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Brüno Premiere, London (Brüno!)

Two days after the movie premiere juggernaut that was The Transfomers Revenge of the Fallen I had another one to consider going to.

The complication : I was outside of London all day on a team building day which involved wandering around a forest and (in my instance) getting lost with our group on the way from the carpark to the camping ground before the event had even started, and then carrying a hollowed-out log for several kilometres through bushland.

And this premiere was a bit closer to my heart, as I am actually Austrian and as such a movie about a Gay Austrian Fashion Icon means I can possibly relate to 1/3 of it on a personal level…. possibly even more if my enviable collection of T-Shirts qualifies me as a fashion icon.

I didn’t get there on time, but I did manage to capture some of the action:

I arrived a little late so I missed Bruno’s arrival and some of his poses on a raised plinth, but I think I captured the basic gist of the film, which is Sacha Baron Cohen wearing ludicrously bizzare clothing and confusing the hell out of conservative Americans.

The master is back. I saw Yellow Cap Guy at Transformers II but he didn’t look himself – by which I mean yes he had a yellow cap on, but otherwise he seemed especially disoriented and confused about where he was. Which isn’t funny, so I’m glad he’s back in top form

Funkizeit mit Sacha Baron Cohen. According to some people I spoke to, Cohen is very shy and for this reason he stays in character for his premieres – that way he has a role to play rather than be himself. In terms of evidence, he was certainly signing autographs ‘Bruno’ not ‘Sacha’

“Sure, I swapped an iPod for a baby. But it was one of those cute shuffle ones so I think the mother might actually have gotten the better deal out of it”

“I can zee zat you are bald. How do you stand to go out in public looking like that, may I ask?”

Whether Sacha Baron Cohen’s girlfriend, actress Isla Fisher was there in her capacity as friend of Bruno or her own celebrity status is unclear. But she was there.

“I don’t suppose Sacha will ever take on a regular role some day?”. Possibly not – there are plenty of other countries around the world to base characters around.

It’s a guy. And his chin. Either he or it may be famous because the nearby hysterical teen fans were unaccountably excited to see him… or it.

“You appear to be having dandruff. Ve have clinics for zat in Austria – we will kill you humanely, you will not suffer in the process”

Despite being a little cluttered, I kind of like the different elements of this shot – Bruno poster in the background, Bruno in the weird palace guard costume, singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor in the foreground. It is … how you say it… Sehr kool..

It’s one of the Geldof sisters. Peaches or Avocado or Jetski or something. I’m not sure which one, and I’m not entirely sure whether I’m meant to care.

Can I be a bit naively honest here and ask not just why Pixie and The-One-Named-After-A-Fruit Geldof are famous, but… why is their father so famous? Was it just for that one song about feeding the world back in the 1980s or was it something more? And no, I don’t want to check wikipedia!

“And so I told him that with a dress like this and two umbrellas there’s no way we won’t be considered celebs at this thing”.

“You there – I am making fun of your national costume : I will let you retaliate by telling me what you think of Austrian Singing Sensation DJ Oetzi. Okay – go!”

Being Austrian, I am of course aware that the Austrian capital city Vienna is pronounced ‘Wien’ in that country. But do I have to be the one to make a ‘Wiener’ joke, or can I rest safe in the knowledge that Bruno will cover that in the movie? (… I’m fairly sure it’s taken care of.)

Well… it was a quick one and a late one, but arguably a good one. I’m looking forward to the movie. (Subsequently : I am amazed and ashamed at this movie. Just about everything that was brilliantly right about Borat was made aggressively unfunny in this one. Sigh….)

Still, it joins the Archive of Premieres the most recent of which are:

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Next up, I think, may be “Public Enemies” later in the month.

Until next time!

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