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Revolutionary Road (yes, Kate + Leo showed) Premiere, London

The crowd for this one, like the last one, was a little bit excessively enthusiastic at times. More so probably because this was a weekend premiere, and diehards who are ordinarily employed during the week had a chance to line up earlier than they otherwise would (this may or may not have included me).

And with a gorgeous lead actress attending the premiere for a movie she’s starring in for the first time in, like, a month, you can understand the excitement. Oh, and some dude called ‘Leonardo Di Caprio’ was going to show up, it was rumoured. And a couple of people seemed excited about that too.

Leo! Kate! Jack! Rose! Director Sam Mendez didn’t attend! For all I know, nobody else of the cast did either! I barely bothered to take photos of anybody else even so!!

It’s the international symbol for a London Movie Premiere – Yellow Cap Guy is in position and primed, albeit in a rare sub-optimal non-pole-position location.

You know that thing I get when I see a gorgeous actress and I can’t think of anything funny to say, and I need to revert to factual information? Well, I’m getting it here.

Kate Winslet. At the Golden Globes she got best actress (for this film) and best support actress (for The Reader). For the BAFTAS, however, things are tricker : she’s been nominated for best actress for BOTH films.

Leonardo Di Caprio. The girls were screaming from the moment…. well, that they arrived a couple of hours before he did, it seemed.

It’s been 12 years since Titanic and even longer since Baz Luhrman’s ‘Romeo+Juliet’ but apparently The Ladies still like this guy.

The crowd were all screaming ‘Dermott!!’ or ‘Dylan!!’ or ‘Derek!!’ or something suchlike for this guy. I contemplated tossing in a ‘Jebediah!!!’ just to see what would happen…

“No, in fact I’ve been in nearly a dozen films since Titanic. Don’t you remember ‘The Man in the Iron Mask’ and ’Don’s Plum’? "

“I do NOT owe you five dollars. It was like 8 yuan and that exchange rate is completely out of date”. Hmmm… Kate Winslet may be right. (I hasten to add that I do not do anything so banal as screaming out a star’s name during a premiere. I’m all about capturing them in their environment, not interacting)

“Sophie!!” “Sophie!!” the crowd screamed. I wondered if the idea of getting fans to scream out celebrities’ full names would ever catch on. My money was on a Sophie of the Ellis-Bextor persuasion, but who knows…

It’s the chaos of premieres I like, the raw challenge of taking photos in split seconds on a camera whose low-light focus is somewhat suspect. Did you know that my camera defaults to an aperture of f8 when you change batteries on the fly? That’s a fairly disastrous setting on the lens I was using…

I’m going with guessing that guy is Aussie wobbleboard legend Rolf Harris, in the absence of any assistance from

“it’s kind of a sequel, except in this one the boat DOESN’T sink!! Can my people call your people?” Leonardo Di Caprio looks diplomatically transfixed.

Unaccountably this is not my photo for the day

It’s this one (In other words, the London Monument to the Great Fire of 1666 never stood a chance…)

So this one wasn’t one of my all-time faves, except that somehow despite some rather ungentlemanly conduct from the guys in my immediate vicinity I still managed to get some pretty good photos. All thanks to the mighty stool, which even got me enough elevation to shoot blindly over the hoarding protecting the public from the assembled paparazzi (or vice versa). Next up, I’m not sure I’ll make it to the ‘Valkyrie’ premiere, but we shall see.

Until next time!

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