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"Defiance" Premiere (yes, Daniel Craig showed)

Movie premieres! They’re back like they were only gone for a couple of weeks. Which they were. This one was for a WW2 era film called “Defiance”, directed by Ed Zwick and starring Daniel Craig (insert scream if you’re female of any age), Jamie Bell (insert another scream if you’re female and younger), Liev Schreiber (I’m really not sure… do what you feel you must) and my personal favourite though I’d never heard of her before tonight, Alexa Davalos.

This one wasn’t bad, only the photography in some cases was. But steady on, it was my first one in almost three weeks. I was bound to be rusty!

_"Ed, this may be the only time I ever say this, but my eyes are down here"

“Damnit, lift your game, Ed. You know that’s not what I meant”

Look, it’s Satsuki Mitchell!! (Oh, and Daniel Craig)

The screaming girls stopped screaming for Daniel Craig occasionally to scream for Jamie Bell. He’s… well, he’s Jamie Bell, apparently.

Alexa Davalos. If you’re only going to take one photo of a beautiful actress… I forget where I was going with that sentence. She didn’t sign autographs but her assistant gives an idea of the weather, while Davalos’ dress verges on reckless.

I’m not sure who or what exactly a ‘Nick Knowles’ is but that’s what he looks like. That’s also what the girl who looks like him looks like. (This is one of the reasons I’m not a Paparazzi)

Hey look! It’s… them! Damn, I really do suck at this kind of thing!

According to imdb, she’s not some random celeb, she’s actually Jodhi May and she’s in this film.

Okay, so that’s Daniel Craig on his closest of several orbits around me which never actually resulted in him getting within focus distance. Avoiding me and the five dollars he still owes me, I surmise…

It’s Liev Schreiber. (His name rings a bell but I really can’t place him. The girls around me who didn’t get an autograph from Daniel Craig seemed happy to get his, though.) It’s the only photo from the night that I can say I’m pretty much happy with.

If Daniel Craig had been standing here I could also have taken this curiously flattering photo of him rather than Liev (improbably pronounced ‘Lau’) Schreiber (again, to his credit, Daniel Craig spent more time in more parts of the crowd than just about anyone)

The movie ‘Defiance’ was directed by Ed Zwick, who did ‘The Last Samurai’ and ‘Blood Diamond’. Had I been more switched on, I would have both bothered to figure out what he looked like and made more of an effort to locate him on the red carpet. So this is my only shot, taken while circumnavigating Leicester Square to get a better vantage point.

“Why yes, I did know that I look suspiciously like the guy on the poster over there. But I’m not Hugh Jackman, no…” Daniel Craig as close to not-blurry as I managed.

“The cheque for five dollars is in the mail. No, seriously!”.
Yeah, thanks, 007.

It’s a movie premiere in London : do you know where your Yellow Cap Guy is?
He’s right there… and possibly so is craigis007… and argh! Mr Daniel Craig’s assistant has her hand IN FRONT OF his face for the one shot in the series that was actually pretty sharp!

A fun premiere. Next up, the high expectation for and probably crushing disapointment of the premiere for “Bride Wars”. If I couldn’t pick out Ed Zwick or get more than one shot of Alexa Davalos in an ‘average’ sized premiere, what are my odds on Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson?

Edited to add: the Bride Wars premiere was cancelled… D’OH!!!

That means theoretically the next Premiere should be the Will Smith / Rosario Dawson film ‘Seven Pounds’ next Wednesday. Until next time!

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