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three premieres in three days!


and yes unaccountably I still do premieres (I’m fast approaching something like 400, which is a bit disturbing, or perhaps cool) – and after a brief hiatus of three weeks, followed by two in two weeks (’The Absolutely Fabulous":
movie and Legend of Tarzan
), it then peaked with a rather surprising three in three days!

Here’s the highlights, with the individual full-length journals here
, here
and here

Firstly, on Sunday 10th July, it was the Pixar sequel Finding Dory

In a world of soulless and opportunistic reboots, I’m actually starting to respect the noble ideal of an honest and legitimate sequel. Is that bad?

I don’t know who this is, but my fear is I am not nor have I ever been this cool. HE’S WEARING A POCKET-WATCH, PEOPLE!!

You may remember Ellen DeGeneres from the roughly 2000 episodes of The Ellen DeGeneres show, where she plays the lead character… I think her name on that show might have been “Steve”?

Ellen DeGeneres has been married to Australia’s Own <tm> Portia De Rossi since 2008, and she (that’s Portia) is possibly still best known for being on Ally McBeal, or alternatively I’m pretty old and haven’t watched much TV since then.

“I hear in the future, Disney is going to limit the amount of time you’re allowed to remember having watched one of their films before they make you wipe it from your memory.” – Dominic West is also in this film. And I can’t wait til I’m no longer allowed to remember how bad “Chicken Little” and “Mars Needs Moms” were.

“You’re looking forward to Toy Story 4?? So are Disney’s accountants!” – Andrew Stanton not only directed (and wrote) Wall-E, he also directed this movie AND is the voice of the sea turtle Crush in Finding Nemo!

“Hi. What’s your name? And why do you sound like me?”

So that was Day 1 of 3.

The next day, Monday 11th it was the premiere of Jason Bourne

“Please welcome him on stage : the director and my personal inspiration for how I want my hair to look when I’m his age… Paul Greengrass!!!”

“You want me to sign what for who? But I don’t know that person and I’m not even sure I’ve watched that movie….”

“I can’t give you a hug, but I can give you an air-high-five?” Alicia Vikander won a best supporting Actress Oscar this year for last year’s The Danish Girl

If an Alicia Vikander air high-five and a quarter-smile from Julia Stiles is already what I’m getting from this premiere, I might not even need the solemn Matt Damon fist-bump I’d come to this premiere hoping for.

“I’m actually pretty happy with my long distance mobile plan, but thanks for asking anyway” – Matt Damon was first to arrive and start signing and posing for selfies and he’s the last one heading to the stage to be interviewed.

“Thanks for sticking with me through all the difficult times, up to and including what we all went through just moments ago.”

And then finally, on Tuesday 12th, it was the UK premiere for Star Trek Beyond

A cute Vulcan Goth (?) girl stands by the promotional transporter beam. I think she possibly likes me, but with Vulcans it’s generally very tricky to tell.

“I’m also a doctor, not a country and western singer. You’re thinking about Keith Urban, who’s married to Nicole Kidman” This, in contrast, is actor Karl Urban who plays McCoy in the film.

_"Some of them over here are quite normal. You know… for Star Trek fans…." John Cho plays Sulu in the film.

Idris Elba is this movie’s Villain of the Week, following in the footsteps of Eric Bana in Star Trek (2009) and Benedict Cumberbatch in Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)… neither of whom wore a jacket quite this cool to their respective premieres.

Chris Pine is this iteration’s Captain Kirk. It’s perhaps a spoiler to say that he doesn’t sport facial hair in the movie… but the embargo form I didn’t sign said nothing about not being able to reveal such crucial plot points. (Did I mention I got tickets to see this film by being one of the first 50 people to show up with a copy of the morning Metro?)

“He plays the Vulcan Spock in the film, so please observe a respectful degree of restraint for Zachary Quinto!!!”

“Well… it’s fan-fiction if YOU’RE writing it, but if you’re a member of the cast like ME, then it’s something more than that” Not only does Simon Pegg play Scottyin the film, but he was also the co-author of its story.

I’d already opened my popcorn and started munching on it by the time director Justin Lin (who directed the 2nd, 4th, 5th and 6th movies in the Fast & Furious franchise) got on stage…. we were given no alternative but to go into the cinema when we were asked (that or face not watching the film, I mean!)

Anyway, so that was exciting. As usual, the longer journals are at my website … and if you wanna know when I post new ones there, feel free to follow me on facebook
or on twitter @berndt2_photo.

That’s about it, really. Hope you’re doing well?

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