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I've got my own Exhibition! (kind of!)

Through a fortuitous series of emails, the expenditure of rather a lot of money on half-decent frames, and, well… standing out in the cold for hours and hours in Leicester Square over the past 18 months…I now have 13 of my photos hanging in a sort of vestibule area leading to an in-house cafe at my old office.


Woo! I even got to make my own flyer. It’s kind of a pity that I can’t have people handing out canapes and champagne for an opening. OMG – I just realised I could have a premiere opening for an exhibit about premieres… at which I could then take premiere photos!! (Why, yes.I’m fine)

Decent picture frames? Somewhat expensive. And then you multiply by thirteen. (Or ‘12a’ if you’re superstitious).

On your immediate right as you enter the area, there are six shots, five shown here. There’s even a short philosophical musing underneath the portrait of Reese Witherspoon, but I doubt you can make it out in this image… (there is a ‘pondering chair’ though)

On your left as you enter the vestibule area you’ll see one set of shots. Hopefully you brought your own champagne and canapes because not even my opening had either of those things. Indeed, I went and got my own coffee after hanging the photos, and drank it in a nearby cafe…

The photos:
(can I just mention – if you’re looking at them on a slightly larger than usual screen, they’re not this blurry in real life- these are facebook album links, and simply clicking on one with a link will take you to the appropriate redbubble page to verify some kind of quality is present!)

Reese Witherspoon at the ‘Monsters vs Aliens’ Premiere. This was both 100% candid (and taken at about the same time that I fell in love with Reese Witherspoon, interestingly). After that premiere, I went to watch a Symphonic Metal band from Finland play at a concert.

John Simm at the ‘Dark Knight’ premiere. This was a massive event, my position was crap, and it was only when I walked away that I turned around and did one properly composed shot of the crowd. THAT’S what premieres can be like! (look at the opportunistic hopeful on the top left with their point-and-shoot!!)

Megan Fox, at the ‘Transformers Revenge of the Fallen’ Premiere. Taken at a massive distance and weird angle shooting through parts of a crowd. Converted to black’n’white in my mind immediately due to the highly blinding neon yellow jackets of the police standing behind her

Nicole Kidman, at the ‘Australia’ Premiere. It was a freezing night and Kidman showed up wearing THAT dress. She put a coat on a bit later to do interviews, at which point she probably couldn’t feel anything.

George Clooney, at ‘The Fantastic Mr Fox’ Premiere. I even got his signature : the stylised ‘GC’ is indistinguishable from what ‘CC’, ‘GG’ or ‘CG’ would also look like. But hey, he’s still cool!

Zac Efron (insert scream here) at The premiere of ‘17 Again’. High and semi-blind with a 10-20mm lens and one of the luckiest random flash bursts from somebody else’s camera you’d ever get. (Refer Nicole Kidman photo and refer David Duchovny photo, though)

Charlize Theron, at the ‘Hancock’ premiere. It was the first premiere I’d gone to and I snapped Will Smith AND Charlize Theron. You can pretty much trace the next 50+ premieres I’ve attended to this photo.

Will Smith, at the ‘Seven Pounds’ premiere. Will Smith is pretty much EXACTLY this cool.

Johnny Depp, at the ‘Public Enemies’ Premiere. The bouncer / security guard / goon in front of him benefitted from two things : (1) guns are hard to come by, because I probably would have shot him for blocking views of Mr Depp and (2) his presence was necessary in order for this shot to take place, so… you know… kudos, scary tall security dude!

Quentin Tarantino, at the ‘Inglourious Basterds’ Premiere. Not much to say – I’d missed out on getting either a photo or autograph by virtue of a poorly scheduled firedrill at work… and here I missed out on an autograph but got the shot. Shot always comes first.

Al Pacino, at the ‘Righteous Kill’ Premiere. Robert De Niro apparently really dislikes being out in public at these sort of events, but you just know Al loves it.

April Pearson, the only actress in this selection whom I’d never even heard of prior to this premiere, for a movie I hadn’t even heard of prior to this Premiere for ‘Tormented’. Still… have to love the unselfconsciousness of the pose

David Duchovny and an obscured-by-flash Gillian Anderson at the ‘X-Files : I want to believe’ premiere. Probably the photo that made me positively inclined towards continuing to speculatively shoot into paparazzi flash bursts in the hope of a second bit of magic. It hasn’t really worked a second time. Yet.

Bonus shots from Behind the Scenes!

Me’n’Will. (it’s not in exhibit, because… well…)

Me’n’Reese. (It’s not in exhibit, because… uh…)

Me’n’QT. (Not in exhibit, because… I couldn’t quite match the pose anyway)

Me’n’Jack Sparrow. (Not in exhibit, because… of quality issues, for a start)

Me’n’Al. (Not in exhibit because… sadly there wasn’t enough space. Otherwise it totally would have been!)

Me’n’Megan (Not in exhibit because … that expression on my face is freakin’ weird)

Me’n’Charlize (not in exhibit because…. my hand under the picture frame is annoying)

Oh, and per my psych evaluation at an overnight training thingy, ‘Introversion’ is apparently my strongest trait. HAHAHAHAA!! (the food was good, though)

If you can’t make it to the exhibit (and let’s face it, you kind of need to be signed in to the office by security, or somehow press your face against the window when the blinds are open…) (as well as be in London) hopefully this has been a semi-worthy alternative!

Incredibly, however, a lot of these photos are for sale on Redbubble (as the links on the photos above will attest) and by sheer coincidence my calendar of Movie Premieres is ALSO for sale right here on Redbubble!

How many of these Premieres have I been to now? I hear you ask?
FIFTY FOUR is my answer

Until Next Time!

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