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"Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus" Premiere Photos (Cole! Troyer! Gilliam)

When Heath Ledger died during the making of ‘The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus’, his role was divided into additional parts that were played by Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell and Jude Law. None of whom were at this premiere. And Verne Troyer I photographed yesterday at Radio1 and model/actress Lily Cole I photographed today at Radio1 and as for Terry Gilliam? Well, let’s just say Monty Python is yet to make me laugh.

So why was I in Leicester Square, you might I ask. Well, where else would I be but here, for my first full Leicester Square premiere in almost two months, reacquainting myself with my camera and ’The Square….

I may be brave taking my camera out in the dark and the forecast rain, but I wasn’t game to tell these ladies that none of Depp, Law or Farrell would be attending tonight. … I could comfort them afterwards, though.

Premieres are back in Leicester Square, and so is Yellow Cap Guy. It’s been far too long!

Verne Troyer arrives, looking upbeat and dapper (yesterday I snapped him outside Radio1 and he was looking cool as well!)

Verne Troyer is a good interview subject, however despite my close proximity I couldn’t hear him over the noise of people screaming at Johnny Depp. Who wasn’t here and wasn’t scheduled to be here and accordingly didn’t attend. Fans are strange!

Terry Gilliam, director of this film, was also a member of the Monty Python troupe, which doesn’t particularly impress me. I don’t recall laughing during ‘The Life of Brian’ and I actually stopped watching ‘The Meaning of Life’ and after that I pretty much stopped bothering trying to understand the humour. I like fawlty towers, though! As for the rest of Gilliam’s work, I can honestly say none of it has appealed other than ‘12 Monkeys’ and that Nike Ad with the soccer game in a tanker ship (he directed that)

Rather amazingly, I’ve managed to track down this guy’s identity. Some fans near me were desperately beckoning him over and a had a promo picture I recognised as being from ‘Twilight – New Moon’. So I’ve tracked down that photo and he is apparently actor Jamie Campbell Bower. If I’m right, what do I win??

LaToya Jackson, sister of the late Michael, attends the premiere. I never can figure out whether she’s legitimately famous or simply famous by association, or basically neither, and I can’t be bothered checking wikipedia. Neither can she, by all appearances!

From left to right, actor Andrew Garfield, director Terry Gilliam and actress/model Lily Cole. I’ve checked out Lily Cole’s wikipedia entry, and apparently she’s a legitimate model. Like, really!

Claudia Schiffer : snapped. Twiggy : snapped. Agyness Deyn : snapped. And you can now add Lily Cole to the list of models I’ve shot. (How does that compare with what I accomplished in the office today? Umm… not well, if I’m completely honest)

“Who is Andrew Garfield?” I hear you ask. He’s that guy. Over there!

It’s another one of those “is she famous, or he?” moments, to which you can certainly play along at home. She looks significantly like actress Anna Paquin from this angle, so my guess is her even though wireimage does not provide me with any assistance as to who she might be.

One last shot of director Terry Gilliam. He seems cheerful enough!

So, that was that. My first nighttime premiere since.. I can’t even remember. The failure rate was staggering, the Pentax’ autofocus was twitchy to the point where I switched to manual (and further raised the failure rate) but fortunately I got at least one recognisable shot from each of the ‘majors’. And The Premiere Season is definitely upon us, with ten (10) big or small currently scheduled between now and the end of November.

Can’t wait to add more to The Archive of Movie Premieres

And possibly add more celebs to current and future movie premiere calendars such as this one

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