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Pixar's "Up" Premiere photos (literally NONE of the cast showed!)

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last premiere, and before that one it was a nearly empty two-month period. So when I heard that there would be a premiere for Pixar’s “Up”, the 10th consecutive Box Office Behemoth from the Pixar company (“Up” has grossed $US450million+ worldwide so far), no way was I going to miss it.

Ironically, I almost did. Not due to lateness or laziness, but because of the near-obscurity of the location and the low-key nature of it.

There was literally not one celebrity I recognised by name at this event. For example, this is Gail Porter. I don’t know who that is. (Wasn’t that the name of Courtney Cox’s reporter character in ‘Scream’?)

“Tom, I’m here at the premiere of Pixar’s “Up” and as a member of the press I may actually be the biggest drawcard at this event. I’ll be interviewing myself later and asking myself what I think of the film.."

It’s Beverley Knight. Wikipedia informs me that she is a singer, has won three (3) MOBO awards and three gold-certified albums. Her connection with the film is about as close as mine.

Stephen Gately!! (who?). One of the more knowledgeable people next to me (and an older lady who stood near us briefly) cited him as a member of the British boy band “Boyzone”.

The guy with the scout necktie is called (I kid you not) ‘Bear Grylls’ and he’s some kind of presenter / adventurer. His connection to the film is apparently that they invited him as there’s a South Korean Scout character in the movie, and he is England’s Chief Scout. (Bear? Grylls??). Note the truck in the background… you don’t see those at many premieres.

For the premiere of “Wall-E” they sprung for a blue carpet event in Leicester Square, flew in the Academy Award<tm> winning director, Academy Award<tm> winning sound guy/ lead voice and Academy Award<tm> nominee Sigourney Weaver. Here they put a guy into the costume of the second-lead character and booked a place under a bridge. Do we blame the credit crunch for this one?

Literally the only premiere ever where the sole vehicle to drive past the red carpet was a truck. This one was large enough that not only did people have to vacate the red carpet, but one of the shelves of the book market stalls opposite nearly got knocked over. (It’s so Hollywood really I expected to get urinated upon by Paris Hilton’s chihuahua at any point…)

Could this be former ‘Friends’ star David Schwimmer? No. Or rather, it could have been. But it wasn’t. (It was that kind of premiere.)

And finally? A lady with a chicken on her head. This premiere was, clearly, over. Me and the other six people behind one of only two crowd dividers went back to our normal lives, our existence enriched by what we had seen. Or if not ‘enriched’, then at least ‘altered’.

Yellow Cap Guy Watch: he was not present at this premiere.

Immediately afterwards, I walked to Trafalgar Square and sat down for a coffee. Because, you know, to calm my nerves. I mean.. that dude? He was in BOYZONE!! (And that lady? Had a CHICKEN on her head)

Hopefully, the next premiere will find a way to be both bigger and more well-attended. Apparently, further up the river they had a large balloon mocked up to look like the one in the film that some of the attendant “celebrities” later went to and posed in/with. For a company as corporately synergistic and omnipresent as Pixar/Disney though, I’d call this a bit of a misfire. From a spectacle point of view, at least. Financially, of course, they’re doing more than just ‘fine’!

So, with some reservations, it will joins my archive of premieres here which as at now contains a massive FORTY ONE PREMIERES!

That said however, it probably won’t provide images for any current or future calendars featuring the goings-on at movie premieres in London in the vein of:

Which is, like, totally awesome. And you should totally look at. (Totally)

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