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Australia Premiere, London

Two premieres in two days? Bring it! And if I didn’t have a Christmas dinner to go to tomorrow, I could make it three with an alleged Adam Sandler / Courtney Cox premiere in Kensington tomorrow.

But hey, the unflappable and suave Hugh Jackman, gorgeous Nicole Kidman and …. Baz Luhrman in London is something that even somebody as apparently tenuously Aussie as I am needs to go see…

It’s Australia! In.. um… England! I’m Aussie enough to fight the cold for this one, and only complain occasionally about how my fingers appear to be getting rather frostbitten.

Hugh Jackman says: “No, I am not Wolverine in real life and no, I will not spike your mother-in-law. Thanks for asking, though!” Gotta love Hugh’s tact…

Writer/Director Baz Luhrman (who also did Strictly Ballroom, Romeo+Juliet and Moulin Rouge) and his wife/co-writier/producer/red-carpet-“and guest” Catherine Martin

“No, I will not have your baby, but thanks for asking. Incidentally, you do realise that biologically that would be tricky for me?” Hugh Jackman’s life is filled with questions that would fell mere mortals..

Director Baz Luhrman plays a rare reversal on my assertion that he still owes me five dollars, asserting right back that I owe him fifty. Ummm… I’ll get back to you on that, Mr Luhrman?

“Why, yes I’m flattered that you’d ask me to marry you when we just met. But not only I am wearing my wedding ring, but also my wife is, like, standing right over there” You tell ’em, Hugh Jackman.

(Like Charlize Theron, I seem to find it hard to provide commentary for shots of Nicole Kidman. It’s not a weakness that comes into play very often, in truth…)

Again… what to write? Did you know Nicole Kidman won an Oscar for ‘The Hours’ and used to be married to Tom Cruise?

This was photo for the day for fourteen frames when I got what I reckon is an even better shot. (And then I changed my mind…) Thanks, Mrs Kidman… uh… Urban.

Photo for the day (although I’ll be going the wider crop for that). Fine… I’ve changed my mind, possibly again. One way or another, though, it seems likely that Baz Luhrman will sadly not be my Photo For The Day.

Oh, come ON. Ten THOUSAND paparazzi are standing next to me and not even ONE lets off a flash for this precise shot? Argh!!!

Yeah… I have no immediate comment for this shot. Except to say that if I hadn’t braved the laughs and stares of co-workers for bringing my stool with me to work to stand on for this premiere I wouldn’t have been able to take 90% of these shots. Never deny the power of the stool!!

You know, Nicole Kidman’s white skin causes significant difficulty, photography wise. It’s so white that you either underexpose massively, or the nest of Paps just to your right can blast out all her features with just a couple of flashes. (Michael Jackson is so jealous…)

Props to both for really circulating around the crowd and signing autographs. Hugh Jackman was led away from our area by minders and promised to return, and did so; while Nicole Kidman pretty much spent more time signing autographs than any leading lady I can remember at a premiere. Australia : Represent!!

I couldn’t wear a dress like that. Not only do i not have the figure, but I was getting minor frostbite despite the jumper, jacket and beanie I was wearing (I put on gloves near the end… too cold!)

“No, I will not apologise for Van Helsing. But I respect your opinion that it was utter crap”. Hugh Jackman is indeed a very polite person…. no wonder everyone’s auntie loves him.

For once I was actually a bit too busy to take shots of celebrities not attached to the film (or even Yellow Cap Guy, who was further up and across) but fine, Sir Elton John showed up. Here’s a blurry shot, now scoot off and enjoy the film, man.

Hugh Jackman returns to our area, as promised. I didn’t swoon once during the time I was around him. I think that’s because I just don’t find him as pretty as Nicole Kidman (although housands of screaming girls seemed to have a contrary opinion.)

“So was everywhere you shot the film warmer than it is here in Leicester Square tonight?”
“Yeah, pretty much”
That’s actually the gist of Catherine Martin’s discussion with the guy.

“So what’s it like working with Baz?”
“Uh… it’s okay”
“Um… you’re not Hugh Jackman, are you?”
“No, I’m not”

Well, I’ll admit that was a pretty fun one. When the Paparazzi turned up half an hour before in the pen right next to us, all with their own step-ladders, things threatened to look grim. Fortunately, there were gaps and fortunately the Paps do mean the stars stop to pose. Would I do this for a living? Not at the Pap level. But to do this as a visual documentary on stars and stardom would be neat.

Anyway, as to the movie : I hear the film has its detractors, but I do want to see it!

That’s pretty much it for the year of film premieres. Did you know, though, that there are SEVEN already scheduled for January ’09? Woohoo!!!

2008’s Premieres (excluding Hancock, which I never posted…):
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