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One Photo Per Day, 6th - 25th September

The last episode of One Photo Per Day finished with me flying back from Tel Aviv to London, fairly safe in the knowledge that the next 20 days of one photo per day would struggle to match the coolness of Israel, Petra and The Sinai. I’ll be honest and say that as far as photography goes, that trip and the V-Festival Weekend just before it saw a record 6000-odd photos taken. Not that I wasn’t going to try my best for a more low-key period, however:

September 6th. I am now the pleased owner of a stylish 19inch LCD computer monitor… and a laptop screen that is at least in part an inadvertent modern artwork.

September 7th. I was fortunate to spend my first day back at work in Wales, photographing Pit Girls at a conference as part of a marketing ‘thing’ (!!!). I’m not sure how I stand using those photos for One Photo Per Day, so for now I’m sticking with a dual-language roadsign (Incidentally, theoretically make it my fifth country in seven days : Israel, Egypt, Jordan, England and Wales!)

September 8th. Back at regular work again. Back to the everyday rat race where one day I too might buy myself a house… not unlike this one (dare one dream?)

September 9th. The one good thing about going all the way to the dentist and finding out that my new crown doesn’t quite fit (and learning this without anaesthetic with cold water and air blowing on an exposed nerve) were the awesome Lady Gaga glasses they let you wear. The dentist didn’t really think I was serious about posing with them on..

September 10th. Back to the celebs again – actor/comedian Stephen Fry outside Radio2. In other news, I’m still well behind on photo editing my Israel trip as well as travel journalising. As for work? Eh… it’s been a bit better than usual, actually.

September 11th. I didn’t have time to spare on excessive wanderings today, regrettably. It was this or a shot of the Chris Moyles mega Tour Bus.

September 12th. Street Sign, St Albans. I spent most of my day editing and sorting holiday photos so technically I might as well have included a shot of Israel or Jordan here instead of a sign in St Albans.

September 13th. It’s been so long since my last film premiere I decided to head in to London for a Sunday evening one at the Curzon, Mayfair. The film was Creation and surely I was justified in assuming lead actress and Academy Award <tm> winner Jennifer Connelly would show up to her own premiere? Apparently not, so this photo of actress Anna Popplewell (from the Narnia films) – who is not actually in ‘Creation’ – will need to do.

September 14th. A sign of the covenant… but it’s Monday and I’m not ready to make my peace with the working week just yet…

September 15th. I was in Hook for the day and as a result learned some things about me moving offices that disturbed me a little. Let’s just say celeb-spotting-wise the news isn’t great. (Just so we’re clear about where my daily priorities lie!)

September 16th. Lunch was three celebrities and a Pret Roll. It’s not every day you get to choose bewteen Jackson5/The Jacksons’ Tito Jackson (bowler hat – pictured), rocker Jon Bon Jovi (poor angle and too far away – not pictured) and 1960s supermodel Twiggy (sunglasses too big- not pictured) for photo for the day. Hay, meet sunshine. For however little the sunshine remains…

September 17th. I now have a new crown on one of my teeth. Unfortunately for my as-yet unstarted rap career, it’s not gold.

September 18th. Friends were off doing a 20mile walk for charity while I bade them farewell and took some nighttime photos of London. Then I headed to Blackfriars, missed my train by 3minutes, learned there were no more trains til Monday, couldn’t find a bus, ended up sharing a cab with somebody else in the same situation, and then paying for the whole cab fare. (And then I had an itunes breakdown…) (and then luckily for everyone the weekend started.)

September 19th. Bridal expo in the central atrium of The Galleria, Hatfield. And if you have impending nuptials, why WOULDN’T you hire a blonde-haired Michael Jackson impersonator who lip-syncs but dances quite well?

September 20th. If I were to become a photographer whose only objective were to photograph 1000 of Something just so that I could publish a book called “1000 (insert name of thing )+ plural”). I would definitely choose car rear-view mirror decorations. I’ve seen anything from small pieces of carpet to massive crucifixes. My own car has a cool-looking red Transformers Pen.

September 21st. The cruellest choice one can ever (ummm… possibly) make is a choice between Aussie group The Veronicas and 1990s balladeer Michael Bolton for photo for the day…. And oddly, Bolton wins it! (Oh, come on: the guy sang ‘How Can We Be Lovers If We Can’t Be Friends’. AND had a huge haircut sometime in the last decade)

September 22nd – I’d watched District 9 yesterday and it was very good (hence I tracked down this fake ‘humans only’ telephone both on Great Portland Street). In other news, the British Currency is falling against pretty much any currency that counts. Stupid British currency…

September 23rd. I’m hazy on what exactly an ‘Ant and Dec’ is hence I didn’t put them as photo for the day despite them visiting both Radio1 and Radio2. Consequently, I was largely photo-less until I decided on an after-work coffee near Piccadilly, and a rare panning shot with a wide-angle lens en route.

September24th. Mornings are getting more crisp, and I bet the trees are already plotting to drop all their leaves at any time. No news on when I’m moving offices, so I’m making celebrity hay while the sun shines. For today- director Stephen Daldry – who got Oscar nominations for Billy Elliot (2000), The Hours (2002) and The Reader (2008). Sadly I haven’t watched any of those films, hence here is a building off Oxford Street!

September 25th. I had a choice of celebrating 18mths since leaving Australia (via The Sugababes outside of BBC Radio1), or celebrating the fact that it was Friday (via posting this figure of a man heading away from the darkness of the working week into the sunshine of two well-deserved days off) The answer, obviously: ….. WOO!! FRIDAY!!!

So… not too shabby a series of days after all. And though the days are getting shorter and the daylight hours are declining similarly, it’s not winter yet and the first faint stirrings of the Movie Premiere Season are beginning to coalesce so not all is bad.

Until next time!

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