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"Glorious 39" Premiere photos (Dr Who! Davy Jones! Girl with Spiky Hair!)

Do you remember back when it seemed that every premiere I went to featured a Tom Cruise or Charlize Theron or a Will Smith or Megan Fox … and now I’m typing names like ‘Dominic Cooper’ and ‘Hofit Golan’? It’s BFI Film Festival, and I’m really enjoying it photographically as the premieres are a bit smaller, the crowds a little bit more manageable and the stars a little more accessible. And for me, a premiere is a premiere is a premiere, after all. But do you care?

It doesn’t matter. Here’s the latest anyway!

“Glorious 39”. I’d never heard of the film, and if I’m honest I didn’t know there was a premiere for it – I was there for the movie after it, same cinema, two hours later. But hey, have camera, will travel!

Actress Juno Temple, who has actually been in a reasonable number of recent films, some of which I’ve heard of (“St Trinians”, “Year One” and "Atonement"_), and one of which I’ve seen (_"The Other Boleyn Girl" – I wish to state that I was on a flight, and I generally don’t sleep on flights)

And people ask why I don’t use a flash even in low light…. this is why!

Toby Regbo. I’m all set to go “who?” but according to IMDB, he’ll be playing the role of teenage Dumbledore in the last two Harry Potter films, which is certainly something I couldn’t.

Actor Hugh Bonneville. His imdb entry is remarkably long. That’s all I’ve got.

Playwright / Director / Scriptwriter Stephen Poliakoff. Call me uncultured, but is it wrong that I look at him and go : “Now, if he was wearing a monocle rather than spectacles, this image would be verging on awesome?

She’s late… she’s late… for a very important date (and yet the Michael Jackson “This is it” is in a totally different part of Leicester Square… and not for another five hours…)

Actor Bill Nighy has been in nearly every movie ever made, and been at the premiere for many of the rest. In this instance…. he’s both in the movie and at the premiere. Well played, sir!

Actress Romola Garai. Like a present day Sherlock Holmes, while putting together this journal I’m starting to put together what’s going on here. She was in the movie ‘Atonement’. So was Juno Temple. The poster for the film says “Glorious 39” is “This year’s Atonement” Different director…. but the theme is there. I’ll keep you posted.

Taking low-light photography to the next (even lower) level. Why use a flash when you can make actors look as creepy as this?

Actor David Tennant is in this film, and he’s also the outgoing Dr Who. The crowd went fairly crazy-nuts upon his arrival, and he responded in kind!

David Tenant played the mad Barty Crouch in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. A risky bit of casting? Not really…

So then it was time to either go home, or wait around for two hours for another premiere, this one for the latest by the Coen brothers.

I think we all know how that would work out!

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