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"Call of Duty : Modern Warfare2" Premiere (yes... a computer game!)

Computer games: perhaps you’ve heard of them. Perhaps you’ve even played some. Or perhaps you kind of understand that when they sell for something like $US50 each and they sell several million copies they’re kind of a big industry. As in a “based on the possible revenues you could justify a multimillion dollar development schedule and see the kind of revenues that would compare favourably with Hollywood Blockbusters”

Accordingly, it would make a kind of sense for a major new release to get its own premiere, complete with carpets, celebrities, Yellow Cap Guy and everything. It’s the first time I know of that they’ve had one of these in Leicester Square though, and I was there if for no other reason than curiosity.

Call of Duty : Modern Warfare2. Apparently computer games now get premieres too. Which is fair enough, since besides being a massive industry, they also use vocal talents of well known actors. But I’ll be honest, if there’s a carpet, it means I’ll try to be there for it..

The man. The myth. The cap. Two spaces to my right – autograph book in tow and deep voice in fine form, here is Yellow Cap Guy.

When an APV of camouflaged troops show up to a premiere, either it’s a certain kind of movie/computer game, or maybe Tomkat or Branjelina’s security detail doing an advance sweep.

I have no idea who this is. But since the people at this event were generally either (1) r’n’b/rap stars (2) geeks (3) uncomfortable looking models in tight clothing (4) uniformed troops or (5) studio execs, I reckon this might be… from the Black Eyed Peas?

“Sure, I’ve played Tetris. What game is this a premiere for?”

If this isn’t the guy who plays Dr Cox in Scrubs then I don’t want to know. I know it makes no sense for it to be him, but I’m still holding on to that.

This is Dexter Fletcher. I’ve totally forgotten why he’s famous (embarrassingly, I only remember him because of his attendance at another premiere).

Whether it’s Final Fantasy VI or Final Fantasy VII that’s the seminal Squaresoft RPG divides a surprising number of people (clearly). The combatants in this case are Kevin McKidd (actor, and crucially a the voice of ‘Soap’ MacTavish in the game) and actor Craig Fairbrass (actor, and crucially the voice of ‘Ghost’ in the game) (I don’t have an XBox, I just rely on The Internet to tell me these things).

This is “Taboo” from the Black Eyed Peas. His jacket was red and black but I went for a monochrome treatment on this shot. Sorry, ..erm… Taboo.

The link between real life violence and computer game violence? Still tenuous. Wireimage informs me that this is Dom Joly, whom wikipedia calls a “broadcaster, TV presenter and comedian”. Rock on.

Aussie Singer Gabriella Cilmi at the premiere. Soldier in background: distracted from his job of looking cool, frosty, and dangerous.

Jameela Jamil is a T4 presenter, and not having a functioning television I don’t actually know what that means. Still, she’s posing and making people happy.

Moments after signing Yellow Cap Guy’s autograph book…. The realisation hits.

This is Danny Dyer. Insert anecdote > here <. (He’s an actor, that’s all I know!)

Not pictured : Zoe Salmon, Danielle Lloyd and a girl from Zoo wearing an exceedingly tight top. Apologies for that – but if the batteries on my camera were ever going to fail (and my spare having lost considerable charge since last use) it was always going to happen at the worst time!

So… that was that. But does it join the Movie Premieres Archive?
Sure.. why not.

Until next time!

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