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Fast & Furious Premiere, London (Diesel(ish)! Walker! Brewster! Rodriguez!)

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It’s premiere… uh… five (or is it six?) for the month and this one I took seriously enough to head out of work slightly early for. Why? Because…. because.. I own a Nissan Pulsar, okay? And I don’t drive it but I understand why, no matter how bad your car is, it’s YOURS and it’s special.

Or something.

Jordana Brewster sure is pretty…

Fast & the Furious. It’s the movie that reunites the key four castmembers of the first film in a movie that shares the same title but for the word ‘The’ and has the tag-line ‘different model – same parts’. Cute.

“Are you sure? Right here in the open like this? Okay, then” Paul Walker sells some cut-price Maltesers to a guy. Those cinema markups are getting pretty bad, and Paul Walker cares about the people.

Paul Walker is a nice guy. Hence… uh… when I explained to him that I hate front-on shots and eye-contact more than just about anything, he quickly obliged with this stunning profile shot. You rock, Paul Walker!!

“How was that?”

Jordana Brewster. She was also in the first Fast and the Furious as well as… uh… doesn’t matter.

Actress Michelle Rodriguez wonders whether to acknowledge her under-appreciated dramatic role in the first ‘Resident Evil’ film.

Jordana Brewster and I shared a moment. (This might be one of those times where Einstein would explain relativity by saying time passes at different speeds for different people. I may also be babbling.)

There was this weird guy trying to give all the stars high-fives as they walked past. I think four of the five main drawcards did high-five him, AND he didn’t get arrested for assault or battery, which is nice for him (Also… where WAS Vin Diesel?)

Gull-wing doors are always cool. Purple colour schemes…. less often so.

I don’t think she liked my script.

How Tall Is That Guy On The Right??

I was going to write “Ricky Yune from the first film is older now and branching out into producing, so they got a younger dude, Justin Lin, to fill his role”. Then I went onto and learned he’s the Director (this may be why I have trouble getting promotions…)

Timestamp: 6:22pm. Vin Diesel is late, and presumably tells his driver to keep the engine running. The reason for this soon becomes clear.

Timestamp 6:24pm. It’s been a long day. Vin Diesel makes his way back to his car. (But Vin! Vin! We waited in the blistering cold for you! We kept watching Tokyo Drift to see your cameo! We saw you in that other movie where you had hair! We Watched Chronicles of Freaking Riddick for you, Vin! Why, Vin, Why?)

Timestamp : 6:28pm. It’s been six minutes already, but Vin Diesel finds time at the end of his busy schedule to sign a few more autographs.

Timestamp : 6:30pm. “Guys, you’ve been great! See you at the premiere for Chronicles of Riddick 3, yeah?” Ummm… maybe.

In Vin’s possible defense I left Leicester Square around this time, so if he was merely returning to his car to feed his puppy dog (which he may or may not own or have brought) after which he went back to his fans, then I’ve done him a disservice. Otherwise… meh.

Oh, and for people (like me) worried about Yellow Cap Guy – I didn’t see him at yesterday’s premiere or this one.. however as I was heading back to the Tube I ran into him! He was running late and muttering to himself about having missed this premiere. Oh, how the legend has waned. I’m sure he had his reasons…

A fun night, though the likelihood of me watching further XXX or Man Apart sequels hangs in the balance.

Until next time!

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Marley and Me – Aniston! Wilson!
Watchmen – The whole cast!!
Confessions of a Shopaholic – Fisher! Bruckheimer!
Valkyrie – TomKat! TOMKAT!!
Revolutionary Road – Kate! Leo!
7 Pounds – Will Smith!!
Defiance – Craig! Liev! .. the other guy!
Australia – Kidman! Jackman! Luhrman!
Yes Man – Carrey! Deschanel!
Madagascar2 – Rock! Stiller! Pinkett-Smith!
A Bunch of Amateurs- Royal Screening – HRH represents!!
Quantum of Solace – Everyone! Often blurry!
How to Lose Friends and Alienate People – Pegg! Ummm….Serkiss?!
Tropic Thunder – Stiller! Downey Jnr! Black!
Righteous Kill – De Niro! Pacino! 50Cent! Kickass
RockNRolla – Ritchie! Butler! Newton! Madonna shows up!
The X-Files : I Want to Believe – Anderson! Duchovny! Carter!
The Dark Knight – Bale! Caine! Eckhart! Gyllenhall! All kind of!
Wall-E – Weaver! Burtt! The Robot!
Hancock – Charlize Theron. Will Smith. Enough Said.

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