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The 2016 Baftas - Dicaprio! Spielberg! Inarritu! Winslet

For the fifth year in a row, on a cold Sunday in February, the Baftas took place in London. I’d queued for quite a bit less than I thought I would for my wristband on the Saturday, and some 24hrs later I was back, hoping that I was wearing enough layers to stave off hypothermia (and possibly the sharp nails to people clawing at Leonardo DiCaprio and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Here’s how it went down:

(nb : if you want to ‘experience’ the larger, full-length journal, it’s here at my dedicated premieres website . I’ve also put links to the premiere journals for the movies that ‘contributed’ to the Baftas)

The event is sponsored by the telecommunication company I use as my mobile telephony provider. They’re awful, and no amount of paying to put their logo everywhere at this event will change that. I’ve removed them from this pylon. I’m petty like that.

I’ve come to love the panorama function on my iPod. Sure, it’s bad whenever anyone’s moving or I’m being pushed…. both of which happen frequently at premieres. So it’s kind of useless. But… I love it anyway.

Our first arrival : Thomas Newman, composer, nominated for best score for the James Bond movie Spectre
(he didn’t win – Ennio Morricone did, for The Hateful Eight )

Yorgos Lanthimos wrote and directed the stunningly amazing, perverse, nauseating, inspired and genius sci-fi-romance (!) The Lobster

_ “What if I’m still in a coma at the end of Episode VIII?What the hell is my action figure going to come with — a bed??”_ John Boyega played the tradmarked Disney character “Finn”<TM> in Star Wars<TM> The Force Awakens<TM>

“No, I’m not up against Thomas Newman for Best Score tonight… that I know of…” Alicia Vikander was nominated for both Best Actress AND Best Supporting Actress awards on the night

Cate Blanchett stole your mother’s favourite cushion covers to make her dress for the event.

Three time Oscar-winning costume designer Sandy Powell really wants Jared Leto to suffer some kind of “accident” so she can replace him as The Joker in ‘The Suicide Squad’

Benicio Del Toro was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for Sicario
but lost out to Mark Rylance for ‘Bridge of Spies’. But Mark Rylance was working on Broadway and couldn’t accept his award, so guess who got more canapes this evening?

When you’re busy doing Broadway and can’t be there to collect your Bafta, why not ask Steven Spielberg if he can accept it on your behalf (wherever possible, I try to get Christopher Nolan to pick up my drycleaning, as I’m not always able to make it there before they close…)

If you’re not gibbering with uncontrolled hyper-excitement verging on spontaneous nuclear fusion at seeing Taron Egerton… then congratulations : you’re not one of the two young Chinese tourists in front of me at this event.

Mark Ruffalo was nominated for Best Supporting Actor as well, also losing out to Mark Rylance…. but owing to the vagaries of linear time, he doesn’t know that yet.

Rebel Wilson’s speech for the award she handed out was kind of squirm-inducingly awesome. I’m sure it’s on youtube or bittorrent or maybe you can get her to read it to you direct next time you see her.

Rooney Mara was nominated for Best Supporting Actress on the night for her role in the movie Carol
, but lost out to Kate Winslet.

Along with the Pentax, the Nikon and the iPhone, I also had a GoPro at this event, because I’ve long since passed the point where people looking me like I’m weird is a concern. Here, meanwhile, is Dakota Johnson (of Fifty Shades of Grey
and more recently How to be Single

Alejandro González Iñárritu (and yes, I copied that name and the placement of every accent, dipthong and umlaut carefully) directed last year’s Oscar-Winning ‘Birdman’, as well as this year’s Bafta-winning ‘The Revenant’, whose premiere I sadly missed. He won for best director and best film on the night.

Matt Damon and Stanley Tucci sign each others’ names for unimpressed fans as the evening winds to a close… meaning the Red Carpet photography component. Apparently there’s an Awards Ceremony taking place soon after…

As I understand it, Leonardo DiCaprio ate raw bear, slept inside a lemur and literally died (possibly twice?) to finally try to get that much deserved and much delayed Academy Award. He won the Bafta on the night, but I worry what he might try next if he doesn’t win the Oscar.

After years and years of sharing moments at events as disparate as various Baftas, Titanic Premieres, Divergent Premieres, and Revolutionary Road premieres… I’m starting to feel like it’s increasingly unlikely Kate Winslet and I will end up together. It’s probably the fact that she has a second husband while I’m currently in possession of a couple of potted plants.

Idris Elba would like for you to experience the power of the fully armed and operational Bafta 2016 Journal, which can be located by clicking on this link .
ACTUALLY, possibly even more excitingly (?) I have a black’n’white ONLY version of a different cut of the photos that’s without commentary, in an attempt to see if the photos can speak for themselves.

That Red Carpet Monochrome journal is here

Until next time!

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