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"Star Trek" Premiere (Sylar! Bana! Pike! JJ Abrams!)

I’ll be honest, I felt a bit rusty going to this one. Also, I was a bit worried. See, I had Trek tendencies a while back and much like Star Wars, these once mighty franchises have become a bit of a laughing stock due to overexposure and George Lucas’ greed (well… one more than the other on that reason). So would it be excruciating seeing a whole crowd filled with Klingons, Borg and Ferengi, or sad if there weren’t many.

… and who cares? As long as one (1) cute actress showed up and I got a JJ Abrams autograph, where was the issue?

Forget odd and even number rules for star trek sequels. forget JJ Abrams. Forget fans who distinguish between ‘trekker’ and ‘trekkie’. It’s Yellow Cap Guy, so it all pales into insignificance.

Blue carpet premiere. Funky!

That? Says it all.
She’s here under sufferance, oblivious to the dilithium crystal monoliths spewing forth periodic dry ice and fans screaming “KHAAAAAAN” every couple of minutes. I’m sorry, lady…. but this isn’t a tenth of how bad it could all have been!

Ya cannae change the laws of sporrans, cap’n. It’s Simon Pegg. I’ve photographed him at, like, four premieres already, so he’ll only be appearing in this album once. Wearing a kilt, though. He plays Scotty in this film.

It’s Zachary Quinto, better known as villain Sylar in Heroes. I stopped watching that about halfway through season One but do plan to continue. I kind of expected him to punch the people in wheelchairs in front of him, but in fact he was more than happy to sign autographs (‘Yours in evil, Sylar… I mean Zachary. Love…’)

“Are you calling me ‘Stacey’? Are you calling me ‘Jane’?. Those aren’t my name, dude.” John Cho plays Sulu in the film.

She’s Zoe Saldana, and she’s more than cute enough for me to forgive her if that’s a vulcan salute she’s trying for in this shot. She plays Uhura in the film.

“Dude, loved you in that movie”
“Yeah, me too”

Kirk and Spock share a moment.

Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond was telling the people in front of me desperate for his autograph that he was kind of running late. Obviously not driving a Bugatti to the premiere, then….

Christopher Pike plays Captain Kirk in this film and if that’s a Vulcan Salute, then I may have to go home in protest. (I’m not that big a fanboy… I’m just a supporter of… ermmm infinite diversity in infinite combinations?).

Farq, I just insulted Kirk. On the plus side, I did nearly burst out laughing at the lady apparently doing that ‘pretend you’re walking down stairs on a flat surface trick’ in front of him (“Look at me! I’m heading into the basement!!”)

Don’t look into his eyes – he’ll steal your soul! (My knowledge of Heroes is limited, so I’m not sure he can actually do that…)

JJ Abrams. All joking aside, and forgetting for a moment that I never watched Alias and stopped watching Lost about four episodes in in protest over them not revealing what the deal with the giant dust monster and the polar bear was…. he’s a great director. Mission Impossible III was excellent and Cloverfield was fantastic

Check it out – actor Eric Bana is a fan of Top Gear! I am too. And I think Bana is a very good actor. I just thought Ang Lee’s ‘The Hulk’ was maybe not the acme of comic book adaptations. ‘Slow and ponderous to the point of coma-inducing’ is not the same as ‘deep and meaningful’. But I don’t blame the guy who wore the purple shorts…

Actually, I was both surprised and relieved that there wasn’t more of this kind of thing.

Eric Bana doesn’t like it when you dis The Hulk. Fine, I’ll modify it by saying I did quite like Munich and Black Hawk Down, both of which he was in. And Jennifer Connelly made The Hulk bearable anyway..

Actress Zoe Saldana once again looking cute. I was vaguely disappointed by 3 of the last 4 Star Trek films and most of the last two series, but I think I’ll give this movie a go.(hey, it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve watched a movie on the strength of the female lead. Aeon Flux sure did suck, incidentally….)

Pike and Kirk. If nothing else, the trailer looks good and the instrumental score they were playing on the speakers sounds interesting (hey, it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve watched a movie on the strength of the soundtrack composer, incidentally)

JJ Abrams signed an autograph, so I’ll forgive his attempt at a Vulcan Salute, if that’s what it was..

That Sylar dude sure is popular. I must become more evil. Somehow… Please don’t Mr Abrams.

“And I’m coming for you and I’m coming for your kids. Oh, wait, hold that thought. Go about your business, people”

You’ll note that daylight savings has started in London as well… nice to have some natural light at these things.n Next up? Possibly ‘State of Play’ tomorrow. But in any event, until next time!

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