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One Photo Per Day 6th - 25th November

It seems a while since I was in Dubai however these past twenty days haven’t exactly been shabby either. Two movie premieres, one of which featured THE QUEEN – Queen Elizabeth II, which was pretty much assured of photo of the day unless I could somehow get both Charlize Theron and Me into a photo at the same time… and I couldn’t.

Anyway, here’s how it went down:

November 6th. En route to Hook. This shot might have been of Ridley Scott or Leonardo DiCaprio for the premiere of “Body of Lies” had there not been a team meeting away from London. Then again… photo of a train…

November 7th. Section of the Fitzrovia Mural in London, off Tottenham Street. There are no less than 4 Caffe Neros close to here, so this photo was always going to be taken sooner or later.

November 8th. Boom! (oh, and I folded some laundry and went to Starbucks today. That is… um…. almost all)

November 9th. Classic Porsche 911 on Piccadilly road/street. Very cool.

November 10th. One day, generations from now, the greatest work you ever produce might also find its way onto a fruit sticker.

November 11th. Christmas display in Selfridges, Oxford Street.

November 12th. London and Autumn Mornings. It’s better than a cold morning has a right to be, even if the seating at Westminster Caffe Nero so cramped it even gives relatively slim guys like me unrealistic body shape aspirations.

November 13th. The evening after the morning before. Creepy? Yeah.

November 14th. Morning streetscene, intersection of noted Green Monopoly locations Regent and Oxford streets, London. Not shown : photo of 80s actor Steve Guttenberg, who visited BBC Radio1 today.

November 15th. St Albans in Autumn. Yeah, it’s getting colder, but my small floor heater packs a remarkable amount of punch for something so small. And kind of eerily, I think it’s gaining in power …

November 16th. Low-light macro of a weed on a brick wall, St Albans. Actually, they turned on the town’s Christmas Lights today. Maybe I should take a photo of those?

November 17th. Pseudo- eyecontact from the lady on the back of all the coins (if you’re in Australia and England at any rate) as well as a fair number of stamps. For sheer awesomeness, I could also have gone with ANGRY QUEEN (a crop of the photo at the end of the entry) but this one is kind of nicer.

November 18th. Leaf in ‘The Regent’s Park’ which I’m guessing by the name also belongs to the Queen?

November 19th. Leering inflatable snowmen on Carnaby Street (I still don’t quite fully understand the deal with the net-style thingies they’ve hung up on nearby Regent Street, though)

November 20th. Later that evening, was at the 80s nightclub ‘Reflex’.. where I probably knew just a few too many of the lyrics to “We Didn’t Start the Fire” to provide plausible deniability

November 21st. Christmas Lights on Regent Street. Nothing says Christmas like hanging some Cylon Base-Stars over one of your main shopping strips.

November 22nd. St Albans. Today’s highlight – going to Hertfordshire Auctions where I got cut down to size attempting to bid 10 pounds for a bike (and was introduced to the notion of a guy called ‘Weasel’.)

November 23rd. Madagascar2 premiere . Split-second timing and a lot of luck makes this shot of actor/comedian Chris Rock the photo for the day. I generally crop tighter than this, but this gives an idea of the degree of difficulty/luck!

November 24th. Drury Lane, London. It was a bit of a walk back to the office, but a couple of decent enough findings on the latest analysis made the walk a lot more worthwhile in the end.

November 25th. High-key shot of pigeons in Trafalgar Square, taken at a time when normal people might still wish they were in bed.

So, that was part XII of this series. Some of the previous parts included:

Claudia Schiffer

Japan from the Air

Al Pacino

As for the next one… who knows?

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