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"Harry Brown" Premiere (Michael Caine!)

2 Premieres in 2 days in London town. And would you believe it: tomorrow (which at the time of posting = today) there’s a third. It’s for the new Twilight Film ‘New Moon’ and… ummm… I’m sorry. But there are some premieres I just can’t face. So I won’t be going to that.

But premieres for movies about old-agers turning to vigilantism?> I’m there.

It’s Harry Brown. (And, possibly, fine Indian food. It’s a combination that’s worth some consideration, surely?)

Spotted in the far distance : Yellow Cap Guy. His story is interesting, and so is that of Nikon D70 Guy, who I stood next to at yesterday’s Call of Duty Premiere . There are some fascinating people who hang out at these premieres. Except me. I’m just standing here, pointing my camera. I can take or leave these things – indeed, I went to Harry Brown but will NOT go to New Moon. Sorry!

Sir Michael Caine alights from his vehicle, looking very Sir/Knight-like. Or… well… very Butler-like, given he’s also Alfred the Butler in Batman. .. And a citizen vigilante in this film. (Approach him at your own risk, really!)

Sir Michael Caine and some cute reporter lady made an on-the-spot pact never to mention that ever again, I’m guessing…

“The capital of Liechtenstein? Ummm…” Cute reporter lady was clearly asking some tricky questions. This would appear to be Ben Drew, who is in the film.

Almost exactly a year ago I failed to get a proper shots of both Quantum of Solace Bond Girls Gemma Arterton and Olga Kurylenko. Incredibly, Gemma Arterton was at this premiere. How did I go? I hear you ask? Well… not all that great. But thanks for asking.

Man’s cruelty to our feathered friends hits yet another landmark.

“Bruce Wayne…. Is Batman??” Cute reporter lady is destroying these people… whoever they are / he is.

Almost exactly a year ago I failed to get a proper shots of both Quantum of Solace Bond Girls Gemma Arterton and Olga Kurylenko. Incredibly, somebody called out to this lady, identifying her as Olga Kurylenko. I’m not convinced…mostly because I don’t really have a decent shot to compare against!

Cute reporter lady lines up another curve-ball. Her intended victim here is an actor by the name of Joseph Gilgun, whose name rings absolutely no bells. Free throw for you, cute reporter lady!

Sir Michael Caine says: “Stay In School, Kids. And don’t do Drugs.” (Or somesuch thing. I was taking photos, not paying attention..)

(Please allow me to reaffirm my commitment to observe, record and not influence the proceedings at a premiere in any way. No Michael Caines were hurt, distracted or interfered with by me in the making of this premiere. )

The repetitive strain injury toll from yesterday’s Call of Duty 2 premiere and game release may have claimed yet another victim? I honestly have no idea who this is. IMDB is unhelpful, wireimage is unhelpful and getty images seems to have 28 pages of pictures I’m really not game to trawl though. I’m going with ‘the director’!

Well… at least this guy was easy to figure out. He’s newly crowned WBA Heavyweight Champ David ‘The Hayemaker’ Haye. His connection with the film is spurious, but given he’s a heavyweight world champ, I doubt anybody was game to call him on it.

Whoever it was that made David Haye turn around: you caught a world heavyweight champ off-guard. Well done!

So… that was another premiere. And no matter how much you beg or plead, the very linear nature of time means I can’t/won’t go to the Twilight “New Moon” premiere on the 11th. I have laundry duties.. and I take those very seriously.

Until next time!
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