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One Photo Per Day October 16th - November 5th

Well, it’s been another interesting set of twenty-ish days. Not too much in the way of travel, and I even used some non-celeb shots on days I also attended movie premieres. Getting soft, or getting nostalgic?

Here’s how it went down..

October 16th. BFI British Film Festival Day 3. And after work, yet another premiere. Well, a ‘Gala Screening’ at any rate. This man is Viggo Mortensen (you know “Lord of the Rings : The Return of the King”? Well, he’s The King). This premiere was notable for a cute girl I was speaking to totally dissing me for a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, Polish paparazzi toting a Canon Eos 1D. I mean.. what does he have that I don’t? Oh. Right. Every one of those things I just mentioned.

October 17th. BFI British Film Festival Day 4. I was in St Albans, however, and the most striking image I could come up with late in the day? Was a tree branch on the footpath being backlit by passing traffic in the late afternoon.

October 18th. St Albans. The days are getting shorter and colder, but the autumn photography effectiveness was slightly hamstrung by trees whose foliage wasn’t quite red enough for my taste. Next week, perhaps…

October 19th. Fourth (kind of fifth) premiere in four working days, and this one is for the Jane Campion film ‘Bright Star’. In the BFI Film Festival, this one was referred to as the Mayor’s Screening and accordingly, London Mayor Boris Johnson, looking quirky and ungainly, showed up.

October 20th. You’re young, pretty, wealthy, have three films in release this year and more next year and critics are calling your latest performance (in this film, An Education) Oscar-worthy. Naturally, if you’re actress Carey Mulligan, you’re fairly… ummm… upset, and need Emma Thompson to comfort you on the red carpet??? (After all this time, I still don’t understand girls…)

October 21st. I know, I know. Yes, there WAS a premiere in Leicester Square this evening – but incredibly the needs of overdue laundry took precedence. Whether any star at the premiere could have outclassed this oversized walking anti-smoking / pro-fitness mannequin is doubtful even so

October 22nd. Incredibly, there were TWO premieres in Leicester Square tonight, and one involved actor/rapper 50 Cent showing up in a huge white Rolls Royce for Dead Man Running . And yet, for the sheer implausibility of getting near-eye contact from actress Amanda Seyfried (‘Mean Girls’, ‘Mamma Mia!’ and in this Premiere for the film ‘Chloe’ and having her assistant making it look like I’ve been especially singled out is kind of cool. Thanks!

October 23rd. I’ve taken this photo every day this week just waiting for it to make it to Photo For the Day status. It’s right near my new office and today I did want to get home a little bit earlier, so here it is, photo for the day at last!

October 24th. It’s the weekend, I’ve found out why I have trouble sleeping after an evening coffee at Costas (yes, it’s exactly for the reason you’d think)

October 25th. I wanted to take a photo of ‘autumn’ before it got too cold and this was it. And in retrospect, I probably should have gone in to London for a premiere.

October 26th. The Trocadeiro near Piccadilly Circus. Ever had the inkling that everything around you is telling you what you already know you want?

October 27th. Not one but two premieres featured on this day, the second last of the British Film Festival. It started with The Premiere for The Glorious 39. But this is from the second, and these are the Coen Brothers, directors of ‘Fargo’, ‘The Big Lebowski’, and in this instance A Serious Man. I don’t know which Coen is which with any great amount of accuracy, but I do know they’re the two guys closest to camera, and not the third.

October 28th. Low Trees? Not as low as you might think if double decker buses can easily pass beneath them! (In a related note, I’d like to thank the government for its efficient use of my tax dollars. Please feel free to spend any you have left over on bailing out more financial institutions so they can pay their executives the large year-end bonuses they’ve become accustomed to)

October 29th. It was the final eve of the British Film Festival, but despite it all my favourite shot of the day is this one. Not just the famous ‘The Ivy’ and not just the theatre featuring the work with the longest ever play-run, but the gorgeous Aston Martin DB5 parked out front.

October 30th. Insofar as I’m probably not allowed to give out the minutiae of workplace shall we say ‘weaknesses’, the metaphor for today is. Imagine I lost my left hand in an accident and had it replaced with an immobile mannequin hand. A year later, the doctor calls me and says they’ve found the perfect replacement. I say ‘great – what will it involve?’ and the response is ‘well, we need to remove your right hand..’.

October 31st. You know how when you’re at a halloween party and it’s late and you might have had a bit to drink and you decide to take a photo and you realise about 1/10th of a second after pressing the shutter that you had it set to overexpose with a flash but you’ve retracted the flash so it’s now doing a long exposure to compensate, and you decide to just hold the camera for as long as possible and see what you get? I call this photo, improbably, She

November 1st. Happy NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). I celebrated by…uh…sleeping in, watching the Grand Prix, having a 1.5hour coffee break, watching ‘The Big Bang Theory’, having leftovers and going out for a late night photography session. I probably should start writing….

November 2nd. It’s Monday, and once again life reveals us nothing if not that cracks will appear in the lids of plastic coffee lids at the one and only place where that crack would be most inconvenient. But it’s not bad luck, people. It’s SCIENCE.

November 3rd. Battersea Power Station was used as one of the sets in the 1979 classic ‘Alien’. I was on my way to Basingstoke for a training course. Today I found out that I’m an introverted reflector abstract-random / abstract-sequential jellyfish.

November 4th. In a country that’s almost paralytic at the thought of anyone injuring themselves in any way as a result of anything, I have to laugh at the number of fences that still contain fairly sharp spikes. Any lawyers wanna get onto that?

November 5th. We’re celebrating somebody blowing up parliament? Cool! Oh, right…. it was a FAILED attempt. Interesting cause for celebration…

Until next time!

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