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"Tormented" Premiere, London

Amazingly, this is by FAR the most viewed movie premiere I’ve ever uploaded. Take that Spielberg, Cameron, Tarantino, Scorcese, DeNiro, Pacino, etc. And if the photos are ever missing due to some linking error, YOU CAN SEE THE ORIGINAL ALBUM OVER HERE IN THIS LINK

Well, I won’t lie. Unlike Jonas Brothers 3D and A Night At the Museum2 This was a tricky one because I knew NONE of the cast and had no idea what this movie was about. It seems, per The Internet that most of the actors are better known for their performance on British television shows, NONE of which I have watched either. It was, therefore, a long night. But at least the weather was nice!

“Tormented”. It’s not a movie, or a cast, or even a prior body of work I’m familiar with. I’m actually so far outside their target market they might plausibly refer to me as ‘granddad’ (tear). I recognise some of the usual suspects lined up behind the barrier, though (double tear)

Just in case you think that the fans (including the awesome Yellow Cap Guy) only go nuts for the celebs du jour, they also go various kinds of crazy-nuts for freebies : in this instance, posters. (Hey, I’m not complaining, I scored a T-Shirt.)

He’s… (checks IMDB and wireimage furiously) ‘Olly Alexander’ and he has five acting credits, and scarily 4 of them are from this year. His assistant (?) on the other hand is exactly like every girl in a Teen Movie who only needs to pull her hair back and take off her glasses and she’d probably become immediately and obviously gorgeous. I’m saying..

Anyone wearing a dress like this has to be famous, and I realised that well before she stood in front of the cameras to give interviews and be shot by the paparazzi. Her name? Tuppence Middleton. As you would know from her performances in… (checks a single episode of the TV show ‘Bones’? But of course…

Tormented. Somewhat.

Oh, look, it’s that mad… uh… guy. (Dmitri Leonidas) (is it?). Obviously he’ll end up being the Sean Connery of his day. Do you know his work in the series ‘Grange Hill’? Dude.. I didn’t even know of the show let alone him up until about four minutes ago. (I’m familiar with how a television works, though…)

Sophie Wu (L) and James Floyd (R ). Quite evidently, I’m wasting my BBC License fees because I’ve heard of neither of them, or ‘Casulty’ or ‘Dream Team’ which they’ve been attached to. Hey, I just know which button to push to make the camera make a noise.

Oh, it’s my worst nightmare at these things : which of these two is famous? Or are both? Or are neither? Feel free to play along at home. (per Wireimage and Getty Images, the answer is : neither)

It concerns me greatly that among all the pretty young things at the premeire, this dude is the ONLY vaguely, mysteriously, familiar looking person I saw all night. whimper

April Pearson. If your interview subject gives you this particular look? It’s probably close to being over.

…and if your interview subject is garotting herself in front of you? Interview definitely over (and it might be worth looking at what kind of questions you’re asking.)

It’s… it’s… yeah. It’s him. Or possibly his micro-beard is what’s famous, and it just chooses a different body to inhabit from time to time. Amy Pearson hugged him at one point, though, so feel free to make up your own back-story.

Choose your own character name and back-story. She got interviewed and papped, but I have not been able to figure out who she is. Until I find out, I’m going with ‘the Lead Singer of Kasabian’, even though he’s is blonde… and a guy…

This may be the only person at this premiere I actually knew of before this premiere. His name is Hugh Mitchell and he plays the character Colin Creevy in two of the Harry Potter films. Actually, he also played young ‘Silas’ in the Da Vinci Code, so his total motion picture experience appears to exceed that of every other actor in this film!

I was trying to figure out what four-member girl band they were from, reasoning that any four females with different coloured hair posing together would have to be in a girl band, right? Not so… three of the four are in ‘Skins’ (Kaya Scodalerio, Kathryn Prescott, and Megan Prescott) and yet, hilariously, none of the three are in this movie. I guess most of their friends (Like Larissa Wilson) on the show are.

Kaya Scodelario. 17 years old, per wikipedia, so moving right along…

April Pearson, wearing April Pearson’s dress. I suck at this… except insofar as the photo is okay and the dress is… you know, nice enough.

Fine. One more of Kaya Scodelario. (I’m actually inserting this in 2011, two years later as my private internet site goes down in flames and I’m forced to restore this journal via other means. This is relevant primarily insofar as Kaya Scodelario is now two years older than she was here…) (just sayin’, not tryin’ to be weird or anything)

Okay, one more shot of Ms Pearson, because it is a killer pose

But still, I wanna know… where was the director? Where was the lead actor, who apparently is famous from ‘Stormbreaker’? I mean… there’s chance the director was there, but imdb doesn’t have a picture and wikipedia doesn’t have an entry (whereas Kaya Scodelario does). It’s all rather strange….

Next up… I don’t even want to say!!

No matter, it joins the movie premieres archive

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Until next time! (or maybe the time after that, when I’m setting myself the goal of getting Yellow Cap Guy’s autograph!)

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