like that of St Trinians2 (journal yet to come) and Did You Hear About The Morgans would be ‘Average’ in size. Average??

I suspect this might have been the first time in three decades that anything James Cameron has done has been described – even erroneously – as ‘Average’!

I mean, this is the camera James Cameron takes to premieres (take that, people taking photos on your iPods, point-and-shoots and, erm, Pentax K10Ds).

James Cameron is known for his use of stylish Blue Filter, so when he sees this Japanese reporter in searing yellow, there’s no telling what might happen, but there’s a chance it could turn ugly…

No, Yellow Cap Guy!….. Go blue! Go blue!

First to arrive was Joel Moore, who has been in a lot of television shows, and can now add a James Cameron film to his resume. (Which may be kind of like teaching English as a foreign language, and then one day writing the Harry Potter series of books.)

”And James Cameron, he was like, GRRAAAARGHHH!!! Except he was, like, a sixteen foot lizard crocodile thingy, and in CGI. …You kinda had to be there…” I’m sure.

James Cameron! If you only remember him from 1981’s “Pihrana II : The Spawning”, then… ummm… damn… sorry about the coma, but get yourself down to a video store and hire everything he’s ever done since then!

James Cameron meets a particularly excitable fan. Oh, wait, that’s actress Michelle Rodriguez, who is also in the film.

James Cameron? Signed my travel journal (And I’m now 3 for 3 on ‘Favourite people I’ve met who didn’t end up being kitten-hating, seal-clubbing villains! Yay!!)

”You want me to sign this as ‘Quentin Tarantino’ as well as ‘James Cameron’ because he snubbed you at Inglourious Basterds? Sure, no problem” Thanks, Mr Cameron!

”I’ve been described by people as “The King of the World”? That’s sweet!! By whom- oh, that’s right: me. Well, if I’m not the one who backs me, who the hell is going to give me $300mill to make a movie???” He makes an excellent point.

Actor Laz Alonso says : ”Your short script treatment for a sequel to ‘The Abyss’ intrigues me. I’ll pass it on to James for you”

Michelle Rodriguez was in Fast and Furious , as was Laz Alonso (below), while Alonso was in the TV series “Entourage” in an episode called ‘The Abyss’ which references a film by James Cameron, who has also appeared in “Entourage”…. It’s all rather neat, really! (Except this is a photo of Michelle Rodriguez)

By my estimation Michelle Rodriguez broke Nicole Kidman’s record from The Australia Premiere as ‘longest duration female autograph session at a movie premiere’ at this one. She even opted not to steal the pen she was unaccountably left with – classy!

Stephen Lang plays some kind of military commander, but whether his prior role in ‘Gods and Generals’ (2003) had a greater influence in getting the role than his performance in ‘The Amazing Panda Adventure’ (1995) can not be said for certain.

Actor Giovanni Ribisi played the younger brother in the Nicolas Cage movie ‘Gone in Sixty Seconds’. Or (as the dude from Jordan standing next to the lady from Uzbekistan in front of me noted- in English, thankfully) he was also Phoebe’s brother in the TV series ‘Friends’. True, dat.

Actress Zoe Saldana is both Very Pretty and In This Film. (This educational caption brought to you by me, and not the consumer durables manufacturer who paid money to sponsor this premiere but whom I will not mention!) Oh, but you should Totally Buy My Calendar

Zoe Saldana also played ‘Uhura’ in JJ Abrams’ Star Trek. That premiere was brilliant with all cast members going out of their way to mingle with fans and sign autographs. Awesomely, this premiere was just as good (as for the film? who knows…. with a premiere this good, who cares?).

The two main female stars hug and every guy’s camera phone goes up. The giant boom mike is a bit harder to explain in this context…

Zoe Saldana and Michelle Rodriguez share a laugh on the Red (okay, Blue) Carpet. Aussie Actor Sam Worthington, who was third to arrive, and at this point was STILL signing autographs in the first part of the crowd (which he later returned to)

James Cameron was the first person to make an R-rated movie budgeted at over $US100million (Terminator2); and then the first person to make a movie budgeted at over $US200million (Titanic); and now the first person to make a movie with a budget of over $US300million. …It’s like playing double-or-nothing when you’re WINNING

Based on the schedule (and how long James Cameron takes to make movies) both Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana appeared in big-grossing movies filmed after but released BEFORE Avatar. (And both films involved time travel in their storylines. Coincidence? I think not!)

Reporter:”So you’re from Australia? Is that the country with the koalas or the yodelling?”
Sam Worthington: ”Koalas”
Reporter: ”Right. So you guys must all love Mozart down there”
Sam Worthington: ”Umm….sure”

Another quick Joel Moore photo. There sure was a lot of scaffolding at this premiere…

Zoe Saldana: ”Is that, like, a 2D camera?? I’ve totally forgotten how to act in front of one of those!”
Reporter: ”Yeah, James Cameron spent most of his interview laughing every time he looked at it”

”And then he was like ‘I can totally see you as a nine foot blue alien’. Oh, how we all laughed." Of course, being James Cameron he doesn’t really joke about these sort of things.

Sigourney Weaver (Alien, Aliens, Alien3… etc…) also showed up. She’s in this film, but sadly for fans of other James Cameron regulars, Bill Paxton (Aliens, Titanic, True Lies) is not.

I was going for some kind of poignancy and didn’t have the budget for a sepia filter and slightly more depth of field. (Oh, to be James Cameron and have those kinds of budgets. Or even one ten thousandth of that kind of budget…)

Finally, the weirdest part of the premiere was the Japanese reporter lady in Yellow, but the guy who dropped off one of the local celebrities and then pulled out a huge camera and started filming (he was politely asked to move on…)

So… one film, and you can see it in IMAX 3D, Regular Cinema 3D, or Regular Cinema 2D. My ticket is for the middle one, but in any event I figure a movie with three versions deserves two premiere journals. Feel free to beg to differ, and check out The List of Movie Premieres if you like

Until next time!

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